List of flashlight-powerbanks

Fenix TK72r
Fenix LR40r
Manker U22 II

Thanks for the suggestions.
Unfortunately for the time being I won’t have the time to maintain the list…

Sorry to hear - hope that someone can pick up and update this great list :+1:

Here’s one for 15 € that I just ordered and will test (package C):
With XHP70.2 including 26650 and zoomable :smiley: - will update review when product arrives.

I choose the Boruit BC10 some time back (thx to this list) but miss the zoom and the USB Adapter to use as power bank is not that good…

Found it also on Amazon for 30 € (but with 18650 battery):

Update: I’ve received the Amazon flashlight and really nice, just:

  1. The 18650 battery has only 2100 mAh (the original 26650 from my BC10 has 5400 mAh).
  2. When totally zoomed in, the LED touches the glass. Not that bad, but it leaves a mark on the glass… better to disable and add a ring to increase the distance.
  3. The light is a little too “cold” probably around 6000 K.

Now I’m waiting for the order from Aliexpress…


Almost every Eagletac 21700 is powerbank...

Too bad the listing has a LED picture. Obviously it’s not a real XHP70.2 and without a pic you would have an easy dispute win, saving you 50% or so. With a pic - you may try anyway. I have no idea what chances do you have.

Agro, I hope you are well! :+1:

Some adds to the list of powerbank flashlights:

  • Supfire G20 (built-in battery, rechargeable via USB-C, powerbank via USB)

- Xtar R30 1200 (uses a 21700 battery, rechargeable via USB-C, powerbank function also made via USB-C)

Since the table does not seem to be up to date, here is a “search engine” for flashlights.,powerbank,usb-c%20charging