List of 10440 li-ion (+pls help with test)

Hi there

I made i list of 10440 li-ion batteries, which I found on the internet. Of course if some batteries are missing in the list, tell me

Now it would be very good if someone, who has some of these batteries, make test and post results, so we can compare them (I searched the internet and I found only one or two tests of 10440).

The best would be test them with 100mA (cca 0,2C), 300mA (cca 1C) and 700mA (cca 2C) discharge current.

I want to order some 10440 for my Tank007 E09 and test them, but I want to take some version which nobody tested

E.g. Patlight, Yezl, Mars or Efest IMR.

There is link for the table:

Yes, it would be nice :slight_smile:

Nothing more? I hoped that there will be more people with these batteries :frowning:

New TrustFire 10440 :slight_smile:

i have a blue wrapped 350mah imr 10440 i bought from avidvapor dot com

so far it works great and no issues and it was not too expensive

Hello Benik3,

Thank you very much for trust our efest batteries. Now we hve a new version of efest imr 10440 battery, have you ever tried it?
You can find it from here, if you need this one please contact me for calculate the shipping cost.

Best Regards,


I just ordered from powerwholesale the Palight, Efest and Mars batteries 8)
Hope that I will get the new version :slight_smile:

I ordered:
1 of. PALIGHT BG Battery 10440 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 1000mAh (2pcs) $4.69
1 of. MarsFire10440 630mAh 3.7V Protected Li-ion Battery (4pcs) $7.98
1 of. Efest IMR10440 350mAh 3.7V LiMn Battery (2 pcs) $3.00

Air mail HK post shipping (the cheapest but slowest). To Czech Republic the shipping cost 7,41USD + 4% fee to PayPal (0,92USD).
I send the payment yesterday. Now I’m waiting :slight_smile:

Yes. But the prices for batteries are good.

The new Black Trustfire 10440 are also available on DX :slight_smile:

Hi Benik, thank you very much for order from our efest company. efest imr l0440 is not Trustfire 10440 battery. Trustfire 10440 is Li-ion battery, but efest 10440 is imr battery. IMR battery come with high drain protection but Li-ion battery not.
Hope it clear for you.

Yes I know that :slight_smile:

But I have one question:
What is the max current drain of IMR 10440 batteries?

I have also ordered some of the smaller efest batteries and will add them to my small LiIon battery comparison when they arrive. There it will hopefully be very obvious that they are much better than TrustFire (I have also ordered some of them).

Thank you for your trust efest, HKJ. Efest will always keep improve the quality. If you have any suggestions or any problems, just feel free to contact with us.

Please, what is the max current for Efest IMR 10440?
I know that for normal li-ion it’s 2C…

Hello Benik3,

The max current for Efest IMR 10440 is 5C

So there is the test of 10440 li-ions :slight_smile:
Probably I will also translate it to ENG and put it here into review section…

I must say, that the new black Efest IMR 10440 are the best :slight_smile:

Can someone test trustfire 10440 blacks please.

There are many people can do this, such as , and I would like to suggest you contact with “torchythebatteryboy ” or “HKJ” or many other members in this forum can do test very well, you may ask from them I think.

I am considering these Efest IMR 10440 for Tank007 TK-703 and E09:

Chloe, after doing some research and lots of personal use, I consider the Efest IMR 10440s to be the best available at this time.