List of multimeter (DMM) reviews

This list is directly from my website, i.e. any updates I make will be included here.
I am, of course, open for suggestion of meters to review, but at the current time I already have a rather long list. I hope to add one or two reviews each month, I might do it slight faster the next few months due to the many meters I have in queue.

I have two mouse overs in the above table, that hopefully makes it easier to compare the meters.

Thank you for your reviews. I have just purchased a UT-210E.

Thank you, HKJ!

How come the UNI-T UT61E is not listed in the table?

Also, I see the little Southwire DMM in your top photo… can’t wait to see your review on it. :slight_smile:

Because it was not tested the same way. I did the 61 about 5 years ago and had planned on doing more DMM reviews, but I was not satisfied with the format.
I like my new format much better and I believe that with the mouse over popup this table is also very useful.

I have written the review of it and also for a couple more DMM’s, it is just a question about when I publish them and in what sequence.

I got an Amprobe AM-510 a while back, glad to see you give it a positive review.

Does your testing regimen include anything like this? :slight_smile:

I like it, it might not be the most fancy meter around, but it has some very useful functions. I will probably test one Amprobe more (On of the more advanced models).

I sort of prefer my arb. generators, then I know exactly what is going on :slight_smile:

Can you review Dave Jones new DMM? Has it been released

The 121GW is not available yet. The first 50 meters might come for sale soon, but they’re gonna go right away.

I definitely want his new DMM, but it is not released yet. I will probably also do a review of it.
He has tried to get low burden voltage and has a 15 volt diode test, both are things I would like to have.

Excellent work as always :+1:

Alletiders :nerd_face:

One of the nice features is also the simultaneous measurement of voltage and current. The first batch of 40 121GWs were sold out pretty much instantly on Dave’s site, but there’s a Kickstarter soon.

Measuring voltage and current is not the same as measuring watt. It can be used, but a real Watt measurement would have been better (And more expensive).
I was not in that batch, I will have to wait for the Kickstarter release.

I pretty much only do DC so VA is fine.

That was the first 10 multimeter reviews, more are coming.
I will try to publish a mix of cheap, mid range and a few expensive meters.

The 121GW Kickstarter is on, but the first batch is already gone.

And I was slightly late (About 100 orders) for first batch, but have ordered one.

That was the first 20 multimeter reviews.

I have updated the list with a type/size column, click on header to on sort it.


For Southwire 16040T, in the “A” column you have a partial compliance mark. Why did it not get a full mark?

Also, would you be able to provide a list of DMMs that you have that are currently awaiting to be reviewed?

It is missing an A range, it only has the 10A range. The A range is very useful when you want to avoid the high burden voltage in the high mA range.
To get the full checkmarks is must have 6 current ranges from 10A and down without holes for both AC and DC.

No, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I do not like announce about work I are planning to do (Plans may change), only about stuff I have done.
  2. It might be a long time (Many months) before I publish a specific review.

With that said I can list a few where I have written the review, but not published it yet:
Keysight 34461A very expensive bench meter. This will probably be some time, I want to add a few feature checkmarks to my schema firsts.
Innova 3320, will probably be published soon.
Brymen BM235, same as the old EEV blog meter
Amprobe AM-570
Some Aneng and cheap DT-XXX meters
More meters with environment

I have a large pile of meters I have not written reviews for yet.