lanyards-Show em if you got em

If you tie paracord lanyards, you have long ago exhausted your supply of things to attach them to. Now you are stuck with an ever growing supply of extra lanyards that you hoard while continuing to make more. To legitimize, sadly only in your own mind most likely, your continuing obsession with lanyards and knots, post a few pics of what you made lately in this thread. Your work is not in vain. Here are a few I made lately.

My newest ones that I just learned from TIAT @ Fusion knots. The Corkscrew Crown Sinnet. Dont examine the large one too closely because I screwed up a stitch in there. I really like this style.

Well now !

You have been busy with these things !

Very cool .

Here are a few monkeyfist lanyards .

Nothing special but here is that Monkey fist, do you make and sell them, would love to have one.

I just bought some paracord today in the color called Gecko, its neon green, yellow, blue, and black...

Maybe the color isnt for everyone its not as nice as an OD or Desert Tan for everyday use, but I like it...

This is the video that I used to learn the Way of the Monkey Fist.

Oh thanks man......

Nice looking stuff Langcjl!! Those monkey fists are pretty sweet too!! Kinda makes me want a small lanyard for my Yezl. Its also neat how you wrapped the P60 looking torch.

I do sell and trade my work . I have been selling enough to pay for my paracord , it's good to have a hobby that pays for itself .

A lot of the repeat customers I have order custom pieces , they tell or show me what they want , and I make it happen .

Here is a custom piece I did a while back tied with one strand .

I should mention that these monkeyfists are tied around a 3/4 " ball bearing , so they are heavy .

Whenever someone picks one up , they swing it against their hand and say something like " damn , you could do some damage with this !"

So as far as being a lanyard ... I don't know ...

But they are cool . Here is another custom piece .

A turkshead crown sennet with an s-biner .

Rattlesnake fobs .

Just realized that I have already posted some of these pieces in this thread

I post pics of my work in several forums , so I can't always remember where I posted what ...

You are the master Jack. I like how all your stitches are so uniform, they look better than the YouTube guys look.

Well TIAT is doing a demo , so his stiches are loose . Stormdrane , however is positively anal about clean work .

Tying a knot is only half the job , dressing the knot is the other ...

Hey Jack do you have site with pics of all your work......dont really have time to do this because of life and family and i will be willing to pay for some.

Im kinda interested too.

Perhaps I should make an album available on Photobucket ...

I'll see what I can do .

Yes that will be should really think of a knot for us blf'ers, that is exclusive just to you.

Yeah , I like that idea ! One of the neatest things about knotting is the endless variety of knots and combinations of them that you can utilize for different projects .

alfreddajero , you want a smaller monkeyfist for a work lanyard . That makes perfect sense .

I also make these turkshead lanyards which do not contain any metal balls . They are solid paracord and therefore very light .