Leatherman Tool

Made a video about some of my multitools I use. Im no tool expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

i’ve always like the ‘micra’

you have it front row center!

scissors are awesome for their size

Plus, the Micra has the actual knife that I always famously claim to use only 2 times a year!

I have it with me all the time, but i use a flashlight at least 10 times a day, 4000 times a year…

(But I do use the scissors AT LEAST 10 times more than the knife!!)

Yup, Leatherman fan here. My everyday carry is the Sidekick, my go-to-town carry is the Skeletool. Are they the best? I dunno but they never fail me. I have a collection of other brands in the drawer.

I love Leatherman!

My two favorite are the Leatherman Squirt PS4 and the Leatherman Wave.

I think I want a Surge over Wave. I’d use scissors way more than a file.

I don't have a Surge.

The Wave does have scissors, but the Surge has bigger scissors.

I have really nice, but inexpensive, scissors, so I don't use my multitools for scissors.

Carried a SuperTool v.1 for ~12 years while running movie theatres and it was a God-send. Every theatre has a stellar tool box, but lugging that sucker up onto the roof was a pain it the ass, so the LM ST worked well enough in that regard.

However, for the past 7 years, it’s been a SwissChamp, which does more, but is less robust.


My go to carry everyday is Skeletool CX.
I also have the red Skeletool RX with fully serrated blade and the Charge TTi + for heavy duty carry

I’ve carried a skeletool a lot. Lost one when I was moving. The replacement is actually at Leatherman for warranty repair right now. I like that the skeletool has a nicer - both in steel and usability - blade than most of their tools and carries pretty small, but still gets me a screwdriver and pliers. I wish it had scissors. If they made a skeletool+scissors tool I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I’ve wanted to try the Charge TTi, Surge, and Signal for a while. I have an original Wave from before they had swappable bits and stuff, and it lives in my car now.

I often carry a folding knife, and have some nice ones.

I love using scissor on the swiss tool and on my micra. i find depending on my siutation if im outdoors i use a file and saw more, but if im more indoors and urbanized i rely on pliers more. I carry the supertool 300 with a newer acquired bit set for the screw driver. I have to agree with the scissors i find myself using them more than my blades. The swiss army knife scissors are by far the best. The wenger versions are the better vs victorinox. Leatherman are what I grew up with and those are my work horses for sure. I want a charge TTi, and a surge. I went out and bought a bunch of victorinox multitools to test though, so i will have to wait.

Squirt PS4 on my keyring.

Wingman when I need something more substantial.

Also use a SAK as the Wingman doesn’t include a saw.

My ideal would be a Squirt PS4 where:

  • It was very slightly fatter to accommodate more tools
  • It included 2 small saws: HSS for metal and a wood saw
  • The knife was half serrated
  • Included tweezers and toothpick like a SAK

I concur. The Wenger “SwissBuck” in this photo has been in my pocket for 34 years. It’s beat to living hell and the main blade is about 2/3 of what it use to be, but those scissors are invaluable to me. Been rockin’ that original Super Tool since ’99. I use it every day, primarily the pliers/wire cutters, and occasionally the file. The blades are like new as I always have another folder on me. I wouldn’t part with it for two brand new ones. Both these tools have become an inseparable extension of my day to day existence.

I’ve been hovering between a sidekick Leatherman and Swisschamp as a daily aroud town / house edc. I’ve been looking for a leatherman pulse to try out. I have the rebar but its relegated to an edc bag. I use a swisstool / supertool 300 (with bit kit set) for the job working outdoors.

I have to agree with the squirt p4 / ps4 (slightly different tool set) being one of the ebst keychain carries for pliers. Enoy your review site btw! nice work!

IT does have bigger one, but they are NOT better when you actually cut things, Wave’s smaller scissors are better. whether you cut nails, or wire insulation, or something else, they are thinner, and have more precision, and can be used in tighter spots, like cutting a insulation on a single wire that is in a cable.

I have half a dozen of waves: old wave, new waves and wave plus, all have identical scissors. one of the best Leatherman offers, actually. as well as diamond file. My wife loves those, whenever she needs nails fixed, she asks for “my knife” .

I have\had most of Leatherman multitools; Waves, P4, MUT, 300, classic, skeleton tool, as well as few Gerber tools, …, nothing beats utility of the Wave. it is the most universal. I’m in building engineering, I carry them regularly for 20+ years, every time i try something else , I always come back to the Wave. i have about a dozen multitools at home, i tried and did not like better than Wave.
Another thing i like about Leatherman, is its warranty. i’ve used it half a dozen times, never refused to fix, and half the times they send me a whole new tool instead, A+

I concur about the scissors and the Wave in general. Started with a Wave when it was brand new in 99, tried the Surge for a couple of years, then I downsized from a Surge and sheath back to a Wave and added the pocket clip. I and am happier without the sheath on my hip every day. I don’t miss the extra features and bulk of the Surge.

I have 2 Waves too, and yes, their 25-year warranty is a real warranty, I can attest to it.

Micra on my keychain, Wingman for everything else. My 300 stays in the drawer!

I’ve been using a Juice for decades and still carry and use it to this day. I ended up supplementing it with a Crater C33T because I liked the fast open/closing and shape, thinness of the blade, and philips driver. I have fancier knives but I find it hard to kick the Crater out of my pocket if I know it’s likely that I’m going to use it.

Currently I’m testing out the Curl to replace carrying both, but tend to prefer the Juice + Crater combo for my uses. For the record, it’s rare that I have to work on bolts, and usually they are either small enough for the Juice to work fine, or so large that the larger MT’s wouldn’t work anyway.

A friend uses carries a Wave (although more often an old Gerber Suspension) to supplement his tools at the garage. The pliers on the Juice is too small for his needs.

Big fan of the Leatherman Wave here. It has changed, though. The earlier releases had a larger scissors, but no lock for the accessory tools. The later version with smaller scissors is nicely done with those accessory tool locks and the bit sockets. I do find the smaller scissors not as effective… but then, I see them more as emergency use and not for long cutting sessions.

Anyone here use the SOG Powerlock? It’s not as well made as the Wave, but those pliers… are amazing. Compression mechanism for added force. I keep one for that reason. But for EDC, the Wave rides the tide. :wink:

Good to hear that, coming from someone who puts a Wave to use on the job. What kind of issues prompted a warranty claim? I find the Wave so very solid. I just wish there was replaceable wire cutting blades. If they get damaged in any way, that’s it. Unless you have a means of grinding and sharpening.
I have 3 of them (2 old style, 1 new style). They’d gotten a bit loose at the pivot joints. No effect on operation, but wouldn’t stay tightly closed. I bought one of those Torx security bits for tightening, but it wasn’t quite the right shape. I had to finagle it to tighten just enough. Is there a better bit for this?