Latest triple I did up.

Here you go... the Baby Neutral!

4000K triple XP-G, Shiningbeam 2.8A driver, IMR 16340, Shiningbeam orange O-ring, Lighthound green glow ring, S4 switch. Carlco medium frosted optic.

This is a good take-the-dog-out-to-poop light... nice CRI!

Hey, anyone got a HAIII L2P bezel you wanna sell? I'd love one for this.



Nice little build. How do you like the medium frosted lens? I find even with the narrow optics it's pretty floody. Are you centering the carlco optics with those O-rings?

does solarforce no longer carry the switch style you have?

i cant find it on their website

Nicely done. Congrats. Any particular advantages compared to a single XM-L same driver (apart the ting which at 4000K seems really warm or not?)?

I got the switch from Lighthound-fast shipping, lowest price and no HK post bullshit.

The Indus star (LED Supply) has 3 holes in it to mount the optic. So no centering necessary. The way I center the whole thing is: (during the process of cementing the star to the heatsink) I remove the lens and all from the bezel, put it back on the host, mix the Arctic Alumina, cement star to the heatsink, put an optic on it temporarily, insert the dropin in the host. With the lens removed you can eyeball it and center the whole star before the AA sets up. Half-assed but it works!

I'm a flood guy with over-50 poor night vision so I like the frosted optics... I made this up specifically for taking the dogs out and for wow factor when I show it off. <g>

4000K is a nice outdoors color-it's about like a good incan on brand-new batteries-white side of yellow. More like a vanilla with a hint of yellow.

I'm crazy about XML's but I love building these triples!


Looks great to me. I would have put black orings. I'm always for classic. :)

The second oring is for fitting the triple tir optics? Whats the TIR module size?

Nahhh... I like pimpin' 'em out with colored Orings! For the rest, see my original thread here.