Li500 deal

Hey all,
I was looking for a deal on the li500 and found this one.

18.00 with free shipping to US. What do you think? Trustworthy?

Just be aware that priced one does not come with a power supply.

Yeah, they have three choices, no PS, PS, and PS plus car charger.

There’s a $2 off coupon that drops it from $20 to $18.

Still, seems to be $10 cheaper than most.

Correct on the three choices. :+1: Just wanted to make sure you were aware, turns out you were. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. :+1:

I just received 2 from them that I ordered during the 11/11 4/30 sale. They were well packed and work great. I definitely recommend not purchasing the power supplies that are offered with them.

Kind of funny that the first two that I got when they first came out were duds, but these 2 that I got cheap work great.

What could be an alternative for that power supply? A dell ps from ebay is recommended but I do not live in US and there is no ebay here. Something from China for any chance?


Not off hand. Banggood or GearBest have some 12v power supplies capable of 2 amps. The have like metal cages with holes. You have to attach input and output cables. Those aren't too expensive and are much better than the stock power supply. I would think any spare computer supply that is capable of at least 2 amps on the 12 volt rail would serve very well for powering this charger. A bit overkill, but if you already have one, its free.

What’s the problem with the included power supply? I’ve been considering getting one of these, and was just going to get the kit with the power supply.

This one on Banggood seems to do 2A, but I have no experience with it.

I don’t know. I have had no problems with the power supplies that came with my Lii 500’s.

They have been used a lot also. a whole lot… the original power supplies are still working just fine at this point also. :slight_smile:

Maybe ‘ImA4Wheelr’ will see this and tell us what problems “he” has found with the power supplies that come with the Lii 500. I’d like to know also. :+1: . :question:

Welcome to BLF joxidfa!! :slight_smile:

I don't know if there is a systematic problem with them or if the issue is with my specific sample. I suspect that the power supply that I received with my first unit killed my first 2 Lii500's because they initially worked, then started acting funny, and then died. When I tried to use that same power supply on another charger (not a Lii500), it began acting in an erratic manner too (restarting the charge cycles and responding to button presses in unexpected ways). It was at that point that I realized the power supply may have been the root cause of my Lii500 failures. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect it enough to not trust it. Since power supplies are plentiful and cheap, it went to the recycle center.

Yeah, that does sound like you had a bad power supply. :+1:
So far the ones with my Lii 500’s have held up well through much use, but I have a backup LiteOn 12V 5.5A power supply ready for action should I ever need it. :wink:

I use a homemade 5 amp power supply I put together a couple of years ago with a module I bought off eBay similar to this. It has a very stable regulated output. Never had a problem powering any of my chargers.

I have 3 Lii-500”s, 2 that came with the power supply that have had quite a bit of use the past 12 months of ownership & have performed faultlessly & the 3rd a charger I bought about 3-4 months ago without a power supply for $12 iirc.
I bought a cheap Chinese 12v 2A supply (& I mean cheap, iirc it was $3) for this 3rd charger & this also works perfectly :+1:
I have many Li-ion chargers (Opus, Nitecore, Xtar etc), 12 plus, & the Li-500”s are by far my most used & most liked chargers.

To me this looks like a wonderful idea…… :+1:

I was/am still thinking about doing it. I was reading about it some on an OPUS charger thread , and some questions came to mind. How is the best way to know it is a good one and not some cheap piece of junk???

Some “name brands” were mentioned below, I am assuming they are good. What are some others??

Post #’s 259 & 260

In the states, the Dell Optiplex FX160 Power Supply are often available unused for under $5. One can power 2 Lii500's simultaneously. Output is very clean based on my crude oscilloscope reading skills. Here is a link to a vendor I have purchased them from in the past. You just need to wire a 5.5x2.1 jack to them. You could swipe the jacks from an old wall wart power supply like the one that comes with the Lii-500. Just make sure to wire positive to the center terminal.

Goo info!! Thank you. :slight_smile: … :+1:

I bought the cheapest no name brand I could find. I actually bought a spare as well. I burned both of them in by drawing it’s full capacity for hours, and even shorted the outputs several times to make sure they wouldn’t fail under extreme conditions. They both passed. I keep the spare around just in case the one I’ve been using for 2 years fails. So far it’s been bullet proof.

Here it is drawing almost 6 amps. It got pretty hot after about 10 minutes, but it handled it. It shut down when I got to 6.2 amps but it recoverd no problem once I reduced the current draw.

Well there you go then. That pretty well sums that up and answers my question too. :+1:
Thank you my friend. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Nice looking set up you have there. :+1:

The top unit is a load tester I built a while back out of boredom.


Nice……… :+1: