Kaidomain ordering?

I ordered a couple of things from Kaidomain as a guest on AUG 25th and never got any conformation email regarding the order. Paypal receipt yes but absolutely nothing from kaidomain. Tried contacting them via email, no answer. Tried contacting BanL user here on forum, no answer.

Does anyone have similar experience with them?

I haven't ordered anything from KD in a long time, but I've never run into this problem with any vendor that I can remember.

By the way, your story is exactly why I almost never order anything as a guest.

I hope you can work it out.

As a guest you submit your details via Paypal (address) and they simply ship it there. It will take time.
Did you keep the order number or anything?

they also have a Skype contact on their website, and they are quite good on there! just send them a message on Skype.

I had the same experience before. It eventually arrived after 2 months but the site is just scary since I couldn’t get anything confirmed there.

I ended up trusting Aliexpress LHT Flashlight store instead just to calm myself. Pricier and slower but at least I can file for aliexpress protection if ever needed

Theres no order number, I didn’t get anything from Kaidomain. Only thing I got is a transaction notice from PayPal.

But since others mentioned similar “problems” than all is OK.

Did you create an account before you ordered, if not, you will not have access to the order on their website.
If yes, it will show ‘processing’ a few weeks, then ‘shipped’ a few weeks later, and then arrive at your door a few weeks later.
Total of 2 to 3 months after placing order, depending on stock availability, it could be faster.
I only order thu them if it is the only place I can find something. :weary:
Here is how long it took to ship.


Hi Mraz

I had checked the system and it states your package had already shipped on Aug 26.
Global Order Tracking?

Our system had sent the shipment email and order status email to you already.

Please check your email or spam folder.

Because of you checkout as guest, all the information will collect from your paypal account details.

Please check what is the email address that you use in your Paypal.

If you have any question, please pm me.



Hi CNCman

Your order is placed in the Chinese New Year holiday. And we get the COVID-19 problem in this year.

There were some delayed of your package.

We had already tried our best to send all the package out.

I hope you can understand with it.



Thanks for your response ‘BanL’ :+1:

I’m not what you would call a patient man but I have no problem waiting, It’s just that I didn’t know if my order went thru or if there was a glitch in the matrix :slight_smile:

Why not create a account. I have shoped at KD for 10 or more years and have always been happy with my purchases. Very few problems that were all taken care of to great satisfaction. No one is perfect but I suspect you’ll be happy in the long run.

Hi friends

It is better to create an account if you want to get the confirmation or shipment email.

Please don’t worry. Our system will only record very limited personal information.

If you checkout as guest, we will suppose you don’t want to receive any information from us.

We have some complaints to state we still send the email to them although they checkout as guest.

Hope you can understand with us.



I made an order a month ago for two batteries. My package arrived the other day. One battery and one old Geoman style light. I tried to contact Kaidomain. No answer so far. Only way that I have been able to get in touch is via their contact page.

Good luck with their customer service. I’m having issues getting a LH351D P60 module re-sent as they sent the wrong one (1 mode instead of 3/5 mode) Quite disappointing given the very positive review I wrote of the E6 with Triple XP-E Colour drop-in.

I got one of those which arrived with one LED dead, but they did respond and replaced it.
Maybe because Im a long time customer, maybe I just won the customer service lottery.

Worse comes to worse, you can contact PayPal to get it corrected. I’ve had very good success with Kaidomain, but mistakes can happen.

Last year I have also problem with defective XHP50.2 LED which I order from them. They respond to my problem maybe for about some days later. After that they resend me replacement of my LED. With most chinese sellers comunication often is very slow. You may need to wait a few days before someone contact you.

Glad I found this thread. Sets my mind at ease a bit.

I browsed their site and there wasn’t enough of interest to me to warrant creating an account. So I bought a host and checked out as a guest. A week later still no shipping confirmation email. I wrote to ask and they haven’t responded. That isn’t good customer service.

My order took 1 month to process and ship. Still waiting it’s been 1 month since it left China so it’s on that slow boat we all know about.
I even got an email asking for extra details i had not put in the order.

I have been waiting since January for my order from Kaidomain, it said that was processed but has not been shipped as yet.
I had to cancel an order the end of last year because they only shipped half the order.
No answer from emails whatsoever. I did get an email after I filed a paypal claim saying to if I need help with another order to email them. I did place another order near the end of January 2022 and got a an email 3 weeks later saying order was processed but still no update on shipping.
I sent numerous emails but no answer, anyone has recent experience with them?