Jacob A60 Deal Alert. for $11.30 @WB


Without tracking.

With tracking it's 12,70

Here a review by Spasmod.

Here another thread

To make a long story short, it's the best thrower under $20.

I hear everyone always complain about next-mode memory (which the A60 has) but its never really mentioned as a con.

Is this light that impressive?

I heard it's one of the best throwers for the money, and also heard you can get even more kcd with a few small mods.

I think you should mainly see it as a thrower not an EDC.

it’s not the best deal… they having sale on TR-J18 for $45 and free shipping can’t beat that… too bad i already has 2 of them
TR-J18 + $20 IOS driver = 5500 lumens :smiley:
but i’m fighting with myself right now for that price :Sp

Looks cool. Personally I like it’s exterior very much.

It fits in the hand very nicely, with the tail cap being larger in diameter than the battery tube. The first few times you play with it, the narrow beam almost feels like a light sabre. It is well worth the money at that sale price. :bigsmile:

Like it too! Buy extra for moding :beer:

direct drive is fun on these, still have next mode memory but now the group is on → off →on →off etc 0:)

i already have one. but how are these modded with red or green led for hunting purposes? a friend showed his newly bought hunting flashlight, and when he told me the price he paid for it i thought i might as well mod a couple of flashlights myself and offer them to his friends that might not have bought hunting flashlights yet.
would this green xre from fasttech be good for that purpose?

So what’s holding you back? :wink:

I Already bought one a few days ago from another special sale at aurabuy! Pity though, this was $2 cheaper.

Ouch, ordered a A60 and J18 - couldn't resist at those prices.

There's a lot of info on the A60 - can mod it to disable next mode memory, or replace the driver - I use the AK-47C20 from IOS here and add 7135's. XP-E2 seems like the best way to go when tuned - I get about 110-116 kcd. De-domed can reportedly get about 200 kcd or just over.

J18 is a beast stock, but mod'ed, super beast.

Dang! That TF J-18 is tough to hold out on!


LOL, same here :D!

EDIT: If bought two units, it would be 1.7$ cheaper than from Aurabuys sale that I bought from, not much of a difference+Im getting my light faster :P!

Darn, this uses a 18650 battery, and I am not ready to move out of the “alphabet” batteries yet. Oh well, once I make the jump to the 18650 battery types I will look for it again. Thanks, Ed.

Anyone know how long this "promotion" is on for?


Like with all promotions.... Strike while the iron is hot..

I just grabbed the pair, thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the alert… bought it.

For $11 the jacobs is a great little light. Way too small of a pinpoint light for me but it’s fun anyway. I see the J-18 for sale at a bunch of places on Ali-express this month although this is a cheap as any and Wallbuys does usually deliver the goods. My bet though is that the J-18 will be coming down in price all over. I have one of the way that is getting XM-L2 U2’s and the IO driver.

Although my J-18 has been sitting in the post office in China since the 4th of this month (instant kill one) and hasn’t moved. I asked Cherry last night what was going on and she got right back to me with the, “it’s been shipped and be patient” line but didn’t bother to find out what was going on with it. My first order with Wallbuys ended with no flashlight delivered and me having to file a claim with paypal. I hope it doesn’t go the same with this one.