Jin Heng JKK35 3xXM-L2, 3x18650, USB Power Bank, 6.8A, 2800lm

This model looks a nice 3xXM-L2, big head (70mm), side button, 3 modes (high, médium, low), with strobo and SOS (doublé click), 2 USB (1A and 2A) for use like Power Bank, and port to recharge the flashlight.

Seems to have a good construction and very good caracteristics for the Price.

And the finally reason because i ordered this JKK35, this picture:

6.8 Amperes i think is really good, ¿or not?

¿What do you think about this flashlight?

Experts, please, can you tell me about the driver, ¿how many real lumens do you think can output?

You can buy this flashlight in Banggood with good discount with this coupon posted in this fórum long time ago: 5c29d9

More information and pictures here:






Sorry for my very bad english.

Let us know how it performs when you get it. I’ve also been looking at this light. At $44.00 might be worthwhile if it performs well.

I’ve got my eye on this one too as the reviews I’ve seen elsewhere suggest ~ 2A per LED combined with what appears to be a good thermal design equates to very good output. Maybe over 2,500 lumen

Great to read this, i hope finally true, 2500 lumen combined whit deep reflectors can be perfect for me, my better output flashlight is Sky Ray King, and i think its around 1600 lumen.

I got this light from banggood and got brightness same as my supfire m6 but with usb charger that can be used for charging my cellphones :bigsmile:

¿How many lumens you calculate? ¿Mix of flood and throw? Please, if you can say more details about this flashlight, i´d appreciate a lot.

Miguel are you able to estimate the lumen output?

Hey Rolz, could you post any reviews you’ve found. I haven’t seen one. I’m considering this as an option http://m.banggood.com/Solarstorm-T4-4CREE-XM-L-U2-3200-Lumens-4-Mode-LED-Flashlight-318650-p-934015.html. The Jkk seems to be higher quality. Anyone have Both?

About 2000+lumens.
it quite throwie and got a good spill but at close it got a rectangular shape :stuck_out_tongue:
I mainly use this when traveling since i can charge this light using solar panel and cellphone charger from car cigarette plug

I searched to see where I read about the torch. Struggling to find any decent comments other than those in Banggood reviews. If I find any reviews or users comments i’ll post a link

¡Review found!


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I love that they have tear-down photos. More manufacturers should do this!!!

I have several of the Jen Heng 12A single LED lights. They are very well built and very easy to mod. I installed a 3 amp driver, neutral white XML led, and a anti-reflection lens in mine.

I keep one in each car along with an assortment of cables/adapters and a cigarette light USB charger.

That light looks interesting - what about the modes? if I click it normally, do I get only the “normal” modes or do I also get a strobe or SOS?

Put two 7135s extra per channel - or even more and you have a great light I guess.

Which light has Higher output / Lumens The JKK 35 or the SolarStorm T4 http://m.banggood.com/Solarstorm-T4-4CREE-XM-L-U2-3200-Lumens-4-Mode-LED-Flashlight-318650-p-934015.html the $15.00 price difference is not a big deal if the JKK 35 Quality is higher

To be or not to be…


That is the Question

hey mate i like the solarstorm t4 i done a review on it check it out so you can see how bright it is! it is crazy bright but its not with out its flaws it gets hot quick it uses batteries like crazy and now after 11 month the switch is wearing out! but over all its a good light! but remember it doesn’t have the built in charger like this light but it does have one extra LED…

Single click to High, Medium and Low.

Double click to strobe and SOS.

Long click (1 sec) to turn off.

Solarstorm have a Terrible UI.