I've had a Jack Attack. Lanyard attack that is! Photos & video of a newbie knot tyer

Ya, that Telman guy totally derailed this thread for no other reason than just to be funny. That's not right! 8)

The moment you read this thread it was already too late. Soon you will have ordered a few hundred feet of paracord. :p

Just take a look in this thread and then try to resist ordering some paracord.

And I am afraid I assisted. But I couldnt help but share that little intermezzo w. the boss.

Now I am chuckling again. Soorryyy O.L. (Grovels in the dirt and moves off to my corner. Chuckling)

Don't have to explain it to me, Ledsmoke, I was just trying to defect my own culpability. :glasses:

If that isn't enough inspiration for you, peruse the pictures here and here. That should kill a couple hundred hours and give you an idea or two.

Now I understand. Things I might make to modify the lanyards, like these Copper rings, cut from soft tubing and polished (a little), on a nail set punch.


Except the tubing cutter leaves lines, Oh well it will still work.

Actually I thought you did the best job trashing the thread, by your incessant replies, but maybe it's just me.Wink

It really does not bother me that much, so dont' worry about your total lack of forum etiquette. We've grown accustomed to it. Kind of like a rash...Tongue Out

Cone - I'm as bad as you are..... So don't mind me.Sealed

I did have the link at BLF, but after seeing those links to EDC forum, I definitely need to stay away from that place!

Thanks for the links.

The lines give it character.

I'm sure there are many threads where there can be legitimate and valid complaints about my behavior, but it is no small irony that you call me out about it in a thread where I was actually trying to be helpful and not merely entertaining. I'm going back to CPF where they aren't so mean and rude. :(


As for my "incessant replies", well that is ChicagoX's fault because he bet me a new Solarforce that I couldn't get to 6000 post before Don.

Actually, I just made that last bit up. :glasses:

I heard it was for everyone who gets to 6,000 posts!

Made that up, too!

Interesting, I wonder who else he made that bet with?

HAHAHAHA! Nothing like starting a rumor and watching it spread.

Come on cone, if I wasn’t mean and rude, you would think I didn’t like you.Wink

Like my sainted grandmother Always said: "wait till I die, then you will be sorry!"

More Photos in the very first post. My first Lanyard and the Modified Jig/Fixture.

The coolest ones I've seen were PVC with color-coded pegs .....

I’ve seen tubular and then flat boards with pegs. What’s the difference? and which one is really easier? If any?

I imagine extended Turk's head is going on the to do list, you know why.Wink

And then you'll want to wrap a Mag or two .

It will happen .