KronoReview: Sunwayman D40C Flashlight

KronoReview of the Sunwayman D40C flashlight. This item was provided by BangGood/Neal for review.

Sunwayman website and D40C product page.

^ Product page/website pic ^

Sunwayman is used to getting good press, and they seem to be a very popular brand here at BLF. This is my first experience with Sunwayman…so…how does it stack up? A little info from BangGood first:

BangGood regular price: $127.95.

Specifications (From BangGood product page):


Product name: Sunwayman D40C 2000LM Double-headed LED Flashlight
Brand: Sunwayman
Model: D40C
Emitter Brand/Type: CREE XM-L2 U2
Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body
Military Specification Type III- hard anodized
Total Emitters: 2
Brightness: 2000 lumens
Max.range: 493 meters
Working voltage: 5~12.6V
Lens: Ultra-clear tempered glass lens resists scratches and impacts
Battery Configurations: Uses 2x18650(4xCR123A) batteries(not included)
Switch Type: Dual-button Side Switch on the head
Mode: Turbo: 2000 Lumens (Automatically lower to High mode after 3 mins continuous use)
High: 960 Lumens (1.6hrs.)
Mid: 390 Lumens (5hrs.)
Low: 33 Lumens (18hrs.)
Waterproof: IPX-8 standard
Color: Black
Weight: 330g net weight
Size: 132mm (length) x 58mm (head diameter) x 41mm (tail diameter)

1.Fitted with two CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours
2.Dual-button Side Switch on the head
3.Constant current circuit, constant output
4.Electronic reverse battery protection
5.Low-voltage Indicator Lamp
6.Optimized deep metal reflector maintains great throw distance and spread with an ideal beam pattern
7.Tail stand capable- can be used as a candle
8.With a medium size and comfortable hand-grip, powered by 2*18650 or 4*CR123A batteries, this light offers a fantastic balance of capability and size.
9.Featuring the exquisitely rugged unibody construction, the D40C is carefully designed to minimize bulk among competitors and stay strong as well.

Package included:
1 x Sunwayman D40C 2000LM Double-headed LED Flashlight
1 x Lanyard
1 x O-ring

My added specs:
Lens OD: ~27mm (2 total)
Lens thickness: ~1.75mm
Reflector size: ~25mm wide x ~25mm deep
Weight w/batteries: 422 grams
Weight w/o batteries: 328 grams


The Sunwayman D40C is a very original, oval-shaped flashlight based on the larger Sunwayman D80A (8 x AA). This smaller version features a double 18650 capacity with double, independent, smooth reflectors with two XM-L2 U2 cool white emitters. The flashlight comes with a nice lanyard, extra o-ring, warranty card, and English/Chinese instructions. It is shipped with ample protection in a sturdy, retail cardboard box. Light is controlled with a double electronic switch on the head. One switch for power, the other for mode changes. There are 4 regular modes (Turbo/High/Medium/Low), and 3 hidden modes (Strobe/SOS/Slow Beacon), and is equipped with last mode memory. It has two, tempered AR lenses.


VERY solid construction.
Unique, inset bezel affixed with 4 star screws.
Distinctive, oval, no-roll design.
Solid, one-piece machined head.
4 regular modes (Turbo w/3 min. step-down, High, Medium and Low).
Last mode memory.
No glue anywhere.
Hidden blinkies (Double click to strobe, double click again for SOS and double click one more time for slow beacon).
Toughened glass, double-sided AR lenses.
Combination of knurling material voids/ridges for grip.
Perfect HA-III matte black coating.
Reverse polarity protection (confirmed).
Constant current circuit.
Mostly solid, emitter shelf. Should have a decent thermal path.
Lockout with a twist of the battery tube/head.
Smooth beam pattern and 2000 lumens.
Ample square (rhombic) threads.
Fits protected or un-protected 18650s, or 4 CR123As (CR123A batteries not tested in light).
The light is very bright. I did measure amps, and it came out to about 4 amps (2 amps per LED). This would indicate/estimate that it is under 2000 lumens, but I am not able to confirm without a light box.


No emitter tint choices.
A tad on the heavy side.
Anodized emitter shelves.


^ Packaged in a nice, retail cardboard box ^

^ Well protected on inside with ample foam packing. Light, Lanyard, spare O-ring, warranty card, product leaflet and directions in English/Chinese ^

^ Side views ^

^ Standing on bezel ^

^ Tailstanding ^

^ Double-switch close-up ^

^ Front-view with inset bezel ^

^ Logos and tacky knurling ^

^ Square threads ^

^ Head-side of battery tube, uses board to keep batteries in series ^

^ In hand. Notice the nice lanyard with lobster-claw quick release and push-button adjustable wrist closure ^


^ Reflectors with centering rings fit inside insets. Bezel in rear ^

^ Emitter view. Notice the mostly solid emitter shelf (unfortunately anodized). Thermal grease underneath butterfly-shaped MCPCBs and O-rings on insets where top of reflectors/lenses meet ^

^ Machined tunnel from one side of head to the other. Head is one solid chunk of machined aluminum ^

^ Inside of switch. Uses a 3 pin quick connector. Notice cutout for driver toroid. Switch is not directly mounted to MCPCB like so many other side-switch lights. I’m not a much of a modder, but I’m thinking that this should make this light more mod-friendly ^

^ Toroid driver ^

^ Inside battery tube ^

^ Driver side battery board removed ^

^ Inside tailcap ^

^ Comparo shot: Sunwayman D40C (Left) Eagle Eye/BLF X6-SE (Right) ^

_*(Note: My Night Beamshots-Distance to house is approx. 160 ft. (49 meters). Pics taken with Kodak Easyshare Max Z990 f/4.5, 1/5 sec, ISO-1600).

^ Control shot ^

^ Turbo beam shot. Lights it up really well. 4 amps ^

^ High beam shot ^

^ Medium beam shot ^

^ Low beam shot ^


My first experience with a light from Sunwayman is very positive. The D40C is a tank of a light, and quite exquisitely machined and designed. The Quality HA-III anodization is a flawless matte black. The other touches are on par with high-end lights…such as square cut threads, handsome good looks, excellent thermal path, lockout, 18650/CR123 compatibility, and I could go on and on. All electronic boards (Both battery boards, driver and MCPCBs) carry their logo, which indicates that Sunwayman takes a lot of pride in their lights. A little on the heavy side, it is still compact and completely jacket-pocketable. The UI is very straightforward, and doesn’t take a manual to figure it out. Overall, an outstanding light!

KRONOMETER patented rating: 4.25 out of 5.

It’s a nice looking light! I have the D40A and the V11R, and I use both frequently- and I agree Sunwayman makes a very nice light.

Thanks for the review .

This is what Quality looks like, that knurling is very impressive and just the overall fit and finish shows they do their jobs with pride.
This is what China is capable of when they are paid the proper funds and the quality control checks are applied.

Thanks for another great review Krono.

Only question I have is why it does not have the killer Moonlight like the D40A?
If they do some warm tints it may have to become part of the tribe.

Thanks for the review. I have owned SWM lights since they first were available (as Sunwayled) and I can say that the quality and function have been as good as any light that I have. Never had a problem at all.

Thanks for the review. That side picture next to the x6 really shows how small this light is.

Nice light… I might get one because it’s unique look, and especially now it can be had for about half of what banggood sell for :slight_smile:

Sunwayman D40C Dual XM-L2 2000 Lumens
Availability: In Stock

Regular Price: $128.00
Special Price $64.00

$64.00 REGULAR PRICE $128.00

Another 2 x 18650 light from Sunwayman, the D40C utilizes unibody construction with an elegant design for a handsome dual XM-L2 light.

CREE XM-L2 LED, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours;
Dual-button side switch
Constant current circuit, constant output
Electronic reverse polarity protection
Low voltage indicator lamp
Tail stand capability

LED: 2 Cree XM-L2 U2
Modes: 2000* / 960 / 390 / 33
Runtime: 1.6h / 1.6h / 5h / 18h
Beam Distance: 498m
Water Resistance: IPX-8
Battery Type: 2 x 18650 / 4 x CR123A
Voltage Range: 5-12.6V

Dimensions: 132mm (length) x 58mm (head diameter) x 41mm (tail diameter)
Weight: 330g (without battery)

O-ring, lanyard

Sunwayman makes some of the best lights around. Thanks for the review.

I can attest to that about Sunwayman. My V10R is over 3 years old and is in perfect working order and carry it every day. I posted a pic on another thread, it looks fairly new still.

Does anyone know if this light will run with 2x mtg2’s?