I've had a Jack Attack. Lanyard attack that is! Photos & video of a newbie knot tyer

Jacktheclipper, you got me!

I foolishly clicked on this thread and was assailed by photos of the work of jacktheclipper, Essexman, Langcjl and many more! Well, with a little prompting from Jack, I went out to try it. I originally decided I like leather instead of Paracord. Ok, so that was a joke, but I'm headed in the right direction now (I think). It's all an experiment at this stage.

So.... you know how it goes, I have to tease a bit, before I actually do Anything!


Just enough cord to try out something and see what it's like.


Between the local Lowes and Hobby Lobby, there's enough stuff to play with & the stuff off the internet comes in this week! The Blue Hawk stuff in the upper right corner from Lowes and is for metal cables (clamps and ends). I think they will polish up real nice and work for end caps and guides for Lanyards (they might even need some filework on them). The Deer? Well, I don't see anyone putting a Buck's head on their King Cobra Knife lanyard, but they probably should be.


Of course, I have been reading and watching all kinds of videos. I bought these pins from Lowes, to make needles for threading cord.


I have to have a fixture. I can't handle just holding the paracord in my hands and working with it, so I will be making a jig for doing lanyards and then I should have enough left for a small board, for Turks head knots.

First, I will be making the fixtures and see how that comes out. I've seen several on the net and I am not going to do mine that way (of course), so I will show how I make it, when I get there.

jacktheclipper, thank you sir...


The ongoing saga of the Jig. I have made more modifications to this jig. I want to be able to carry it to work, in some type of bag and it was just too long, so I did some mods, to make it into a hinged jig.






All the parts came from Lowes. Small hinges, some 1/8" X 3/4" Aluminum flat, some 10-24 wing nuts and some 10-24 brass screw in bushings for wood. Cut the board, add the hinges, cut and drill the aluminum, drill and install the bushings and there you are. A folding jig, that can be carried in a bag.

I also have a small plastic container for carrying the rest of the supplies.



Now, on to the inportant stuff...

My first real lanyard, Here it is:


King cobra, followed by crown knot, followed by snake knot at the other end. Or at least that's my story...

OAL ? I think about 9" give or take. Probably too long for an EDC light hooked to a belt loop and stuck in the pocket, but hey, it's a first try...




The cord came from Supply Captain. 3 colors used - Desert Camo, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown. Other parts came from Lighthound. I probably got $3.10 into this lanyard. I can see why people just make simple ones. When I do one with metal beads, etc, I will be pushing $5-$6 for materials. It's expensive to be creative. If I go with copper and aluminum tubing, to make the beads, it would raise the cost even more! Prices are going up every day, on copper especially.

Anyhow, I think it's a good start and came out good for a first try, but really, it's not challenging like the flashlights I do. Once you do a knot a few times, it's just repetition and gets monotonous, (of course filing does too, but it doesn't feel the same as this knotting does). I can see doing these, to go with the budget lights I'm fixing to work on, in a couple weeks, but I can't see this as replacing the lights, when the summer heat (already here), drives me out of the garage till November.

The Jig worked Great, for the Solomon bar (King cobra section), it will be good for all the bar style knots, but for things like the crown knot or others, the fixture will sit idle, since they are more of a hold in hand kind of knot.

How about a Video?

I made my jig tonight, for paracord lanyards, or at least what I think will work, since I've never made a lanyard yet.Embarassed

Here's the Video:

In the back of my mind, I'm thinking about the dozen small budget lights coming from Manafont (all 3aa and under $10@) and I'm thinking maybe some of them want a paracord wrap or lanyard attached before someone else gets to own them...Wink

Can’t wait to see what you come up with O.L.

Looking forward to seeing the 'human wrap' method in video, O-L!

Another convert, good work Jack.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Jack as I guess told you, it's very addictive , you'll be ordering more cord in weeks. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Old, I don't know if you've seen this video, or even if it has been mentioned on BLF before, but I built a similar jig to aid my sons in their projects. I also built a second one with hooks instead of the SRBs for if/when you do projects that don't use them. Of course, you could make a single jig that has both, too.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yes I’ve seen the video. Don’t know about the jig, but I sure could use the helper.Wink

I plan on a single with a hook at the top and a large Binder clip on the bottom, as I only intend to do Lanyards. I don't do bracelets, LOL, it took me about 30 years before I would even wear a watch.

@ jacktheclipper, Essexman, & Langcjl:

You've created a monster!

She sure is hotter than Cody, that's for sure! No wonder Dave doesn't like to leave the Pathfinder property.

New Video in Post #1 How I made a paracord jig.

Looking good Old!

I took some 1/4" nylon rope (cheap WalMart rope), to work and decided to play. I made this King Cobra as my first stab at this knotting stuff. It's not good, but at least I know I can do it now. Should be easier with Paracord, than this stiff nylon rope.



On the other end, I just did a quick false turks head knot.

Overall, I think I can get good at it, after some practice. I am thinking of a King Cobra with a square knot below (chinese crown forming a short chain), for one and the other maybe a sliding wrist loop with celtic knots. Don't know for sure, but I will show the results.


It will for sure be much easier with paracord. I think it looks extremely good considering how hard nylon rope is to work with.

I am knot doing this, nope, you sucked me into buying more flashlights then any 10 sane people need but you're knot going to get me again. I refuse to be roped in, I'm knot getting tied up in another hobby. If I started this my 5 grandchildren would drive me crazy wanting stuff but............. we do need a couple of new dog leashes. NOOOOO!

I love that you used "knot" instead of "not". That's my kind of funny. :glasses:

You find that funny?? I’m a frayed knot.

How could you knot?

The "frayed" part didn't go unnoticed either. Bravo!

@ T2 - Just give it up. Think of all the fun the grandchildren can have with it. You know you could just start them off with boondoggle first, then let them graduate into paracord.

I got the paracord from Supply Captain

I also got some great accessories from USA Knifemaker Supply

And also from Lighthound

If that helps you any........Tongue OutTongue OutTongue Out

That lingo is funny stuff.

What is knot is that I blew snot out my nose from laughing at it and the boss came over to take a look at what was so funny (Damn shared offices) and I showed him but he just made a stone face. So I asked him if he did knot find that funny? He looked at me with a humorous gleam in his eyes and said "I'm a frayed knot! "

THEN he laughed at it :-)

All good and looking forward to seing O-L's knots. LOL!