List of flashlight-powerbanks

Thank you, will add them later.

Took me a while but I added them now. That Boruit looks like a real deal. I wonder why it got no BLF reviews yet…

Maybe the UI is something that doesn’t please much of us? :zipper_mouth_face:
At least I would be probably driven away from the light due to that…

But there are a lot of other different good sides. May be somebody could change UI?

UI is bad but for me not show-stopper bad.
Depending on how it’s constructed it would be a moderate or a very advanced mod.

Given enough interest it may be possible to get them to make a BLF edition with much improved UI and maybe other tweaks as well. But then…without good reviews it’s hard to tell whether it would be worthwhile.

From Kir9lma I got the following pics of BC10 charging / discharging performance:


This litwood z30 zoomie comes with a powerbank:

I find it interesting though I won’t enlist it because I doubt its a good one…

I’m looking for a 2A+ Type C flashlight powerbank (3A would be better). Just checked the list - the cheapest option is $120. :confused:
That light is a good one…but I’m not paying that much.
I really dislike adapters but this seems to be the right way for now.

I just added 2 Boruit headlamps. Probably quite bad…but since I got some other Boruits on the list already and beacause the headlamp section is seriously lacking I decided to do it anyway.

I also see some more models here:
and here:

I will add them later.

Another cheap zoomie-powerbank:

I like it, may try one on 11.11.

The flashlight-powerbank market keeps getting richer.
SRK clone with 4-18 LEDs:

Dual switch light with ports under threads:

Simple tube, nice looks, specced for 1.5A output:

Unsure about quality I won’t be adding any of these to the list though.

A fairly large 18650 TIR zoomie:

26650 zoomie:

32650 zoomie:

Too bad there are no real good 32650 cells…

A 21700 tube-style flashlight powerbank:

I added Manker MK36. It jumped right to the top of the big flashlights table. :slight_smile:

Finally something with USB C that can work both ways. It’s not like I’m gonna buy 12k lumen/22kcd flashlight but nice some manufacturers can get it right.

There’s a new 26650 zoomie powerbank on the market. :slight_smile:

There are many things I don’t like about it but 26650 mm zoomie powerbank with 45 mm head is an interesting proposition anyway. :slight_smile:

I think the Acebeam EC35 II works as a powerbank as well.

Thank you, I added it to the list now.

I also added Inova T10R. But I have problems reading its battery capacity rating.
It’s specced as “Power bank USB adapter provides 5v, 2 amp 14,000 mAh capacity”.
Does that mean 14Ah*5V? Or 14Ah*3.7V?

I also have another problem.
I don’t incude random cheap lights because I’d rather avoid putting untested stuff as it may be junk.

The core reason why I don’t want to put junk on the list is not simply “because it’s junk” but rather “it’s not worth recommending”.
Yet I’m putting $400 lights of likely good quality but way overpriced and probably not worth recommending either….
Any thoughts on that?

I kinda like this format:

I should note that I see a pretty much the same looking light named Yaoming YM-7003.

Nicely looking lantern but for 3*18650 it’s huuuuge: