KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Any chance of high cri neutral white nichia leds ? (219C 319AT 5000K)

Hello Ban,

Could you please get some of these LEDs below?

(B130 variants, please)

Now, these are the best deep and far red LEDs from Luminus (better than Cree equivalent), and you already have a recent driver for low Vf red LEDs with 1 or 1.4A current, which is a good match for these.

These LEDs also have (as I saw) the same MCPCB solder footprint, as the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG, so you could also sell them pre-soldered, with the recent 3030 MCPCBs already available.

How about a poll? “most welcome new led @KD

Nightwatch NI40 Looked interesting for a second. Always starts on turbo. :person_facepalming: wtf?

I received a bad driver from them. I sent a message through the site and never got a response. Probably not worth the hassle for a $3.50 part.

User e1000 reported a downgrade for the H1-A driver, Nightsword confirmed it. What will happen now on high with modified drivers? Bad, very bad.

I see the H1-A is now “on sale” (can't use coupon then), with an old photograph it doesn't abides by. Most users here prefer quality over cut corners. Cut corners may end up costing us money.

Incorrect way of believing. Every bit of your money is worth it. If you don't care, parasites will leech you to @#$%.

Or buy via Aliexpress who have their own policies. You pay a bit more but in the event something goes wrong you have an escalation pathway.


5400K 2mm² white flat?

I did not notice that before. KD claims the fcbB46 bin of the PM1 which is indeed the warmest Chromaticity Coordinate Group that is in the datasheet.

Which Color is sold by neven? I have some of these emitters but they are way too cold.

Is it right that KD sells 2C and Neven 1D, translated to the Cree Color Shema?

The fcbB46 is the warmest bin ranging from 5300K to 5800K but the duv is also above the BBL unfortunately according to the chromacity coordinates for this bin in the data sheet.

You can plug in the 4 corners of the tint quadrant into this link to see the CCT range for this bin.

You can plug in the 4 corners of the tint quadrant into this link to see the duv range

It could still be below the BBL as we all know the actual emitter and bin labeling can be quite off sometimes.

When overdriven these things are never near the binned chromacity

Voltage and flux bins are the same as that from L4P.

LEFT: FW3A MCPCB + 10511

RIGHT: Kaidomain Quad Optic and MCPCB

I’m no expert but I don’t think this is right. It seems this optic sits too far down into the MCPCB since either the optic legs don’t have a big enough “shelf” and/or the MCPCB holes are slightly too big.

Sitting on the flat granite I can slightly rock the optic back and forth by the two optic legs but just barely. It’s basically just a thin sheet of paper shy of straight up resting on the MCPCB. In two of the MCPCB holes there is almost no rotational play so it probably wont shear a dome but I feel like it has a decent chance of crushing the substrate or not being in the correct focus?

MCPCB is 1.6mm high (listed as 1.5mm) so that probably doesn’t help either

Had the exact same problem, the optic rests on the dome meaning that the optic cuts into the domes when it’s installed with any pressure on the optic. Lost 4x XP-L HI’s finding this out.

RIP, sorry for your loss. I probably would have done the same if I wasn’t trying to dry fit it inside a FW3A to see how close it is.

I feel like I frequently pay the early adopter tax when it comes to this hobby :\


I damaged a LED from the triple because of the presure too :person_facepalming:

The triples don’t seem bad, but then I use the Carclo optics with those.

The KD quad optic simply has a design flaw or isn’t suitable for use in flashlights.