List of chinese budget knives and the name brand equivalents

Since BLF has become the number one source for Chinese budget knife info on the net, I think we should have a comprehensive list of the name brand knives and the budget knives that are basically the same but made under the Sanrenmu name instead of Buck or Spyderco for example.

I don’t know too many off the top of my head so this thread is open to any additions anyone has. The idea is to find out all the which knives are which and have that info all in one thread.

I will start with the only two that come to mind:

1. Buck Nobleman = Sanrenmu 723

2. CRKT Drifter = Sanrenmu 707

What’s that?

How accurate do you want them to be, ie the SRM710, does it count as a Sebenza copy? There are better copies in looks and the 710 is an awesome budget knife in its own right IMO, I’ll add it anyway…

Small CR Sebenza - SRM 710
Hinderer XM18 - Inron MY803
Benchmade Skirmish - Navy K602
Benchmade Rift - Ganzo G710

Siblings (s ) ,clones (c), very similar (vs) or inspired by (i) knives

1. Small Sebenza Sanrenmu 710 (vs), Enlan 710 (c)

2. Large Sebenza Navy K-507 (i),

3. Buck Nobleman Sanrenmu 723 (s ), Enlan 723 (c )

4. CRKT Drifter Sanrenmu 707 (s )

5. Benchmade Vex Sanrenmu 962 (i)

6. Timberline Workhorse Large Sanrenmu 909 (s )

more to follow


Sibling: Western knife and the Chinese variant are most likely produced in the same factory. There might be minor differences.

Clones: Chinese knives that copy even minor even minor details, to emulate the look of the western design.

Very similar: It only takes you two seconds to realize minor/major differences in the design.

Inspired by: Some attributes are completely different, but can still recognize major design parts like blade/handle shapes.

I read on BLF 2 days ago that Benchmade 14205 = Ganzo G704

Sanrenmu GA-T11 and the Mantis Pit Boss

Benchmade Rift = Ganzo G710

Gerber Mini Remix 2 = Ganzo G706 (Seems Ganzo is the OEM)

Quite a few Navy knives look suspiciously similar to Spyderco designs :slight_smile:

Personally I have no problem with this, as long as they aren’t being passed off as the product they are taking ideas from. It promotes choice and ultimately it is up to the consumer to decide what is appropriate for him/her and vote with their wallet.

I like to support makers that put their own names on their own designs. For me it just doesn’t feel right to buy a knock off or copied design. Knives inspired by another design that carry their own name are a little less cloudy depending on how closely they follow the inspirational design. 8)

Al Mar SERE 2000 = Navy K-622

Spyderco Police - Navy K631

Cherusker Lapu Lapu Corto - Navy Knife K608

Navy K607 - Spyderco Lil’ Temperance
Navy K611 - Kershaw Gentleman’s Folder

I’ve owned the real Spyderco Lil’ Temp and I also own the Navy copy. I think the Navy is flat out a better knife. The Spyderco had blade play issues, lock issues, it was not as smooth to open or close. After owning both, I can say the Navy is a better knife.

I like Spyderco probably more than any other maker. For a while, I was a big collector. I owned models most knife people have never seen in person. Trust me when I tell you, Spyderco made a lot of mistakes and turned out quite a few bad knives.

They did things like mount pocket clips into micarta. They drilled and tapped micarta and the pocket clips on some knives would snap off taking a chunk of the scale with it. They turned out a bunch of crap at times.

I am with Speed

I like Spyderco and the owner. 20 years ago, HOT…now….less

Some persons may think that I am cheap.

Here is a list of my early knives, best as I remember.

Went into combat in Feb 1971 carrying a Sykes-Fairbairn knife that my Dad got in 1943 in the European Theatre of Combat.

Was given a Randall knife….called the Ranger.

Traded that POS for a Randall called the Trail Maker.

Went thru some and retired with the Benchmade AFCK. Advanced Folding Combat Knife. Also have a Benchmade Osbournne CQC7

That has not been my experience with any of the hundreds of Spyderco knives I have owned, held and used. Non of those Navy knockoffs are as good as a genuine Spyderco, this is especially true if you use a knife, sharpen the blade and maintain the edge. The steel in most knives is poor at best. None comes close to steels like S30V let alone some of the more exotic super steels. You do get what you pay for.

In the 1990s Spyderco got rich.

Today China is doing him.

Which version of the Navy K607 do you have?

the old:

or the new one:

I have the old one it’s quite a fine folder. My only complaint is the blade steel which seems a bit soft for me.

Falling too much in love with any Brand Name will get you hurt.

Brand Names are in it for the MONEY.

That is why the call it Business for Profit.

I definitely agree with this. I have several different brands in my golf bag. My A/V eqipment is made up of different brands and when it comes to flashlights I am not loyal to any particular brand, etc.

Having said that, I have been smitten by Spyderco the last few months.

Until recently, I have never owned more than 2 or 3 pocket knives at a time during my life and I always carried at least one of them. I feel naked without a knife and use one daily.

Around six months ago I decided to try to replace my Kershaw I had been carrying for a few years, and started buying several of the larger budget knives to check out. Although I thought that they were all worth the money, they were all too thick and heavy and clunky to replace my Blur. They didn’t carry well.

I did fall in love with the axis lock that some of the Chinese knockoffs copied, and decided to purchase a Mini-Griptilian. Awesome knife but still a little bulky for the blade size. The Blur was still king.

Then I was Spyder bitten. I just love them and have purchased several. The ones I have purchased are thin and light. I am liking the frn handle with no liners so far. I can carry a fairly large Spyderco in my back pocket and barely notice it is there.

I had never heard of Sal Glesser before a few months ago and from everything I read, he is all about listening to his customers and letting the market determine what knives he puts out. It is nice to see the founder of a successful company rubbing elbows with the masses and interacting on different message boards. When it comes to Sal, I may have gotten caught up in the marketing, but when it comes to his knives, I am a believer. They may be ugly, but they are the best I have ever used for every day utility and hopefully they have put an early end to my knife search.

My most used Spyderco to date is the Pacific Salt fully serrated. It is a 3 ounce lean, mean, cutting machine.

Of course I only know what I have used. Here is a list of the Spydercos I have recently purchased in order of how much they get used. Sorry guys, I fell off the budget train.

Pacific Salt fully serrated H1

Caly 3.5 carbon fiber ZDP-189 (My weekend warrior)

Dragonfly 2 ZDP-189(I sometimes drop this little knife to the bottom of my right front pocket to compliment my Salt)

Paramitary 2 CPM S30v

Stretch fully serrated VG-10

Tenacious fully serated 8Cr13Mov

I am truly surprised at how much I love the Spyderedge(full serrations). I give the Pacific Salt SE a touch up on the Spyderco sharpmaker(I told you I was Spyder bitten) about once a week and it is a beast.

Of course this is just my opinion and observations of the last few months.

I can only justify the expense of these last few months as a hobby and learning process. After all, I have been EDCing a knife for 40 years. That should be long enough to prove to myself that it is not a passing phase. :slight_smile: