Launching in the US and Europe Best Headlamp Seller in South Korea

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Dear members of BLF,

We are Hurkins, a recent company based in South Korea and now operating internationally thanks to our team composed from people from different countries and regions.

I would like to introduce our new headlamp product Orbit which is the new version updated especially for the launching in the US and Europe.
Our product is now running best seller in South Korea and that is why we wanted to expand overseas and hopefully help people perform their everyday tasks with a great headlamp product.
Right now, our most commun customers are people working in professional fields like car mechanic and electricity, as well as camping, jogging and hiking people.

Our headlamp called Orbit provides 180 degree light vision thanks to a row of LED lights from Samsung latest LED generation.

We provided 1000 lumens power, with time capacity varied from 100 hours to 3 hours at max intensity.
The battery is based on LG’s battery latest generation and it is a 18650 battery with 3350mAh.

We added up a IP56 certification for durability and to improve users comfort. And an anti-dazzling system under the LED lights.

Our Orbit headlamp weights around 130 grams which is distributed in front and behind the headlamp to get better weight balance and decrease fatigue during extend period of use.

We put a high quality elastic band and we provide a belt as well for you to be able to wear the headlamp on your waist.

We provide support 24h/7 and a One Year warranty for the Orbit headlamp.

You can learn more about us on our website or find us on Amazon.

Thank you :slight_smile: For any people willing to review our product will be glad to discuss further.

Feel free to ask if you have any question.

Looks pretty interesting, and you posted in the right section, too!

(A lot of commercial sellers don't do that.)

If you want to, you can provide external links to your products so that it's easier for BLF members to find.

Thanks for joining the party, dsning!

Welcome to BLF, always nice to see some new players step up with innovation. Perhaps there’s a reason for some of us to step away from right angle tube lights now.

Hello and nice to meet you all.

We did not provide external links because I was not sure if this was permitted.
Indeed, we are now available on Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES this was a long journey :nerd_face:
You can find us by searching Hurkins. I will link then.

There is a lot of great products out there, we just try to bring something new to the field and that is work !
We guaranty powerful and very bright light with no dazzling for a long period of use. The wide angle is a game changer in the headlamp section.

If people would like to try it out in exchange of reviewing our product, we will be more than glad to assist.

Thank you,

Welcome to BLF and thanks for showing us this headlamp, looks very good.

I’ve stumbled on this before, looks interesting to say the least. I’d certainly be willing to try one out.

Any BLF discount?

Thanks again for your interest guys !

We are not providing discount code yet.
However, we are inclined to give away our Orbit to people willing to review it or share with some community or group online or irl.


Hello dsning, welcome to BLF. This headlamp sure is a fresh approach.
A band of LED’s instead of one big floody light that tries to force your head down.
And a (re)distribution of the total weight between frontside and backside of the head.

Being not so well informed about flashlights, I would like to comment on one detail.
I noticed different IP ratings in your written text and in the images. Is that correct?
Or are they for different properties, like water intrusion and dust.
In that case I would be comparing apples to oranges, so to speak.

This is a nice concept, but the pricing I see on that Amazon site linked to in one of the posts is quite high.

Over the $90 mark with shipping, and still costs to pay on this side for collection.

Hello Henk4U2,
Thanks for your interest in Orbit and your sense of details.
That is indeed IP 56.
We translated in different languages and it was a typo mistake on the picture. I rectified it.

Hello Zulumoose,

Thanks for your post and your interest in Orbit.

We are aware of the cost of import/export in some countries and the difficulties that some buyers can encounter.
We could not provide a personalized solution right now unfortunately.

I am wondering though if there is a group of buyers is the delivery fee stay the same ? Maybe people could share the delivery fee

Let us know if you have further questions.


Interesting. I expect it to be very bad for the setting that you show in the pictures - in a city. That’s because of issues with glare for other people.
However it should make a very good work light and I would be very glad to have one.1

This is really interesting id be very interested to try this out camping and trail running.
Nice post. I had not heard of this brand before il go check out now.

Welcome to BLF, very nice product you have there. Quite innovative.

This looks like the second or third headlamp in the “LED strip” category, with the first being the ONE80 launched on Kickstarter a while back.

There are some questions not answered on the Orbit product page:

  • What is the color temperature of the LEDs? What is the CRI rating? Where does the tint fall relative to a blackbody light source?
  • What exact models of LEDs does it use? I see a bunch of Samsung LM561C S6 strips available for roughly $5 or $6 per meter, but there is a wide variety.
  • What exact battery does it use? Is the battery reviewed or measured by someone like HKJ? Looks like maybe a LG F1L?
  • How does it manage heat at full power? Usually 1000 lumens gets hot after a while, even with a solid metal heat sink exposed to the air, but this Orbit design appears to be thermally insulated.
  • What is the runtime at various levels of brightness? Are there runtime graphs available?
  • Can the electronic parts be removed to wash the headband?

It is an interesting idea, and I’d like to know more about it.

In western retail stores, the most common headlamps are cheap plastic things from brands like Petzl and Black Diamond. These are usually not great, but it is what most people outside of a flashlight forum are familiar with.

In flashlight enthusiast groups, people usually go for a different style of headlamp instead. For something extra-floody like this, a popular choice is something like a Zebralight H603w, which comes in a nice 4500K tint with a 120-degree beam. Also, easy to clip on at the waist or chest or other places, and it has pretty good heat sinking and thermal regulation.

Instead of a completely unfocused beam, which rapidly dims with distance, usually I prefer something smaller and less floody… like a ZL H53Fw. The beam is still plenty wide, but it distributes the light in a way which more closely matches the way people see — more light at the center, less light at the edges of vision, and a smooth blend between. It uses less power and makes things appear brighter.

Anyway, mostly just wondering how an Orbit compares to items from Zebralight, Armytek, Skilhunt, Nitecore, and other brands people here are familiar with.

dsning, I would like to review your product here.

PM me for contact details.

It is completely different from the usual sort of head-torches, with which I am very familiar.

I am not convinced that it is an improvement, but I can also see the benefit of using it around the waist, instead of the head, for general lighting. Providing the design is sturdy, i.e. I should be able to fold it up into a small package, hundreds of times, without having to worry about the circuits failing.


Hello ToyKeeper, thank you for your remarks and knowledge. To answer respectably to all your questions I think it is better for me to dedicate another thread.
Also We did send you a MP.


Hello everyone,

Thank you again for your comments and questions. We also received a lot of MP from you, so I am checking everything.

About the possible glare, our Orbit headlamp at minimum intensity and low intensity does not cause glare effect or dazzling. Visibility remains enough efficient to see the surroundings.

Related to work and lighting in our opinion, large flood headlamps work best.
That is being said, there are great headlamps available. Orbit lighting intensity can be changed with the dimmable switcher to a very low intensity to very high 30 lumens to 1000 lumens.
Other great headlamps usually use several buttons to change light intensity and it is not always very handy. However it is a matter of preference user on how they want to use their headlamp.

To answer another question, the Orbit first final version has been launch in South Korea around October 2017 and has been asked to be use during the 2018 Winter Olympics for the opening ceremony.
We since then updated and make a new version to improve again light distribution, light settings and battery power with overall material quality.

Again, we are aware that there are great products available and as a light and headlamp engineers passionate, we are enthusiasm about that.

With the Orbit we made the product we wanted with solid design, quality components and fabrication and the large flood which we think is more advantageous than traditional beam.
Moreover, to fit the standards we made for the Orbit, we enforced to get the best construction quality and always listen our users and provide the support they need.