KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread


Unfortunately BLF code is only 5% off. There was a 10% off coupon floating around but it’s expired.

The drop-ins for kdlicker C8 and C8.2 are missing, are you removing the product or are they going to be relisted in their own category?

Got my C8.2 Cree XHP35 HI Warm White today. It has a perfect warm tint at CRI80+ in all modes. I measured 51kcd on high.

There’s visible PWM on the lowest mode and the mode spacing between mid and high is too narrow. When switching between modes it does a short strobe unless you keep the tail switch pressed for a while longer, then it cycles the modes without anomalies. Staying on one mode longer than 3 seconds and half pressing makes the light stay on the same mode. Going from high to very low makes the driver emit a quiet whine for a while.

If you memorize the lowest mode and turn the light on, there’s an annoying preflash. This doesn’t happen on other modes, or at least isn’t visible to the eye.

Construction is excellent, but the clear Convoy C8 with an XP-L HI has more throw (62kcd) and a better UI.

51kCd ?
That’s lower than I hoped…

Do you happen to have any way to estimate the output? That intensity seems disappointing for the XHP35. Maybe it’s just down to the particular design of the C8.2, though. Wonder what it gets with the XP-L Hi.

On other lights, it seems like the peak intensity is usually similar between the XHP35 HI and XP-L HI, with the extra 300-400 lumens of the XHP35 resulting in a larger hotspot.

A max driven xhp35 generally gets slightly more throw then a max driven XP-L HI. So seeing as this xhp35 is not driven to the max, I would say it is not that surprising. It should be putting out close to 2000 lumens if I had to guess though.

Sadly nowhere near the advertised 2000 lumens for the C8.2 XHP35 HI

Tested on an unprotected Samsung 30Q

On high
0 sec : 1241 lumens
30 sec: 1174 lumens
1 min: 1150 lumens
2 min: 970 lumens
3 min: 905 lumens

0 sec: 728 lumens
30 sec: 717 lumens

0 sec: 302 lumens
30 sec: 301 lumens

Low low
30 sec: 13 lumens

Convoy C8 Clear XP-L HI on max:
0 sec: 841 lumens
30 sec: 839 lumens
1 min: 835 lumens
2 min: 831 lumens
3 min: 828 lumens

Thanks for the test I have one on order, but I guess I will cancel it now.

Anyone try this http://kaidomain.com/p/S026504.H2-C-22mm-1_5A-1-or-2-cell-5-Mode-Boost-Driver-Circuit-Board-for-Cree-XHP35-XHP50-12V in Convoy L2 ,how to make it fit 20 mm space or just sanding a bit ?

Thanks. Looks like yet another XHP35 light that falls way short of advertised output. Are there any 1x18650 lights with the XHP35 that actually hit the numbers they claim? Besides Zebralights, which advertise lower numbers to begin with.

Olight M2R does 1500 lumens as advertised, but that’s HD not HI. Niwalker BK-FA30S does 2200 lumens as well.

Good to know about the Olight. The Niwalker isn’t surprising - it’s a big 4x18650, and appears to use a 4S arrangement. The multi-cell lights don’t have the same challenges regarding the driver - they don’t have to boost voltage as far, and they have more space to work with. It’s mostly 1x18650 lights (Klarus, Armytek, now Kaidomain, etc.) that seem to have problems.

Nitecore Concept 1 does 1800 lumen (XHP35 HD).

The numbers do make sense though. The XHP35 HI is basically a XP-L HI with a 45% larger die. It produces around that much more lumens and that much more heat. For 2000 lumens you would need three times the power and thus heat of the XP-L HI. Who wants that?

Would be nice to know if this is a flood-to-throw or not.

I would like a non-FtT with a lens

I just sanded a bit.

I got today my first prototype design boards from Schokis driver circuit with a 50W boost chip
I will test it next days, if the massive enhanced thermal connection added to the layout works well, then also some fine tuning the capacitors to get rid of switch on spikes and other stuff needed

I hope production can start end of february

Hi friends

A Korean branded 365nm LED available in KD.

Seoul Viosys UV 365nm Z5 Series CUN66A1B Ultraviolet UV Emitter

Bare LED

with 16mm DTP Copper MCPCB

with 20mm DTP Copper MCPCB

Triple 365nm LED with 20mm DTP Copper MCPCB (Parallel)

Enjoy :smiley:

I am searching for a 10mm XP MCPCB. The only one i can find on the net is the 10mm XP Sinkpad but it is only available at a few shops and only in the US.
So maybe you are interested in selling this size. Many of the small EDC light mods require this size. And i think many people from the EU would be happy to be able to order these MCPCB´s without paying 15$ for shipping from the US.