Jetbeam PA40 XM-L [ 4xAA ] Image intensive [ 56k beware ]

Came from Manafont , and at time of review costs some $75

Description From Jetbeam :


JETBeam PA40 is a powerful tactical flashlight specially designed for outdoor activities, enterprise applications, security and other daily uses. PA40 is powered by four AA batteries and uses the latest premium CREE XM-L LED. The PA40 has a maximum output of up to 468 lumens and a maximum runtime of up to 150 hours in minimum output. A power indicator in the rear of the light indicates remaining power of batteries visually. The carbon fiber reinforced composite body features lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, with an anti slip and a secure hold. All of these features make the PC40 ideal for outdoor activity.


• Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite body


• Maximum output of 468 lumens

• Power indicator indicates remaining power

• Maximum runtime of up to 150 hours

• Intuitive UI

• Four levels of brightness with memory function



Reflector: Aluminum reflector

Lens: Coated mineral glass

Finish: HA III Military grade hard anodized

Body material: Carbon fiber reinforced composite

Bezel material: Aero grade aluminum alloy

Battery: Four AA batteries

Dimensions: Head diameter 40mm, Tube diameter 40mm, Total length 183mm

Weight: 185g (without battery)

Waterproof: IPX-8 standard waterproof

Accessories: Lanyard, spare rubber tailcap switch cover, spare O-ring and quality holster

My lightbox results are as follow :

Turbo = 490 , High = 230 , Med = 50 , Low = 2

Low mode = 2Lumen

Medium = 50L

High = 230L [ Factory - 220 ]

Turbo = 490L [ Factory - 468 ]

Some comparison shots : KE-5 X9 V3 PA-40

Click to view larger image ...

The Jetbeam PA40 comes in a very nice Plastic case ...

Case even has a carry handle that folds away ..

Check out the seal around the rim ... This is a nice case ,

There was a silica pack inside the light to absorb moisture , that's attention to detail .

Very clean smooth and tight , the head is a really firm fit to the body , battery tube slides in from the front

Here you can see the contacts for the battery tube

Contacts on the battery tube

The batteries fit really tight , good luck getting them out with your fingers , I needed a screw driver to pry them out [ gently of course ]

The fit is tight , and my lack of finger nails just meant I needed to gently pry out the first battery with a flat head screw driver .

Switch is at the back of the battery holder ...

Just remember to slide the battery holder back the right way ...

The black carbon composite body , even with a flash , it is stealthy

The business end , smooth reflector and a well centered emitter ...

First impressions :

Wow , what can I say , it was a little larger than I though , but not overly so , the composite body feels different , it feels ............... Modern !

And when I first unscrewed the head , it just felt like quality .

It is a forward clicky light [ reverse clicky would have been better ] , and 4 modes with mode memory . Popping in the batteries the first time , I just did not know what to expect .

Im really happy with the performance [ I haven't checked current draw yet - need another set of hands ] , and find each level to be about right , and I have been using the light as much a possible since getting it .

The PA40 is no pocket light , and it does come with a belt holster for those wishing to carry , and for a house light , car light , camping light I think it would be just the bees knees . Good output , selection of light output [ modes ] and the one thing many want , a light that runs on AA batteries ..

Conclusion :

I really like the case , if you spend $75 on a flashlight [ My 6D cost that some 25 or so years ago ] , its good to know its well protected , and the case does just that . The foam inside is dense , and should be good shock absorbing material , the seal around the rim should help keep out unwanted materials and liquids , and the package is very portable . If you need a quality car / boat / plane - camping etc flashlight .

There is no performance hit from running Alkaline batteries , but should you find you can only run dry cells , well you will be hit hard on Turbo , did I get some 119L , and High returned about 91L , while Medium gave me 50L and Low returned 2L . So in Medium and Low the light wont take a performance hit on dry cells , that's good to know .

Every time I see a request for a recommendation for a single flashlight to buy , I have been suggesting the PA40 from Jetbeam without actually owning the light , now that I own the light , I feel even more inclined to recommend this light , to anyone who wants to run AA .

The Jetbeam is a lot of light for the money , Im really impressed with it , and so glad I made the purchase [ Thank you Manafont ] .

If you want just one flashlight : The Jetbeam PA40 needs looking at ..

It may cost more , but you also get more ..

Update : Why do I keep forgetting to mention , due to the design of the back end , the light wont tailstand on its own ...

Mode order = Turbo - High - Med - Low

X9 - PA40 - STL-V3

The white wall - thought the camera dont handle it so well

Thanks for the review , old4570 .

Bought one of these for my folks and I can't agree more, it's really an excellent light..! The overall package is just very appealing.

So it is a Fenix LD40 with XML led, a battery indicator and a different? material body. My LD40 feels like hard plastic but this PA40 should be somewhat stronger, right?

Thanks for the review.

Thanks for the great review.
The LD40 was a catch-and-release for me; the PA40 is a KEEPER !!!
While the design doesn’t allow for tailstanding, this torch leans well.

Great job as usual!

LD40 has two buttons for ON/OFF and mode change. But this one has one as I understand. And some say some copies of PA40 might flicker in 10 mins. I hope this is solved in later batches.