Leatherman Sidekick or Ganzo 301 or other multi tool?

Which one of the 2 or any other recommendation?

Basically need
serated knife
bottle opener
wire cutter
bottle opener

Corkscrew? You need to look at Swiss Army for that don’t you?

That Sidekick does not have scissors and is a beast. The Ganzo is even more of a beast, and after 40 years of working in the bush and never using a saw on a Leatherman decided it was time to stop carrying a bunch of items that were never used, and I don’t drink wine in the bush either (you can carry a 1” #8 sheet metal screw and remove corks with the pliers on your leatherman with that anyway). I now have a half dozen leathermen that have accumulated over the years, the one I EDC is the Skeletool CRX. As I also need the scissors, I have a pair of Thrum scissors in my first aid kit, and for the serrated blade I’ve found that when shaving wood for kindling or fire sticks the GANZO G706 has the best serrated blade of all the knives I’ve bought from so far, including the CRKT Fixed Blades, and the highly acclaimed Sanrenmu 913P.

Another great EDC BTW is the Ganzo G104-S, it’s pretty small, but as I said when I reviewed it:

Ganzo 301 is bang for $ but it can not compare to quality of leatherman new wave or charge tti i had.

For average user that does not need to cut thick steel wires this G301 is excellent toll. Almost incredible for the price but forget cutting thicker steel wires with this china tool. You will damage pliers sooner than you think like I did :)

I dont own G301, I was thinking about getting one but then decided that IMHO Wingman for the same price shipped to my door will be better investment, 25 year warranty is quite a big plus over competition ;)!

Unless you can get very good deal on Sidekick, Wingman would be better deal, only difference between them is Sidekick has tiny serrated blade vs package opener on Wingman and has saw vs scissors on Wingman.

Then there this small addition as lanyard/carrying loop attachment on Sidekick, oh and they tend to include leather carrying pouch with carabiner, all of these features are not worth the premium over Wingman.

Cheapest Wingman Ive seen and bought was 25$ on Ebay with best offer and 30$ with buy it now, both brand new and never used, one was from private seller and the other from store.

I also have Super Tool 300 - big and heavy, bought set of Leatherman bits and bit adapter for it, its seen some use and will be used as heavy duty tool. The only thing in it that hasn't been quite heavy duty is its small flat tip screwdriver - its bit too soft for stiff/stuck screws and I didnt abuse it either ;)!

Then theres Victorinox Camper in my possession - bought exactly because of corkscrew and its unbeatable price, one bulgarian guy on Ebay sells it once in a while for around 13$ shipped worldwide, slow shipping and no response to messages, but in listing he says he still has hundreds left even though lists only one or two items per time and then lists nothing for weeks :D!

If you intend to cut lots of heavy wire and do other pliers-intensive tasks, you will be better with either cheapest multi tool that has all the features you require AND standalone pliers for cutting jobs OR multi tool with replaceable wire cutters AND real standalone pliers just in case you need replacement :P!

Here’s a review I did a while back, might help….
Multi Tool Mania

Ok I don’t need the cork opener really. This will be a lightly used tool to be honest…something you can carry along when going at the seaside/hiking/fishing or going somewhere where you might need it.

wingman vs sidekick…Gotta have to check wave’s price. Sidekick is the most I can stretch it with shipping from ebay.

Im really torn between the wingman and the sidekick….The wave is out of price.

I’ve reconsidered my needs:

serrated knife (or combo with above)
bottle opener

saw+Scissors combo I cannot get upto my budget :frowning: I figure I can use the knife to cut stuffs like fishing line, paper etc and if I don’t have a saw and need to cut bits of wood or stuff I’m shit out of luck!)

I use the scissors way too much! I only buy leatherman multi tools now. I used to be a gerber freak, but over the last few years, their stuff has been of a lower quality it seems to me. I broke 2 of my last 2 Gerber multi tools. The physical weight difference of the leatherman over the gerber is also noticeable. I also like the leather holster, vs some cheap velcro stuff.

What you actually need is:



Depending if you want to buy one new… The things are almost indestructible. Buying a used one will save you some $$$

I don’t really like used things on the internet which has wear and tear as a normal part of their use. Flashlights are different as the wear and tear does not affect the product’s output as such. You can’t judge wear by pics (if I had RL physical contact I would probably buy it at that price)

I’m still reading some reviews on the sidekick but if there are other quality options (gerber, victorixwatever etc) in this price range, I will consider them.

I’ve actually seen how they gouge you good folks over seas. Kinda sucks. Why not hook up with someone in America ? Find the one you want send them they money & they could mail it to you ???

That could be an option but the reason i went through Amazon and paid import duties is because that way, customs and parcelfarce couldn’t charge me an obscene amount based on the UK prices for the goods if i got caught out.

If you plan to use your MT’s by the seaside/fishing, be sure that you clean them after each use since LM’s have been reported to rust quite fast unless cleaned after each contact with water.

Victorinox, on the other hand, are not as sensitive to rust as LM’s supposedly are ;)!

In case of light usage and considerable amount of water you should reconsider G201B/G301B which have black coating all over them, that should keep rust away.

Hum how about the hardened stainless steel that the LM has in its knives?

So it boils down to Ganzo G301B Multi Tool Pliers Hunting Camping with Knife ($38)


or leatherman sidekick ($46 including shipping)

edit: even better ….
Ganzo G201B Outdoors Multi Tool Pliers Camping Fishing Tools ($21)

Don’t B Hatin…. LOL :bigsmile:

me too! i also use scissors often and i can say that Leatherman Juice models have BY FAR best scissors of them all (i have juice xe6, juice s2, wave, charger, gerber suspension but the Juice’s scissors are bigger and with cleverly designed spring than in much bigger multitools so i find myself most of the time with juice s2…

I’d never buy another multitool other than a Leatherman. I’ve owned and still own a Sidekick, a Wave, and a PST. The Sidekick is a kitchen drawer tool, but I carry my Wave on me every day and love it. The Wave replaced my original PST because I liked the added features and locking tools- not because the PST was damaged- but the PST was my EDC pocketknife for over 10 years. As for the Wave, I’ve cut many wires with it, use it as a hammer, clamp down lights, sawed branches, and many other things, and it’s still going strong. I have no idea what Leatherman does to their steel but their tools are built like tanks. You can often get a Wave for right under $60 on Amazon, so what I’d do is wait another month or so and add another 20 or so and buy it. Not that the Sidekick is bad, but the Wave is just that good. Why anyone would spend money on a Ganzo when a Leatherman is not much more of an investment is beyond me. A 25 year no questions asked warranty is worth 30 bucks by itself.

Good strategy there, Mhanlen, thinking about all the cheap yet not urgent or even unnecessary stuff I sometimes buy its sometimes better hold it off and just buy later on something worthy with extra money “saved” :D!

You can’t beat the leatherman warranty… It’s worth the extra $$ to purchase one. Heck I’ve sent second hand ones in to them. They fix em NO CHARGE