June 27th, 2014 -- Is BLF Slow for Everyone?

Today, BLF has been really slow (for me).

When I check http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/budgetlightforum.com,

I frequently find this:

Is BLF slow for everyone, or just me?

Same here, started at about 10PM last night.

Painfully slow here.

Same here in Asia

same here at south east asia :~

If this continues, in a while I will be having withdrawal symptoms!

Same here (Sweden). Slow for everyone I guess.

And I was about to go crook at my son playing games on the internet slowing the connection to a crawl.

Slow for me also

Yes, slow here in SEA too.

You find that slow?

Here, we are happy at the usual,normal rate of .9 mbps!

hahahaha, hmmm


No, I was just pointing out that usually it is not that slow :slight_smile:

Just now it seems it back to normal here.

Same here. I wonder what the problem was?

Probably a server problem of some sort.

Here as well, but not only BLF is slow…

I know internet in my country is bad and expensive too, looking at your speed test make it even worse :frowning:

That speed was tested locally in my country. Once I test outside things change a little.

To give you rough figure, 1% of your speed (that you said usually not that “slow”) already good enough here, or may be I have to say already very good? :slight_smile: