List of flashlight-powerbanks

Tube light from Naturehike:

Looks uninspired, though I’m satisfied with all Naturehike items that I bought so far.

The driver components next to the cell tube make me think of a shitty Nitecore P18

NEBO Redline Blast RC

Thanks, I will add it to the list later. :slight_smile:

A big zoomie:

Cheaper in these places but the sellers don’t indicate powerank capability:

Zoomie that has a side COB and looks like it uses 2*18650:

There is another kind of flashlight-powerbank combo that’s not yet mentioned explicitly in this thread yet.
A headlamp powered off external powerbank like Klarus HR1 or Olight HS2.
It may be good in some circumstances…

Magicshine has an USB powerbank option as well

Interesting product, thank you. :slight_smile:
I wanted to add it to the list now but I think I should add each compatible flashlight separately - and I don’t have the time for it now. Will do it later.

Do these lanterns count?

Claymore Ultra+ Outdoor Portable Area Light || 7,000mAh - 20800mAh

Manufacturer Link

Claymore Ultra+2 Armored Area Light || 11,600mAh

Noxgear-4 Camping Heavy Duty LED Outdoor Lantern || 10,400mAh

I would say yes, except that there are so many lanterns that come with powerbanks that adding them all would be beyond my capabilities now.
But thank you for your suggestion.

Towild BC02!

ZeroHour Relic XR2 (USB-C)

My review:

Company link:

Also thank you for maintaining this list. I wasn’t aware of all the USB-C lights you had listed.

Thanks, will add it later. :slight_smile:

Tomo Q2:


The Manker U22 II is listed as having a power bank function.

Manker U22 II

Klarus RS80GT search light <3

The Acebeam EC65 II name on the list should be changed to Acebeam EC35 Gen II. The link goes to the correct flashlight but the name is wrong. You can also list the Acebeam T28.

Wuben E12R, reviewed here:

Powerbank function
USB-C Charging