LED lenser

New to all of this - have been buying Coast lights over the years, simply because I have seen nothing better in local stores. Came across this and looking for something better.

Have an older LED lenser, zoom lens, that I would like to modify. Not sure of the model number and do not know what pictures would let me know if anything CAN be done.

What I am looking for - longer throw, so have heard to dedome. Brighter output and also would like a bluer tint (running slightly yellowish now - run 5500K HID’s in my car, and 6500K for lightbulbs in house).

Let me know what pictures would be needed to help me figure out what to change, and I will post ASAP.

Also, looking for a long-lasting flood light, that will shine few hundred meters. Do late night house calls with some people on 5+ acre lots. Can be a long walk from the “parking area” to the house. Weight/size is not a concern as much as light output. Favorite light in the past has been a 3D Maglight but not a fan of light color and do not need the zoom lens.

Thanks in advance!

Would need to know more about what model LED Lenser you have to see how easy it is to modify. A different emitter could be swapped in, but that may or may not produce more throw.

Dedoming an emitter changes the tint toward yellow/green. If you want a cool white emitter (bluish tint) you’re probably better off going with an undedomed emitter.

It’s not as simple as that! You don’t think you are going to come here mod ONE torch and go do you? No chance! Now go and spend some cash, their are so many good torches out there to buy. :bigsmile:

For what it’s worth my first real torch was a P7 lenser so I have a soft spot for them, but I probably wouldn’t mod it if I still had it, simply because there are so many good lights out there that are also easier to mod and will give you more in return.


Have to find a new vice…hoping flashlights are cheaper than watches!!!

From what i have been reading, figured it would be easier to NOT modify but thought I would ask. Not a big fan of the zoom but it does keep light about the same, when zooming.

Just hoping my cheapest torch will not be $700…as was my first “cheap” watch.

Firelight, I cannot find a model on the light and it is a little older, so not 100% sure. Looked on Coasts website and found a few that were similar but cannot say for sure.

Thinking the best thing for me is find a new light, whether built or I build, and start fresh. Every time I go to a store, I peruse the flashlights, never finding what I am looking for. Seems similar to fishing…need 1 pole for each type of fish targeted…or at least that is how I pitched it to the keeper of finances!!! :-). Need a pocket one, a small one, a headlamp, a spot, a flood…any that I am missing? And probably should have at least one backup to those, in case something happens.

I have a couple of LED Lenser led lights that I like. A couple.

What would be a good 3-4 AAA light, with good throw (couple hundred meters), decent lumens (300+, though more would be better), and decent battery life (couple of hours).

Do not mind rechargeable but lean towards AA/AAA simply due to availability.

Pricing…preferably $100 or less, at least until I get a better understanding of how components work together.

Yikes! 6500K for lightbulbs in your home? Must look like a hospital in there :wink:
Welcome to BLF.

If you are not afraid of li-ion, and nor should you be, then go down that route.

I’ll pm you some links.


Normal Batteries have very Little Energy If you discharge them with higher currents where rechargeable a are more consistent in their capacity with currents we need for flashlights. So you have to use rechargeable cells. Also you don’t have to use half depleted cells just because they were expensive, you can recharge them every time.
I guess if you plan in 20$ for a light and 20$ for a charger with one or two 18650 you will get a light which is so bright and nice that you will remember the day you got it forever.

Just for interest discharge energys for typical batteries at 1A:
AAA alkaline. 0.3Wh
AAA eneloop 0.85Wh
AAA lithium 1.1Wh
AA alkaline 1.3Wh
AA eneloop 2.25Wh
AA lithium 3.4Wh
14500 2.9Wh
18650 11Wh
26650 17Wh

Another question is when do you need your new gear and are you comfortable with ordering things direct from China…
And of course are you able to mod yourself a bit, soldering etc…

Yep. Good info there. The only thing I would change is the charger. A Xtar mc1 is only $3.49 at GB. In my opinion its a perfect charger for a single cell light.


WillyD, I work in a hospital…probably why I find the color so favorable!

Werner, I am in no hurry. Have a few coast lights that I am content but recently saw a law enforcer with this monstrous thrown on a tiny handheld light…so I KNEW there had to be better!

Thanks for the info on batteries. Never would have thought that my 3-AAA powered light was NOWHERE near the level of my tiny rechargeable bike light, primarily because of batteries.

Have not done soldering at this level (do not even own a soldering gun) but definitely interested in learning.

Marcl, got your messages…thanks! Will report back after I have received the product!

Super excited to get going and spend some money!

No problems, your welcome. If you take my advise you may have to get your X6 somewhere else as eagleye seem to have sold out. I’m sure there is no one here that will not agree with me when I say it is THE best quality light for the money, quite unbelievable really.

Good hunting,



Is this this a fake or is it the upgraded version?


Looking for the 4 mode version and only finding 5 modes. Is there a specific model number for that version? And have never used AliExpress - any thoughts?


Must admit…I have little knowledge of what I am doing but pretty good at following directions. Is this something I could put together myself? (Built numerous computers in my day but very little soldering).

No one tells people about the battery energys, it’s no secret at all but I never seen a simple comparison so I looked it up in the net and share it here and there. Especially the AAAs are overestimated and really bad for modern flashlights and I will never understand why there aren’t 3xAA flashlights more common available….especially if you consider that in former times huge D cell lights were almost standard and 3AAs are smaller than one Dcell…
X6 is awesome, I agree. The new groupbuy should be still open BLF Kronos X6/X5 GB - Group Buy now closed.
But it might be a bit overkill for a first light.

Have you checked some lights and their sizes? I always find it useful to imagine how big/small a light is to get a feeling what might fit my needs.
A x6 is nice because it is very compact but still throws well.

Check out convoy S series, the M1 and the C8 to see what I mean, they all are a different kind of size.
I added some links to the fastech site, I haven’t compared prices or so I just did it because they have a nice site with specifications and pictures to get a oversight.
(All the mentioned lights have a nanjg driver which is pretty good but not perfect, it consist of parallel currentlimiting electronic devices called 7135, every 7135 gives 350mA so you can often choose some different currents in the multiple of 350mA)
If you are in the U.S. This store is a good source for customization gear you can also order modded lights: http://www.mtnelectronics.com
The convoy lights are great value for the price and easy modable so if you want to get into the hobby a bit that’s good start.

If you just want a nice small light, a brand light in a kind of deal might be more likely the best bet. Just check out the flashlight section on some vendors and research what you like.

Some shops which have often great deals but are a bit controversy because of their shipping time and customerservice are
Gearbest.com and banggood.com
Both have a wide variety of good 18650 powered flashlights and I had no real big problems with any of them…

Avoid AAA, AA are much better e.g. 800 versus 2400 mah i.e. one AA equals 3 AAA.

There are some bargains on this forum if you don’t mind buying from China and waiting 3 or more weeks. The Olight S15r is £15 at present. Some people such as freeme do codes giving you discounts, I can’t say how much, but take a look.

But something like the Fenix EA41 is nice. I prefer NiMH, why buy LiIon when you have to watch them charge for safety reasons?

Yeah I always see people staring at their phones, laptops and tablets to monitor their lithium cells… :wink:

1.One 18650 has the energy of 4 eneloops
2.the voltage suits the white LEDs forward voltage well
3.There are not much really bright AA lights out there
4. The formfactor is nice
5. It’s the best resources battery size which is also commonly available for cheap

Put my name on the list for this set. Love the looks of the x6

Not much, other than what is found at a local store - home depot, REI, Bass Pro, etc. I have big hands and either use mounts for bike (currently have 2 now), or headlights for working. Use a Coast Lenser and a Coast V2, dual light, simply because there has been nothing available, locally, with both the lumens and throw (which I find out now, still is not THAT great).

The Convoy C8 was how I stumbled across this site, trying to find some information. Though I have had the 6D mag lite, that is definitely larger than I want to go, witb 2D/3D being the biggest i desire. The 6D was bought for both longevitiy and thoughts that more battery=more throw. Once I get a smaller, pocket-type light, the C8, and larger, will be on my horizon. After that - spotlight-type that does not drain in 30 mins. Living out of the area now but saltwater fished in heavily wooded, shallow, and oyster laden areas. Regardless of how well i knew the area, if the moon was not full and sky clear, I was not going out, as I did not have a light that would last me long enough to get there and back (need at least 30 mins but probably closer to 1 hour of runtime).

Thanks for all the information and look forward to reading/learning more.

Werner - noticed I had not respondrd properly to size. The M1 and S2+ are probably the size i am using most frequently, but that has strictly been due to availability. When I look for a C8 sized light, all I can find are Energizer or some other garbage with incredibly low lumen/throw (meaning my M1 sized Coast can outperform these bigger lights).

As said before, have put my name on the list for group buy - 1 CW, 1 NW. Once I receive these, and play with them for a little while, I then can see what my next step will be. Probably will order a Convoy C8, though, while I await these other sets.