JoshK's Machine Made Light for the 8th Annual BLF/OL Contest

I’m getting started with a very special LED. I’ve been saving it for just the right project.
Revered by older BLF members, and discontinued by Nichia, it’s the 219B R9080.

Last night I order it a MTN XP 16mm Copper MCPCB from Mtn Electronics

And to get the design started, I drew an 18650 to scale in SolidWorks.


I drove to Walmart special for this project item. Unfortunately when I got home and opened the package, the geometry wasn’t the torpedo shape I expected. I guess I’m just not old enough to have actual experience with these things. So instead I will be using online images for my geometry reference.

Well, at least you won’t have any worries with constipation any time soon! :smiley:

Subscribed :wink: And good luck with the project :+1:

So this is a pool toy I created earlier in the summer. It is based on real life torpedo geometry I found online. I will be borrowing this elegant geometry again for the current project. I won’t be taking the back to a point though, I will make the front and back symmetric.

That’s the LED I’ve been leaning towards for my build as well. I’m thinking sw45k. To help with the decision I’m probably going to throw a 219B in my Thrunite T10TV2 (if I can get it open).

Yea I nearly sold it but here we go, I found a use.

I’ve drawn the basic shell so that I can start developing this. It’s no bigger than necessary to get the basic parts inside and have ‘corners’ thick enough to be printable and not break easily.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see any of your pictures Joshk.

Weird. Ok, so moved them all off Dropbox to my server. Give it a try now.

I can see them, and I could see them before.

They're currently being hosted on:

(I haven't heard of that site before.)

I’ll probably get back to this project tomorrow. The A/C in our house went out 2 weeks and nobody has been sleeping good. We thought we had a repairman lined up, but he couldn’t seem to show up or call back. There’s a new company here today and they have been working hard all day long.

Ooooff! I’m not sure where you live but there are many areas in the US where I would not want to be without A/C in August. I hope tomorrow is nice and cool inside for you.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed our high of 82F today here in the mountains. Above 80F lasted all of about 2-1/2 hours. Sunny day too. 8800 feet altitude does that.

I plan to get back at my project in a day or two as well; we’ve just been hiking a lot, taking afternoon naps and reading books.

I’m a lifelong South Dakotan that has been in Arkansas the past 2 years. I’m not used to heat, humidity, or stagnant air. Arkansas has had all 3, plus some heat advisories in the past few weeks. It’s been 80–98 humidity day and night the whole time. (96% at the moment). And the heat has been in the 90’s every day and 80’s each night. And never any wind.

Well the crew finished up a bit ago and left. The house is cooling off and drying. What a relief. I don’t even miss the $3800 they took with them when they left. Money well spent.


I left a window open too much last night. This morning I ran the split mini in heat mode in the kitchen / dining area for a little. (Solar driven)

What do you have for a solar setup? Is it lead or lithium?
I’ve been slowly collecting laptop batteries for a solar project of my own in the future.

Two pole mount pv panel arrays with trackers plus a ground mount array facing southish. Outback controllers and inverters. GBS prismatic LiFePO4 cells in 48 volt configuration.

:+1: Sorry for the tangent. My mind wanddddddddddddddddddd