Jacobs A60.... Most fun you can have for $15 with your clothes on...

This is not a review… This is just me goofing off with a great little light I just received… I received the 3 mode Q5 model… After hearing many people talk about these I just had to find out. Sure glad I did. What a fun inexpensive little light… Surprisingly brighter than I expected. I think it’s rated at 310 lumens….

The beamshot picture shows a strange hotspot, something like out of focus or not centerd. I received mine last week and I am happy with it, and mi hotspot is more even than yours. Did you move the reflector?

I was trying to take a pic with my tablet and hold the light at the same time…

I meant the beam was out of focus, not the picture :slight_smile: that not centered ring around the hotspot is not present in my light

its been like that since I got it… Anyway to fix that?

One of the best throwers for the money!! I have two of them and love them!!

Dale, just unscrew the bezel and carefully remove the reflector and replace it so the LED is perfectly centered in hole of the reflector. Then carefully screw on the bezel while making sure it stays centered.

Did that…. Ring is still there??

I don’t think so, I was now playing with the reflector trying to get a similar hotspot, but I couldn’t. And I realized my hotspot is not perfectly round neither, I think the quality of the reflector matches its price.
Even though this minor issue,the light throws like hell, specially for that low cost, and I am very happy with the purchase


I have an uneven spot on mine too but it throws like crazy. I had Tom E put me a 2.8 amp driver in mine and increased the lux number to about 82k . My brothers has a nice tight even spot but is about 10k less throwy than mine. Still awesome. I have more fun out of that light than probably any of my other lights . Last night when we went to the park to do our beamshots I startled a group of about 5 deer about 100 yards away with my A60. Very fun light!

Did you swap the led? 2,8 amps for an xre seems like too much, but if it works, I need a new driver too!
Did you publish any post about the mod?

I just got mine too. It is a great light. My direct driven c10 out throws it a little. But the a60 seems so much more usable. I bet the c10 and a60 are even when stock.

Does anyone know if the a60 would benefit from direct driving? I know it’s already pretty high up there in amps.

How does throw on this compare to XM-L lights like HD2010 and SMALL SUN ZY-T13 (currently on sale for 18,28 and easily to mod for high output)?
I dont find a light with super narrow beam usable for anything else than show (unless it has zoom). XM-L throwers seems much more versatile… Im still considering which to buy… Considering throw and overall bang for the buck when comparing lights it seems like the ZY-T13 is the better deal considering it only costs 3,58$ more…

The newer XR-Es seem to be able to handle that much current.

I dont think it will throw like the HD & such…. But it does throw well.

Actually according to our light meter it will out throw the HD 2010, the 7G5 version 1 and any of our xml throwers except my and my brothers tn31’s. Both of them will out throw it but nothing else xml thrower will. Keep in mind this is measuring .25 lux on a meter and not by guaging what your eyes see. Xml throwers are brighter and appear to throw farther but most do not.

Interesting… I have 3 on the way. Two single emitter & one triple XML… Gonna have to check that out. I figured the bigger diameter head would out distance the Jacobs…

The first time we tested the Jacob vs the HD 2010 I was certain that the Hd was killing the A60 and voiced my opinion to my brother via 2 way radios and he informed me that I was wrong. Each 100m farther it seemed like the HD was out shining the little Jacob again and again the A60 trumped it. The a60 maxed out about 525-535m and the HD at about 475. This was before the driver swap too. The only thing done to it by then was to remove the little paper disc under the emitter and put thermal paste under it. It still has the stock Q5 in it. I am sure Tom will chime in and say which driver he used and trying different emitters. Long story short this light rocks