KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Got some LH351D 5700K. Can’t test them properly but I think the colour is slightly above BBL. And I wasn’t amazed by the colour rendition.
I have some Nichia 219b -V1 5700K and I consider them to be nicer.

I tried the 5700K in a Armytek Prime C1 Pro with a Yajiamei 15° beaded optic and I would also say it’s slightly above the BBL. The lumen output is quite impressive though.

Anyone tried 5000K LH351D ?

I’m waiting for my headlamp to arrive then I’ll try it. Then I can do a direct comparison to 5000K that AEDe supplied.

Yeah I haven’t been blown away by LH351D colour rendition but they have good output (well they should anyway, the ones I got from elsewhere have not performed well at all).

Sound’s like 5700K will be good with a slice.

It was a buried in a mod post, but djozz tested the 5700K version IIRC… let me dig up the comment

EDIT: found it here…

Does anyone know how badly Kaidomain is hit with the Coronavirus issue? I have 2 orders, 25th and 27th of January 2020 and I have not heard anything from them. Not even a reply to my emails.

I think they are delayed with some items. I’ve put 3 orders in Feb. Two were sent within a week while the third after a month. When I inquired I was adviced they were waiting for the driver to stock up.

Interesting - I placed an order on 18th feb and it shipped 4 days later - albeit a small order.

I placeed a order around the 5th of feb. Ask that someone please check on the order because it hadn’t shipped as of a few days ago.
They replied back it would ship out in a few days. I got a tracking number 3 days ago.
When I check on the tracking number it says either the item hasn’t been shipped yet or its a fake tracking number.
KD’s always been great for me, but I’m not really sure what’s going on now.
I know they’re dealing with the virus and I made that clear in my enquiry. I just wanted to know when they thought it might ship or if there was a problem.
I’ll give it a week or so and see what happens with this tracking number.
At least I see some orders for you guys have shipped, so I’ll wait and see.

I can’t remember that few new items. Obviously something is still not right.

I got a shipped notice today for my order from mid January …

My order from Feb 11 just shipped last week. The tracking number is either broken or it hasn’t shipped out yet as of today 3/9

Hi friends

Sorry for the delay of you guys package.

I know there is some items does not in stock and we need to make it.

Some raw materials is still not available now.

We will try to ship out all the available items in your orders.

If you have any urgent matters, please PM me.

I will help to follow it.



Also, the logistics courier is not fully back to normal work.

So there may be some delay of the package.

Please don’t worry.

We are tracking the package every day and make sure this is not lost.

I am sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.

Thanks BanL

Thanks for your help and reply BanL.
We all undestand that things haven’t got back to normal yet caused by the virus.
I think as long as we have good communication with truthful reply’s, most everyone will wait patiently.

Thank you for all my friends. :slight_smile:

Thank you for you guys supporting and understanding.

I must keep working for those missing items and ship out all the things asap.

On December 26, among other articles, I ordered (Order ID: #8115) a S028328 KX05 17mm 1-cell 1400mA 1-Mode Flashlight Driver Circuit Board for IR LED ( 1 pc )
The item they sent me is 20mm.

On February 11, I sent an email to sales@kaidomain.com, requesting a solution.
I did not receive any reply.

On February 27, I sent a PM to BanL a copy of the email.
He replied that he would pass his colleague to follow the problem.

Since no one contacted or solved the problem, on March 5 I sent another PM to BanL asking if there was any news.
There was no answer or solution.

What should I do to get a solution?

If we send the wrong driver to you, we will resend the correct once to you.

Please help to take a photo for what LED driver and send in the mail.

I had sent you an email.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.