Lathe for sale - HF 9x20 (SOLD)

Hi guys,

Does anyone in the Midwest need a Harbor Freight 9×20 lathe ?

I have a larger one on the way, and need to make room !!!

The lathe is identical to the one here: HARBOR FREIGHT LATHE

There are many spares, tooling, and upgrades included, such as a Quick-Change Tool Post and tool holders !!!

I would be willing to crate it up for free, but shipping would be the buyer’s responsibility. I could deliver to a reasonable distance from Chicago, so a Midwest buyer would get it cheaper.


Thanks for looking !!!

damn, I wish :frowning: My wife would kill me in so many different ways it’s just not funny! Have you tried posting on any of the machining forums or even craigslist.

One day, one day…

Nah, I wanted to give you guys first crack at it. :slight_smile:

Some lucky bastard here should get “my” lathe! I was lined up to buy it from CX 8 months ago but delays on his new lathe pushed back the sale and now I no longer have the $$$ for it. :cry:

Let’s see if we can keep it in the family here. I almost hope no one here buys it so I don’t have to be reminded every time he/she posts their latest piece of awesomeness that was made with it that it might have been mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

How much to ship over the pond to the UK?

Oh I see, it’s one of those “CONUS” only sales right, typical!!

:slight_smile: good luck with your sale

I’m not sure where you see that. What was written is “shipping would be the buyer’s responsibility.”

It’s wired for 110V, so I’m not sure how useful it would be to you…

I hate to think what it would cost to ship over here, oh and then there would be the import tax, eekkkkk!

Well, thanks for the free bump, then. :Sp

Being serious, by the time you’d bought it, shipped it here, bought a transformer, paid import duty, you could have probably bought a new one from machine mart. :~

If you want a lathe essexman, keep an eye on eBay and look out for factory clearances, most will be three phase though so factor in a possible motor and starter swap.

fair dos, hope you get what you want for it!

I was all gearing up to get my own ancient mini lathe tooled up then several bills and a cancelled weekend rental (college football) put that to rest :frowning:

Chicago x. It sounds like a real bargain. The spare parts, quick change tool post and tooling etc all add up to a fair amount of money if this is bought seperately. Good luck with the sale.

I would like to see the new rig that is replacing this one.

Precision Matthews PM1340.

I’ll take plenty of photos when it lands tomorrow or Monday, but here is a seller pic:

Nice! Looks like a beauty.

We’re gonna be expecting big things from you with that badboy…

damn, that’s what I call a lathe. So, 6x 18650 lights at a minimum I’d hope :slight_smile:

Chicago -

That is incredible.


Very nice.

Oh, Man, that’s a beast!

X - Thanks for the first look. Im envious.