KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi djozz

Let me verified with our current stock.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.


Thanks for checking. As for the inconvenience: the 70CRI leds that I used have good output and a good tint so the flashlights that I built with them are still nice enough. But I really wanted the 80CRI, that is why I bought the leds.

Hi BanL,
Can you please give me some advice where to get this plasticine and white potting compound you use on this driver?

Hi Lux-Perpetua

This is RTV Silicone.

Thank you BanL! :+1:

Is there any way to reach you besides of this thread? I have some technical questions concerning your H1-A and H2-C drivers (mostly about tweaking them with alternative resistors to run them with 12V LEDs like XHP35). I also sent you private messages before but did not get any response so far. I also started a new thread that I would like to invite you to: WTB: XHP35 20mm Boost Driver (improvements of Kaidomain H1-A)

It would be great if you were to help me as these tweaks might be beneficial for Kaidomain, selling a high performance XHP35 boost driver for flashlights like the brandnew Convoy S11 or Convoy L2 or your own KD-brand flashlights, of course.

Cheers, Thomas

Hi Lux-Perpetua

Sure. I will take into that.

I am sorry for the late reply.

I will get back and catch up the thread.


Thank you Ban! :+1:

Hi freinds

I had gotten some SST-40 dedomed LED in KD.

Please note that the dedomed led will have the color temp. shift to around 5000K to 5500K

SST-40 White 6500K (Dedomed)



Wait, did you dedome them manually?

If so, that is amazing.

Hello BanL,

Can you sell a 3 or 4 mode variant (e.g. 5% - 30% - 100% or 1% - 8% - 30% - 100%, no strobes) of this buck driver?

If that would be possible, that would be very useful for me for driving a few specific 3 to 5 W powered very low Vf LEDs.

This is nothing new: KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread - #1022 by maukka

And Ban did not respond to that post? :neutral_face:

Ban, did you check your current inventory of XHP35 Hi 4000K 80CRI? If these are indeed 80CRI, could I have a replacement of the two wrong 70CRI ones from last year?


Sorry for the replying you late.

Do you have any order number so that i can refer to?

The current wheel is in CRI80.

Thank you


No, I’m sorry. I never created an account on Kaidomain because it works fine to send the goods to my PayPal address. And it was still on the old site when I ordered them and your order conformation mail when the old site was still on, did not contain a summary of the ordered items, just an order nr and the amount of money. There is no way for me to know which of my 2018 orders were these leds.

So there’s no order nr coupled to the leds. Maybe it is in your administration? (I’m sure there’s just one Jos from Amsterdam :slight_smile: )

Yes, we get a customer that is used for the SST-40 dedomed LED.

I had tried to reserve some for selling.

Hi djozz

I will ask for our colleague to help to follow for your problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.


Hi Ban. I ordered 3V XHP50.2 K2 2A, but it is missing in the order. I received everything, but not this. Interestingly, on the invoice is marked ok.

I tested tint of the new batch of KD’s 2700K SST-20 leds, claimed JA3, that came in today.

Kaidomain’s previous batch was JC1, which should have been just above the BBL, I tested the tint here: KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread - #1222 by djozz , and, at ~400mA, from above and at 60 degrees the tint was under the BBL, just in the hotspot from a OP reflector it came very slightly above the BBL.

This evening I did the same tint test on the new claimed JA3, which should be under the BBL, and all three tints: straight above the led, at 60 degrees and in the hotspot of an OP reflector, measured almost exactly as the previous batch of claimed JC1 bin.

Also visually I can not tell the “JA3” led tint apart from the “JC1” tint.

This is an extremely nice led if you like 2700K light, nothing bad about that, but this is not good for trusting tint bins that are offered by Kaidomain, no matter where the problem is, at KD or at Luminus. Apparently everything must be checked, which costs money and time.

I bought 7 of these, if I had known that they were the same as the previous batch I would not have bought them, as I still have a few of the previous batch leftover.

OMG, that’s disappointing. I was waiting for your test before I buy a bunch. Now I’ll hold off on buying them. Thanks for sharing your data.