KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

I thought most optics weren’t transparent to uv? Are the optics you are including with the triple uv led transparent to 365nm light?

Some optics are transparent down to 365nm. Not Carclo, but KD is using their own optic, I think I remember testing it for 365nm transparency and it was pretty good but not close to 100%.

Edit: just checked a KD triple optic again (it came with a triple Nichia 219B board) and the transparency for 365nm light (SST-10) is 50% the most when going through the <2mm top plate, so with the light travelling through the much thicker reflector part I expect considerably less than 50%.
Unless KD uses a different optic for this triple UV board…(my guess: =not likely)

Hi TheOnlyDocc, nice to see you around again, it has been a while. :+1:
I agree, a 10mm DTP 3535 board would be fantastic, I’m out of them for a while and although I’m a fan of VOB, shipping from his shop to Europe is pretty expensive.

Does this LED emit visible wastelight or only purple on the upper spectrum

I ordered one a few weeks ago, should arrive one of these days, then I can tell you. My prediction is that just like all 365nm leds it emits visible stray light, and probably more than the Nichia 365nm leds.

Hi friend

We just get a 12mm DTP 3535 board in stock. Are you interesting in that?

We can PM the details to you.

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Luminus SST-10 UV365nm LED is available in KD

Bare LED

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May we know the bin kit order code? At least, give us an idea of the stocks you have.

I would be interested in the 12mm DTP copper mcpcbs for 3535 LEDs, especially if they come at an attractive price for 4, 8, or 12. (for now, I am assuming they won’t be cheaper than a quad 3535 MCPCB, which is one reason why I would want them)

Note: quote was edited to separate image and product link for convenience.

I sort of second L4M4's interest on this host. Zoomie confirmation? Looks neat.

The pill looks like it does not have threads above the emitter deck, where the plastic retaining ring should go. This must be an optical illusion, doesn't it?

I believe amazing spill-free throwers can be made combining convex lenses with specially shaped reflectors tailored for the above lens.

“Fishing Flashlight Host”: is it waterproof?

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Hey BanL can you get these 12mm boots in clear/white?


They fit the BLF GT e-switch perfectly.

Hi BanL!

I am lookinng for boots too! But I was looking for 16mm boots suitable for Convoy S2+ in the purple color.

I see you sell purple boots but these are in a different size.

Here are the boot specifications from the Convoy Store.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Kaidomain, can you supply transparent silicone caps for the BLF GT? I think they are 12 x 7.5 like these but in clear transparent silicone



We are searching for our warehouse to see we have this silicone caps or not.

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I am also interested. Is this host a zoom host or not?

why do they alwas order all LEDs from Mouser?
first the IR Osram, now all SST-10

They are trying to fill a market gap; assumption is probably that (many) consumers and hobbyists would want a low volume purchase opportunity for various items with free shipping. Average basket size is way smaller than what mouser, digikey etc. would have to get free shipping.

edit: at least for me, they are right. I only need 5-10 $s worth of product each time.

Hi AlexFT

I am sorry we don’t have 12 x 7.5 silicone caps in clear / transparent color.

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Hi carambola

I am sorry we don’t have 16mm silicone caps in purple color.

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Hi Mike

This is a zoom host.

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