Limited Edition TN36 3x XHP70.2

Hi all,

Looking for a light with a more sustainable output? I think the TN36L is a good option for an all around user.

Please be sure to let us know what you think!

How long can the batteries last on that sustained output?

the walk around video was fantastic. Awesome. Better and better.

The instructions claim 90 minutes. I’ve not tested the current to confirm.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks big time for the video! Made me go out and pick one up, I went with the neutral white but going to end up sending it back, just due to the neutral being too yellow for me should have listened better to your video of you saying the CW was around 5700k. You always do some awesome videos I have bought several lights after watching your videos

I love your reviews. Very helpful. I have two of these tn36. Basic and ut version. And yep, it sure does have good heatsinking. I’m able to run on high modes for the longest period vs my 8 other popcan lights.

So for this limited version, is turbo reachable through ramping? Or is turbo only access through double click?

Thank you for this review and also the past ones.

On Thrunite’s site the TN36 Limited is listed as having XHP 70B emitters. Are these 70.2’s?

I think that the 2017 model has the 70s, while the limited the 70.2s.

So the “limited” is only stamped on the new version? Wonder why they use 70B…

At the top of the ramp is high. Turbo is only from a double click.

The old version of this light had I reviewed about a year ago had generation 1 XHP70s. The Limited came with the newer gen 2 emitter. XHP70B and XHP70.2 are the same thing. The old version was XHP70A.

Is there a major difference between the two?I have one 2017 series.

Very good. Do you know another light with more sustainable output? No need to be popcan form.

Another light I have read that comes up quite often as being able to put out lots of lumen and hold it is the Acebeam x45.

Only the change in emitter options that I am aware of.

Depends a lot on how much you need the max power to be. For example I think you could get away with running convoy L6 wide open for a full battery cycle without killing it. The head would be quite hot, but the handle is long. It’s about 3400 lumens out the front.

Do you know how many lumens it can push until the batterys sag?

Yeah, but that tn36 can push twice of l6 continuosly, right? Another light with 8~10K lumens continuos (and not more expensive than a motorcycle :smiley: ), do you know some light which can reach that?

Purchase link?

I always put the links in the description of the Youtube video :slight_smile:

Not exactly. The L6 has a measured output of around 3400 and no temp sensor at all. The Tn36 on high measures at around 6200 on high which ran perfectly for about 10 minutes and then the sensor started to dial it back a bit between 10 and 20 minutes.

Lights that are sustainable at 8-10k can be had, but I cant really think of any on the cheap. Or even on the reasonable for that matter :slight_smile:

Don’t mind me for sidetracking a little from the TN36L, let me share some practical info.
My father in law’s plantations and birds nest caves do have such a need for prolonged usage of up to 30 mins, though at half the lumens.

I posted a similar thread, 9-12k lumens for 10 mins, but with an extra condition that it can be hand carried so the tube temps cannot exceed 110F or 43C else there might be a risk of muscle tissue damage. Seriously if you’d personally try 43-44 deg C range with your bare hands for just 2-3 minutes, i can almost assure you that your hands would feel “funnily injured”, as in temporary heat injury. 43-44 deg C range 2-3 mins may not sound like a lot, but just try it, you’d be surprised on how uncomfortable it can get. Personally i am unable to hold on to anything for longer than a few seconds once comfortably past 45-46 deg C, and it gets worse once you pass the light between your left and right hand as your tissues gradually heat up with further contact. Eg, trying to unscrew the head of the Q8 at 50 deg C and body at 42 deg C, i have tried it multiple times via various techniques but failed to smoothly do it.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and measure with a IR thermometer and see how it measures up for long-term practical usage. I know we are all flashaholics and we love lights, but personally i don’t feel the need to risk things also, same goes for li-ion safety. Some may feel differently, of course.
Additional medical info in detail
Predicted times to reach muscle necrosis over the temperature range from 37–50°C, based on data by Meshorer indicating that 30 min at 43°C is sufficient to cause damage to muscle

So what you really need is some sort of insulated handle, like the Acebeam X70. This way things can get really hot but you still can handhold it for prolonged usage.
Either that or you’d need a sling.

Ok……for lights that can reach that level or close to it, you can get the longish metal cans HID on aliexpress. Those things have been around since 2010, a 85/100W version should be able to hit at least 7000 lumens. They have slings so the heat does not really become an issue. However, the 3S3P battery packs are literally like pipe bombs and i don’t think the stock China cells are going to be anywhere even near middle-drain type , so yeah they are going to be get hot and dangerous once you do continuous esp as the pack ages with continued usage. I know some stores can offer to wire it up with Panasonic NCR cells (I enquired before), but then they are bloody expensive and besides there are no guarantees that they are going to be using legit cells and not re-wrapped cells, so……. it’s really better that you DIY.
They are not terribly expensive, but the beam hotspot is really not that good, so probably they are more suited for close-up and moderate ranges work.

There are probably other specific LG/Samsung/Sony cells that can offer this level of abuse protection, but just sharing info on the Panasonics with an old youtube vid.

This aliexpress seller claims to have Panasonic and Sanyo packs. Unfortunately, most of the time aliexpress is expensive.

For those who are able to do 3rd party agents with Sensitive Air shipping (due to li-ion cells), just get it “directly”. eg it’d cost 73usd for me to get the one with 7800mAh batt or 94usd with 10400mAh pack, both using brand name cells (haven’t asked seller which brand) and usd64 for China cells, and about 8usd shipping. Not sure if the brand name cells are re-wrapped from lousier cells, or legit cells from decent battery pack pulls. So you might wanna consider to DIY if you value safety as high priority?