Lexels driver compilation

It depends on the voltage drop on the diode, there is also some variation from MCU to another
voltage readout can be off 0.1V this is normal

How can I buy those drivers?
I am interested in 17 and 20mm boost drivers. Is it works with low current buttons?

I don’t think he is selling the boost drivers yet.

Here is the thread that you can order from.

Thanks. I should have been more clear though.

The problem is that it doesn’t just reads out 4.2v with a charged cell. It reads out 4.2v even when the cell’s resting voltage is closer to 3.7v.

I also realize I have no idea what value caps to use for C4 & C5 on the larger boards.

I got no idea what could cause this, I had never voltage readout making problems, sometimes the diode bridge was closed by solder paste and I got 4.4V readout

C3 10uF and C4 0.1uF on 2S boards

MF01 v2 3S 14A dual Buck driver with new MOSFET and now single sided

Thanks. I’ll have to refer to the schematics to better understand the extra caps.

I wonder if I bypassed the diode by mistake somehow. I cant remember how low I took the actual cell voltage. I know I haven’t tested it with low SoC cell, but I thought I’d check with a cell @ ~3.7.

Got my 30mm 2S driver today, I can’t wait to try it in my 2D Maglite !

Any chance you might come out with a driver for the HaikeLite SC26?

That uses a boost driver, yes? I think he should be selling them soon, but not at the moment.

Yes I believe it’s a boost driver. 28mm if I recall correctly.

Lexel, any hint as to what you may come up with for a SC26 replacement?

I got atm not enough time to get ahead with the Boost, I made some progress just to run into a problem again
I ordered version 3 of prototyp boards 10 days ago, with enhanced thermal path to cool the MPS chip as I ran likely on 50W output into thermal problems I hope the new board will fix it

Updated a few drivers with newer designs

TA drivers:


new 17mm for 2 S eliminating AMC7135 dedicated indicator resistor and pad

20mm new dual small FET and AMCs


new version with 1S 3 channel AMC and 2S dual MOSFET


new design with added LED resistor to support new 2s 2x2 LED Boards and a little bugfix

new 2S version without AMC for more realibility, also added 2 switch LED support

46mm 2S/2P MT03

new enhanced version no more AMC7135

3 step filtering to get the rininging from PWM under control


Buck drivers:

20mm and 22mm
4 layer for better thermal properties

new more efficient MOSFET and minor changes

23mm for Klarus XT11/12GT running 2 18350s for Oslon BF or other 3V LED

30mm cheaper but bigger inductor

new with L6 compatible Ground ring and new MOSFET

42mm TN42

new version up to 8A also for TN40S mods with XHP35s

46 mm MT07/MT07S

new version a lot more efficient MOSFET

47,5mm MF02

new with better MOSFET and a lot imptrovements

46/47,5mm 2S/2P or 4S/1P AstroluxMF01/ Haike LiteMT03
MF01 v2 in 3S/6P LED Board mod, driver has 4S input 3S Output

MF01 v2 3S 14A dual Buck driver with new MOSFET and now single sided

BLF GigaThrower driver
XHP70.2 or Oslon Black Flat up to 8A

new version

also made a programming adapter for my future drivers
same order in 2 Oz from Oshpark that gives 0.8mm thickness

Fits those pogo pins from banggood

So I think final version of programming port found

rearranged pins to fit MCU pins arrangement better than original v1.0 had

improvement machanically
2 traces on the pogo pin board to self align it by the solder
increased pad size on drivers to 0.8mm, to compensate wrong pogo pins
length of the solder traces on board reduced as some flux went in the pogo top, can be solved with alcohol but more distance is better
Added a key head for easier handling
added 2 holes to use a wire strap to secure the programming wire

Picture of v1.1 on V1.0 board, pin alignment does not work on the small 0.6mm pad on first reflow

You have quite a collection of drivers already! So, how many of these existing drivers will be updated to use the programming key?

over time new ones, but I have here hundreds of old boards stocked up, likely 600-800
so if I take a new board over an old I would charge something, as I am usually try to use older designs if the performance is the same

If a board got new MOSFET like on the Buck I am sitting on dead boards and parts if noone want a XHP35 Buck driver, where old parts have no disadvantage
I even cancelled the current enhancement fee for high power parts, but those 6-8A all get all new parts

Very nice, Lexel :THUMBS-UP: :beer:

new ones

already got the boards, but not time to post it

new 1S/2S combination from my LX driver

added programming port but got 33 without here stocked up

When you say “LX driver” are you taking Texas_Ace’s design, tweaking it and calling it by your new name?

I’m a little confused on this.

Any 28mm boost drivers in your new inventory?