list of tip-up knives from sanrenmu/bee/elan

Hello everyone! Just joined the forum. I was hoping that we could get a list of the budget knives commonly found on sites like exduct that are tip up. It seems that most are tip down. I know I"m not alone in preferring tip up carry and find it frustrating that so many of the Chinese models do not have reversible clips. I do not wish this thread to become a discussion on which method of carry is preferred. From what I know (and have incoming):

Sanrenmu 702, 704, 763

Enlan/Bee EL-01, EL-02

What else? Thanks.

Welcome S.C.! I also prefer tip up carry, and own 5 of those you listed. I'd also add the 6261 to that of my favorites. Budgeteer did an outstanding review on it recently here.

SRM 909 (hard to get),905 (DB has it but I have a hard time recommending them), 605 (exduct and DB offer it), Bee L04 , ..... come to mind.

Did you watch some of the videos I listed? Tinydeal and Price Angels and that Ebay seller have nice product pics. Here is the list to the vendors.

Anything that uses an Axis-type lock will be tip-up carry.

A couple of my faves, the big boys - 902 and 962 are tip-up.

GB-786 :

Aloha and welcome to BLF s.c.!

The EL-01 and EL-02b arrived today. I took some pics of the knives and how much handle is exposed when clipped for potential buyers.


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I don't get it. Here's a link to the three pictures.

Hi S.C.

Here two tutorials how to add pics. 1st and 2nd (mostly for beamshots, but you can see the mentioned tree symbol)

Here are the pics. Just have to copy the URL : "" for instance, and then click the image button. Just paste it there.

That stonewashed 02 is a beauty!

SRM 704 arrived today. Here's some pics.

Next batch has come in. Here's some pics of the 702. While it makes an awesome gentlemen's knife, too much of the handle is exposed.

And while the Bee L02 is tip down, I still got it for the deep carry clip.

For those that didn't know, the difference between the EL-01 and EL-01b goes beyond the black blade. It has black hardware, liners, and clip.

Sanrenmu 605, WA3401. These are small knives.

Enlan/Bee EM01

Navy K-607, 606, 631.

Ganzo: 704, 710, 707 (auto).

SRM: 763, 704, 605, 702.

Enlan/Bee: EM-01, L04, EL-01, L-05

Just out of the ones I own.

I prefer tip up as well but there are some great tip down models that you shouldn’t pass up.

The Enlan M025, Sanrenmu 710 and Sanrenmu 939 are all tip down and worth owning.