Limited deal on Mini-01 and Mini-02 at Aurabuy!

Kevin, from Aurabuy, informed me last night that they are running a limited special price on the Trustfire Mini-01 and Mini-02 for 20 units of each. Price includes one CR123 primary cell. Only one per customer so if you want one grab 'em while they have them!

Trustfire Mini-01 $12.88

Trustfire Mini-02 $13.99


Thanks! I’ve been thinking about getting a mini-02 for awhile, and this convinced me finally. In for 1!


oh cool… save $2, i liked my mini-01, mini-02 is sweeter looking… i wonder if it weight the same?

02 - 47.4g - no cell

01 - 41.7g - again no cell.

The 02 is longer but narrower than the 01.

fasttech sells the 01 as 280 lumen, the 02 as 480 is there really such a big difference between the two lights? Haven’t found a comparison between the two.

Nice entry level stainless steel light that looks to be well made. I’d considered the Fenix LD01-SS for a while, but haven’t found them any cheaper than $60, which is almost double the price of the standard edition. While this is quite a bit thicker being CR123, it weighs less than a LD01-SS with cell installed (53g).

Got the 02 thank you so much for letting us know.

Thanks for the heads up. I might have to buy one. But which one is the question. Does anyone here have both and if so which one do you carry the most?

Dang it. Quit posting all these deals. Now where am I going to put another light? :slight_smile:

Choose a place that is light-challenged.

Y'know, where the sun don't... :evil:

The prices are not bad. The FLs look cute. Oh, they have key chains attached. :smiley:

Don’t really need another EDC, but, being a hard-core flashaholic — thanks, Johnny, one more ticket to the Poor House… :expressionless:

I have both of them, on fresh batteries my Mini-01 seems a tad brighter than my 02.

must resist… must… resist…

The mini 02 is brighter than the mini 01. I compare them with the battery they own.


I just got the Mini-02 from this deal. It’s pretty good, and very bright. To me, it looks close to my SC52 in brightness, with a 16340 battery.

One problem I just noticed is that when I have a 16340 installed, I lose the modes, and only have high mode. I thought it was imagining it but what happens is that the 1st time after you put the battery, you have the 3 modes, then after that, it seems to stay on high.

I was searching about this, and found this:

and tested with the CR123A that comes with the light, and sure enough, I had the modes, but it was a lot dimmer.

I don’t have any unprotected batteries to try yet though, so does anyone know if this (using protected 16340 batteries) is the what’s causing the problem with the modes?


I'm glad you all took advantage of the deal and are happy with your lights. I have to agree with most of you that the mini-02 is my favorite as well. :)

I order both the mini-02 and mini-01. I have some problem with mini-02. when i put the battery in, the light come on right away. I have to take the battery and the head apart to get it off. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I got the Mini-02 today. Took a while! But the wait was worth it.

True, you could get an equivalent cheapie for a few bucks less, but the machining on this light is very good. The weight is quite light for a stainless steel light (although that makes me wonder how durable it is against denting). The beam pattern is pretty smooth, too. My only gripe is that you need to give it a good half-turn to make sure it stays off and a minor annoyance is the lanyard attachment makes tail standing impossible. All in all, a worthwhile purchase for this form factor.

Much cooler tint than my other BLF EDCs, 01, Thrunite, The Smiling Shark that wasn’t a Smiling Shark, but brighter (could be the tint). Anyways, it is sensitive to being on, like two attempts to get it to stay on, but considering all and all, I am not sorry for buying it on the Mini-Groupie buy, but probably don’t need another Mini Carry… :bigsmile: