l just got back from drs.but iam morally feeling better thanks for wishes and prayers

Okay I know Iam a newbie on this forum , I know. I don’t know much sometimes ask annoying basic questions and you all have put up with me and my new addiction bright arse lights and learning whats out there to make them brighter and impress friends with our low $ torchea and I don’t have any memberships to any other forums than here .well. to make a long story shory I have been a type 1 diabetic for 43 years and have been hoomed 24/7to a insulin pump for and tube since 1997 and have all the associated problems that come with type l diabetes eyes , neuropathy severe osteoarthritis well today my nuephraolagist (kidney specialist) told me I am at stage 4 of renal failure and as a last ditch effort they want to try 2 new medications on top of my current 21 meds iam currently taking and recheck my labs in 7 days no improvement or worse they want to put my on dialysis and then see about a kidney transplant I feel akward asking peoe I don t really know but any prayers would be appreciated .I originally thought lights would be a harmlessly pastime since i became disabled .but what few lights I have have brought me such joy and reading posts amd reviews on latest and greatest has brought so much great peace and enjoyment. Well tha ks for letti g me ramble if you dont think this post appropriate I will delete post.EDIT:I hqd to add after the initial shock wore off I feel emotionally better thanks to all support and mrs. Junkie no if I can just get her to give me my credit card back lol

So sorry to hear about your troubles. I just said a little prayer for you. Best of luck.

Sorry to hear that.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I’ll tell you what I dont care what anyone says , when you whip out a little pocket rocket of a budget light it always brings a smile after my 1st knee replacent I started lookinv up bright lights it lead me hed and to another (elitist high dollar forum) This forum has brought me and so many others so much fun a d distraction from daily lives I am hooked on it. Keeps me and others out ofddepression and is cheap I had to give up martial arts in 97 due to insulin pump. And a lot of other hobbies but this brings me and my buddy who need liver trans plant so much fun it keeps us going v literally


Sorry man, i wish you all best and hopefully a recovery!

all the best, my thoughts are with you, if there’s anything we can do, just say the word.

Best wishes to you light junkie!

This forum attracted me and others I looked at the other forum and how negative it was and constant belittling there was there , I knew tb is day was coming but in retrospective I didn’t knoe id and others would come to this forum as a safe sanctuary for piece of mind and to learn without being afraid of being insulted and this is what all of this forum should be proud of tbe reputation you have built, people who have a common intrest at all ex perience levela from newbies lime me to experienced moddera who pick up each other either with experience or compassion honestly I am moderately diasbled yet no one knew of my health issues or who knowa who else reads these posts but yet we were all teated fairly without any one knowing ouf issues that should be a testament of what this forum stands for heck congrats to you all for whatyou have ccollectively built!

If your doctor will let you, keep as active/walking as you can: seems like there isn’t a week that goes by without some new study coming out showing the health benefits of even mild walking 150mins of activity/week! Good luck and best wishes.

My primary physician since I was released by orthopedists 2months ago has me on elliptical for 40 minutes a day and kidney specialist along with new diet agrees working on it as I can but the main point is the whole point of this forum you all have set out what you wanted to accomplish I am proud along with you all to be a member of this forum!

Sorry to hear, health is the most important thing in life. Best wishes.

Sorry to hear that. Wish you all the best. Lights do lift the mood…

My moms a diabetic. I worry about her every day.

Good luck bro. Hang in there. Keep on posting. Keep on sharing. Just keep on…

I'm not so much a praying person but I wish you all the luck with your health. And this truly is a great hobby and a great forum

I hear what you are saying loud and clear here and you have said it very well. I believe that there are a lot off members here who have disabilities, physical or mental off some kind or another and come here to get away from daily life to a virtual world where everyone is equal. Good luck my virtual friend and stay strong.

+1, any new lights you have your eyes on?

My kidneys failed some time ago, I spent 4hours three times a week attached to a dialysis machine,
as soon as the treatment started I felt and looked so much better.
Then after 18months I was lucky enough to be called into hospital on Christmas eve for a cadaveric transplant,
that was over five years ago.
So I hope all goes well for you

Praying for you lj. I am glad that you have found a hobby that gives you so much joy.

Stay strong and keep going. Fight the good fight and may the light of the BLF and members be with you.