JAX X6 Hunter modder dream light mini review and GB feeler

Good news all, already asked Banggood if we can get Group Buy on this JAX X6 Hunter as host only, and they said they could get it.
However it’s still going to be an expensive host though, it will cost $60 for host only and $70 for complete light, ( sorry M4D M4X, I get better deal without the need to use any affiliate link 0:) )

Well… I was dumbfounded for a second, if it’s only different $10 why not get the whole light?
Anyway… it probably has something to do with shipping this behemoth as it weight 650 grams empty.

Is it worth it? to me personally… it’s worth every penny as the build is comparable to Nitecore TM36( another solid and heavy light) at much lower price than Nitecore
And also keep in mind even though the website says it’s cool white, but what I received was more like warm white, more yellower than Neutral color of MT-G2

So if there’s a lot of interest on this light, please write “put me down for one” ( even if it’s maybe )
Maybe if there’s a lot of interests, we can negotiate to get the host price lower

This light has caught my eyes for awhile now, but with so many MT-G2 lights in my collection and few XH-P50 lights that I built for myself. I have to ask myself is it worth it to buy another? oh well… that question didn’t last long before I decided to take a plunge and bought this light after all, the Jax Z1 zoomie got kind of good review here, so why not? beside the light looks awesome.

After about 3 weeks later, the light arrived today in typical Banggood excellent packaging style.
My light was inside bubble bag and came with cheap cardboard box which seems has been in the warehouse for ages, it was ripped easy,and it was wrapped with another foam wrapper and then put into plastic bag.

I was kind of disappointed for the price, I was at least expecting it will come in a nice cardboard style such as Acebeam or Sunwayman,Nitecore etc, cardboard box but no biggie I have too many boxes anyway :smiley:

First impression of the light was … Awesome!! the light has a heft feels to it, heck, it’s empty weight is the same as my full loaded SRK with 4 batteries! and most the weight is in the head area…the head alone weight as much if not more typical SRK, definitely an excellent heatsink :bigsmile:

The thread was nice smooth square just like the one in M6 or Fenix TK75 light, it doesn’t come with any adapter for 18650 battery, well… again no biggie, I have plenty of those laying around.

I was just too excited to play with this light, as soon as I put KK batteries in it, my smiles suddenly disappear.
WTH?!? it was yellowish beam,too yellow for my taste… it was warm white.
Thinking I must chose the wrong emitter, I went back to Banggood website and clicked on my order, I didn’t see any option… so this light only come in warm white emitter :Sp

While I can stand the color of MT-G2 ( neutral white) but this warm white is just Bleh… for me.
Good thing I have few XH-P70 coming myway, for now I’ll just swap the original warm white with CW XH-P50 on sinkpad II.
The beam has some kind artifact in it, although it’s bright but for some reason I just feel it should be brighter.
Compare it to my K40M, ceiling shot K40M light up the room more than Jax X6 hunter.
But strangely when it comes to throw, they both about equal according to my light meter.

I think it’s because the JAX X6 has slightly deeper reflector than K40M, they both has the same diameter head.
but Jax X6 has better built than K40M which itself not a bad light ( especially for the price of $85 )

The light has typical 5 modes High-Mid-Low-Strobes-SOS… but wait! there’s a surprise just like Nanjg driver
when the light is in low mode for few secs… it will blink twice and click the tail cap now the light will only have 3 modes High-Mid-Low :smiley:

Sorry if the picture is kind of blurry, as it was taken with cell phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Small imperfection on the bezel :stuck_out_tongue:

More information of the light and pictures here

Driver pics


Beamshot … check out the artifact in the hot spot

Beam shot comparison with K40M ( on the left )

My conclusion is, for those whose not into modding light, they should just buy K40M as it has easier to use modes and nice light output.
But if you into modding, this light is definitely one to get… as it has very excellent heatsink.
Now if I can only arrange GB for host only, this Jax X6 Hunter would be an excellent buy :smiley:


Thanks!!! Been waiting for this. I think this light looks BADASS, it is in fact one of the best looking lights in this size.

The tint is really that much warmer than the MT-G2 Q0? It is so warm that the camera compensation made the Q0 look CW…

Can you do a tailcap draw measure?

Typical with the XHP leds. You can see the "X" in the spot, except it's actually a brighter X instead of darker.

I found that to be true if the led was focused to make it turn bright white. Focusing can make it almost acceptable, but not quite. Thanks for the info on this light.

DayLighter, what size is the driver? I have one inbound soon. Never really planned on keeping it stock, so it’s a bit expensive for a host. I just couldn’t resist the way it’s built and looks! The K40M is super hard to beat, for the $$$ and specially with a simple resister mod!

The driver size is 22mm and from what it looks like it can be resistor mod :bigsmile:

I think the reason why the head is so heavy because somebody from JAX company has been reading a lot from BLF and decided to make copper pill for this light!! yay!.. :smiley:
I need to open up the bezel to investigate further, it’s kind of hard to open without scratching it, I tried to open it using brute force while wearing rubberized construction gloves but it won’t budge,I’ll figure a way to open the bezel,just hope it’s not glued :Sp
Alas, can’t take any measurement, right after i took out the driver, now the light stop working… maybe grounding issues? :~

Now that I played around with it and compare it with my other lights, the head is the same size as K40M and Courui big head light.
The head of this JAX X6 alone weight as much the whole courui ! it can be only meant one thing… copper!! :bigsmile:

i am curious about the head size on this vs a convoy l2. i too would like host only, which is why i was looking at the l2 host

Sorry… don’t have convoy L2 to compare with… are they still on sale?

whats normal prce for l2?


Uh, it’s brass components contributing to the weight, not copper. Jax uses a brass pill in the Z1, and also in this one. If you want a better picture of it, here you go.

Hard to tell from the banggood pictures in the description, but it looks quite possible that the reflector is pretty heavy duty, and might also be contributing to the hefty weight of the head.

Looks like a great light, too bad I just spent waaaay too much yesterday buying components and lights.

Reflector looks similar to the Courui meh! Brass shouldered pill meh! I’ll solder the threads up for better ground, thermal transfer, and take up the thread slop! Remove anno on host were pill threads meet. Resistor mod till it blows and then throw a MtnFETDDguppydrv. in? Crappy HXP50 beam? Replace with MT-G2! I really dig the one piece battery tube, combat grip ring and looks!!! Go figure, nothing REALLY special just another expensive Host!

I’m not sure where to start here. I’ll just say that a lot of people like the Courui, and if it didn’t have that big brass pill how would it be better? I get the dislike of the XHP beam issue, if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing.

Daylighter - what is the lux reading for the K40 and Jax in standard form? Thanks.

With my crappy light meter both are identical to each other says around 136 taken from 8’ away… still don’t know how to convert it to kcd. :bigsmile:

I was hoping being Jax that they would have their own proprietary reflector? Specially since I personally have been through 6 Courui and finally got a reflector that most would expect in any flashlight “free of defects”? So hey lets just put these in JAX. How could a threaded brass pill be better hmmm how about “copper”? Or maybe a copper plate? Pressed into the body? Getting rid of the sloppy threads? Lower Manufacturing cost and being thermally better win, win? Too high expectations on my part, I rekon. Just the same ol’ same ol’. XHP50? I have a X60M with 3 XHP70’s in it, why would XHP50 excite? Courui $27.99 Jax expensive HOST? Got one on the way, just expected a wee bit more out of JAX, thats all. Just my opinion period.

I think your expectations may be a bit high. I don’t know of any light with a copper press fit pill at even twice the price (though they may exist and I just don’t know about them). If you’re talking about a copper P60, I have no idea if that’s even an upgrade considering the smaller contact area to the body. You can use thermal paste to improve the heat transfer of the threads as long as you keep the top edge clean to contact the pill.

It may also be unreasonable to assume that it is the exact same reflector with the same QA process until some bad examples start cropping up in this light.

Your X60M is 4x the price of this light, it may not be a fair comparison. Maybe look at other lights in the $90 range as better examples of what to expect for that money.

The best thing is that no one is going to make you buy one of these, ever.

To be honest…if it wasn’t for the warm white color of the emitter :Sp , I probably would love this light even more.
This is definitely one of the best host for modding, nice square silky smooth thread, just like the one in Fenix TK75. massive head to help dissipate the heat, what’s not too like?
the only gripe I have is… probably it doesn’t come in a nice box especially for this price.
I just got Black shadow MT-G2 and even for the price of less than $47… it came in a nice box! too bad they cutting corner with this light.

I’m probably going to put 22mm BLF driver and exchange the LED to XH-P 70 once it arrive sometime next week.


Please what is the lux output 1@m or throw distance ?

price @ banggood is 86,95$ btw :wink: