Kerui Electronic Industrial DTP copper mcpcb

Since they manufacture to order maybe they are just showing the kinds of things they can do rather than things they have done. They really should only post advertising pictures of their own work though, don’t know which is which now. I like the wide traces.

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HI all,

I’m not really sure of anything that happened with the picture of marks MCPCB, but here is my 2 cents.

I have contacted Sundy via email to inquire about getting samples. When I did I asked about all the sizes we typically use here 20mm 16mm etc. I also asked if they made a triple XML board ( like Sinkpad, Cutter electronics and sevral other makers do), and linked Marks website as an example. I was told they did not stock this size board but would be glad to manufacture one. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the picture that was posted, but I thought it might so I mentioned it. Perhaps they were offering to make this “type” of MCPCB?

As I said I am working on order a sample pack of several boards offered by the company. If they turn out to be true DTP boards, and the prices are reasonable I may do either a GB or a bulk purchase on my own.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

Our company many Direct Thermal Path copper mcpcb orders according customs engineering drawing to make,
sometimes,we also put forward our opinion about drawing,if customs have need,we also can design DTP mcpcb
MCPCB according to customer requirements.

If they said this they are 100% cheaters.
All layers of boards are making in one big flat area and cutting (milling) small pcbs from it is the last operation.
There is no way to have 16-20mm preparated washers and then make DTP MCPCB from them with custom design by request.

I think you misunderstood. I don’t see anywhere that they said they had prepared boards or blanks to make DTP MCPCB from them. They claimed to be able to manufacture any size or shape of MCPCB, because they are a PCB manufacturer.

Yes, seem that I am wrong.
But anyway we need to see real photos. Those that are posted here are stolen from various websites and shows pbs made within different technologies.

I am trying ATM to have them make a limited number of boards for Nichia 119, which are non-DTP btw. But if the order goes through, they will send a few DTP-XP board with the order to try them out.

Maybe many people doubt me,but you can see our company website:
And my email also enterprise email.

Hi Jos

How about the Nichia 119 copper mcpcb, if you also have any problem please tell me?yes if the orders goes through,
we will send a few free DTP copper for you testing.

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DTP copper mcpcb testing report

ShenZhen KeRui Electronic Industrial Co., LTD
Copper substrate performance parameters form
Copper Substrate Model KR-CU-350W Product name Copper radiator panel
Performance parameter Unit Test value Test Method
Peel strength N/mm 2.2 GJB1651 - 4010
Surface resistance MΩ 1×(10^6) GJB1651 - 5020
Volume resistance MΩ.m 3.2×(10^7) GJB1651 - 5020
Breakdown voltage KV/min 1.0 GJB1651 - 5040
Dielectric constant - 3.0 (40℃,93%,96h)
Dip soldering of resistance ℃
260℃ 3min
No bubble, no
GJB1651 - 4010
Flammability - FV-0 GB/T4722 - 17
LED Solid crystal area with
the substrate conduction of
thermal conductivity
W/m.k- ≥350
Long-term use temperature ℃ ≤110 (40℃,93%,1Y)
The thermal conductivity of
the metal matrix W/m.k- ≥350

The google translater is killing.

This is our company direct thermal path copper mcpcb testing report.

Can you list what size MCPB you currently make?

Can you list what LEDs the MCPBs currently work with?



We currently make DTP copper mcpcb many,any size have,We customize and design MCPCB according to customer requirements.
Sometimes,we made some standard DTP copper mcpcb,such as 10mm,16mm ,20mm,31.6mm with cree xml and xhp50 xhp 70.

Thank you

leo ou

It would be great for you/and us if you consider producing a NON DTP( thats a must) copper XBD 16mm copper pcb- there isnt such pcb awailable at the market and those IR Oslons badly need one :wink:

yes,if you need,we can make copper mcpcb for you.


Hey all,

If anyone is curious here are the results I got from purchasing from this company :slight_smile:

Thank you for making this possible Sundy.

Well, at least with regards to those leds with a lack of thermal pad, no one wanting to ask for an orders of magnitude improved thermal conduction dielectric?

Cheers ^:)

Today I received an order of ledboards that I had made by Shenzhen Kerui Electric Industry. It is 128 pieces of Nichia 119 16mm diameter non-DTP boards, but I tried to maximise the heat path of the boards. For several leds without central thermal pad I would have liked this type of board but I could not find it: Nichia 119, Nichia 276A UV, LuxeonZ will fit too, and the new large Nichia’s (if available at some point) will work too by scraping off some solder mask. The costs for the 128 boards (I ordered 100 and they made 128) were, including shipping and taxes from dutch customs, 258 dollar, so about 2 dollar per board. I’m going to test these boards against a ‘standard’ alumnium Nichia 119 board (came with my Convoy S2+ 276A UV light) to see if they really do a bit better (but I do not expect DTP performance).

I’m going to sell these here on BLF for 2 dollar each plus shipping, so cost price. I have no idea how many people are interested, and it may depend on how well they test :slight_smile:

–16mm diameter, 1mm thickness to support many common flashlights
-core = copper
-the two electric led-pads widen in a as large as possible pour to help the heat to go sideways and then pass the dielectric layer over a larger surface area.