JETBeam NITEYE E20R - Review flashlight powered 1 * 16340

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The flashlight for the test was provided by the manufacturer -

The package is kept in black and blue. The manufacturer has completely changed the look of the packaging, now they resemble those of other large manufacturers’ flashlights. On the front a few key information, including the LED used - Luminus SST40 and power 1 “16340.

On the back of the table “with lumens”

The sides of the package, hmm remind me recently tested Fenix HL60R wink

In addition to the flashlight in the package are also:

- papyrrology

- USB cable
lanyard for wrist

- backup oring

  • clip for mounting (the E20R is included)

User manual

Recently, more and more tests of big flashlights are coming up, and here is such a small thing wink

Approximately standard, ie fast with AR coatings (seems to be quite thick), OP headlamp, and SST40 LED (size equivalent to XM-L2), unfortunately with cold color. I’ve been browsing the internet and the LEDs are pretty good at diodes with the Cree diodes, and maybe even better, but someone has to say more technical here.

Cold LED and matt lace with delicate, though noticeable notches well glued (And I hoped on E20R with XM-L2 neutral or even with Nichia 219C

Button with the logo of the JETBeam submenu - that is, NITEYE with the LED indicating the state of the charge of the cell, but about it later. Click - initially we feel the work of the spring, then the resistance and characteristic click. Accurate, pleasant, not as good as the Acebeam EC35, such a regular, distinctive sign for the whole series of flashlights.

On the “second side” USB port, well made, with a protective tape of the right thickness, I would not risk putting it in water for a long time anyway. Below model, ie JET-E20R and destiny - EDC SERIES.
I just like this performance I really like. The inscriptions in one line with buttons and ports, nothing is crooked, ugly, and for that beautiful matte color, I want more such products!

The manufacturer gives performance at 1A, the tester indicates 0.8A, which is still a good result, looking at the capacity of the cells. When charging, the LED in the button flashes green.

As part of the curiosity, we can power the flashlight from PowerBank itself, without a link.
My tester shows such results at 5V. Modes with such power supply work in a strange combination:

- moon 0.01A

- low 0.12A (in every mode the green LED in the button flashes, but in this quickest way)
high 0.72A

- average 0.32A (and surprisingly only in this mode you hear the squeak)

  • low 0.01A
    And again low, and so on wink

Another interesting thing is the highest mode of the normal mode group. We will turn on the flashlight in the highest mode, and in addition, we will connect, for example, PowerBank, the torch receives some TURBO, because with such power it shines noticeably brighter. I do not know if this connection is secure, but what do we do for extra lumens? wink

A tube on the cell with a delicate, but perceptible matting, simple but classy wink

We do not unscrew the cap, but unscrew the cap, here we will install the leash, but somehow it looks strange with such a small lantern

The ring turns too lightly, I do not recommend to install the leash - easily lose the flashlight

Unless we mount a clip that spoils the whole. With the clip the cap is unlikely to open itself, but if we want to replace the link, we’ll scratch the torch with the horror

The flashlight has a magnet. We have no problem fixing the E20R in different positions or standing in a standing position

Thread, thick, well done, just the best.
Very, very gently lubricated, definitely for improvement

With the flashlight, we get a 680mAh RCR123A / 16340 (I recommend you check out what’s included in the box) - and my USB tester or Liitokala Lii-500 confirms it.

Spring, like thread, thick, massive, hard - why in many large lanterns we do not see such quality? !

And the heart of every device:
At first glance, you can see protection against reverse polarity. The cell has a low voltage protection, JETBeam added one more to the controller - and at low voltage, below 3.4V will start to batter modes. At 3.4V the green LED of the switch will flash “slowly” and below 3.1V will accelerate, it is a sign that you need to replace and recharge the cell.

We turn on the flashlight with a single click. Enables the last mode memory. With single clicks we change modes. They operate in a loop from the highest to the lowest, I prefer the reverse operation.
Double click to activate strobe mode (whether flashlight is on or off)

Strobe mode, although not needed, here does a good job. Why?
We do not have a physical, hard-working button, so you have to secure it somehow. How? Definitely not unscrewing the tube wink There is protection against accidentally turning on the flashlight.
Turn off the flashlight, press the button for 3 seconds, one flash, and the protection is active! Of course, to turn them off, we are acting anagogically.

But what about Strobe? With this option, you can always use a secured flashlight. Flashlight with active protection - two fast clips, Strobo activated, one click with standard mode loop, turn off flashlight - protection is active. In my opinion a great solution. This protection will be active even if we turn the flashlight to replace the cell, after the cell is replaced, it is active (but only a moment, then it resets)!

The instruction decreases the brightness to 65. In fact it is a drop to 45, which is still a great result because
A drop from 2.5A to 1.1A is a drop to about 45, which is very well illustrated by the graph. Assuming the initial 990lm - drop to 45 - and we have about 440lm, it’s still a sensational result. In 30 minutes it was about 30%, so close to 300lm, and so to 50 minutes, then a sharp drop.
In my opinion, a small flashlight and quite stable 300lm for nearly an hour? What more could you want Smiley

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance - Fluorescent H

JETBeam E20R

Jetbeam JET - I MK

JETBeam E20R, great light distribution, but who likes? wink

Comparison of size to JET- and MK (my E20R looks much better, but JET and MK is still a great model)

Full size photos:

A few words to summarize:
I may start by complaining. We can certainly complain about the USB port, it’s not the plug that I know of, among others Fenix HL60R, momentary immersion will not hurt it, but be careful. The choice of the diode is limited, basically only to the cold SST40 (although it is not 6500K known from other models, I would rather aim around 5800-6000K) + glued mountain = difficult access to the diode.
But there are many positives. Safeguard against accidental operation, cool performance of the controller, well-balanced modes, excellent performance, beautiful matt color and the lines in the line with the rest - ohh, something beautiful! There was a magnet, a place for a cord, a wretched clip (which is fortunately a part of the equipment).

I sincerely recommend this flashlight, I can not often write it, but the E20R is charming. We are still waiting for the official appearance of the E20R in stores, but if eventually its price with discount codes will be around 25USD - I highly recommend!

Successful shopping !

Finally a small gallery:

Soon winkwink

Nice can you use a battery bank on it while useing it ?

We can use the flashlight while charging.
And yes, we can power the flashlight only with PowerBank :slight_smile:

Awesome I ordered one . Thanks for the review. There is not much info on this tiny beast and not much buying options either.

Little flashlights allow you to use only with power from PowerBank.
And using a flashlight while charging a cell.

E20R - also looks beautiful! :wink:

Good review. Thank you

Thanks for sharing the review with us :+1:

If the tail ring gets loose too easy you could use bee wax in the threads

Many thanks! for the review, Eryk

Really nice pictures! I love the design, appearance and the features...

I'd buy one in a heartbeat if not for the "unfortunately with cold color" of the emitter as you stated.

Hopefully, Jetbeam will release their flashlights in neutral white in the future.

Did anyone check if an 18350 cell would fit in this light?

With neutral LEDs it is usually a problem for many manufacturers.

Unprotected 18650 fits into the tube. Secured 18650 is too large (in diameter). You also need a long plus.