Kindness and understanding for Noobies

Ah, Norm, gotta love him. Hope it was not one of our guys.

Poor guy never knew what hit him.

Policies for advertising on CPF and/or CPFMP can be found HERE or by clicking on the link in the top menubar titled "Advertising". In general, advertising by any member of CPF within the forums (with the exception of the CPF Custom Builders and Modders forums) is strictly prohibited. Threads and/or posts that are considered by staff to be advertising, or solely for the purpose of providing links or pointers to new products, will stand to be closed, links removed, or deleted in their entirety, without warning or explanation. Members who persist in posting or quoting such material are advised that their posting authority may be limited or withdrawn. For those wishing to introduce referenced new offers they've found, the MarketPlace is the board for discussion of commercial matters. There will most likely be a dedicated forum there for posting such threads.

"Shilling" is not an acceptable practice in any CPF/CPFMP forum. For the purposes of this policy, a "shill" is defined as "a person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating and/or one who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest or personal profit,". Anyone identified by the CPF/CPFMP administration to be acting as a shill risks losing all posting privileges on any and/or all CPF/CPFMP forums. Anyone found to be soliciting or otherwise encouraging shilling whether in open forums, by use of the private message system or email will also risk losing posting privileges on any and/or all CPF/CPFMP forums. Members who receive free products from a dealer or manufacturer for review purposes and post reviews in the proper CPF forum are allowed and encouraged to add a single line down at the bottom of the review in regular font that has no link and no URL identifying the dealer or manufacturer who provided the product. For example, "Light provided by X Company for review." Any further promotion of the company within the review thread will be removed. Dealers and manufacturers with the proper permissions to advertise in the appropriate forums at the CPFMarketPlace may post a link to a review on CPF proper.


Wow what nerve that posting of links…how dare he!! Total chaos!!

My CPF account has ..erm..expired...

So I just have to imagine what that poor sod is going through.

The old rule number 6 and 8 trick...played masterfully Norm...but hey, it's just one big family!

Have we had a "thread closing" over here yet...they're pretty exciting and so dramatic and powerful!

I'm no fan of Norm, but I think the thread deserved to be closed and not because of the links. It was too open ended. The OP should have asked a real question instead of just fishing for general comments.

I also think BLFers should refrain from making fun of CPF admin conduct that doesn't directly involve them in some way. It's just bad form. When old4570 posted about his SF L2T review getting buried on CPF, posting about it totally made sense. This, not as much.

It's off topic chatter forum. A lot of people here have been dumped on when they tried to use CPF as you would any other normal forum on the net, often for no good reason except a moderator power trip. So it's something that hits home and many people can relate to.

Amen to that. Even that last post, Agenthex, would have cost you your "Avatar Privileges" over there; they'd confiscate your beautiful labrador for 21 postings and replace with a pic of a bedraggled rat.


I think CPF deserves the pot shots we take at them. And it is not like I/we sit here and insult them, I just linked to what is already posted on their forum. Not that I don't appreciate folks here taking the high road, that is nice, no doubt.

But this is the Internet, you're allowed to let others know about the jerks and boneheads out there. They obviously pull no punches on their own forum, and since you can't say anything about them there, at least there is freedom of speech here to express those opinions.

I respect those who don't want to get dirty slinging mud, but I'm knee deep in it, right there in the middle of the quagmire.

I wonder if there is a rule that allows them to ban me on CPF for something that I say on a forum here?

They don't need rules to ban you. When I got banned, there wasn't a note of any sort, just deleted posts.

Well, I was asked to delete cigar thread.

Who asked you to delete it? Did you?

I think I joined CPF in 2007 and was a regular there for quite a while. But they have a knack for driving people away. I don't go there at all anymore unless someone here posts a link I think is of interest. I know I haven't posted over there in over 2 years. Such a shame too, because it "should" be the place where all of us hang out.

But whatever, just glad I found BLF as I fit in just fine here.

I sure would like to know why.

Cigars are bad for you.

That’s debatable. If I’m not allowed to talk about something that’s fine, but I’d like to know in advance so I don’t waste my time posting something that will just get deleted. What other topics are off limits?

The Off-topic chatter section says: "You're welcome to chat here about whatever suits your fancy, as long as it's not lewd, illegal, or offensive. Keep it civil please!"