Looking for a headlamp for an electrician

I’d like to get a headlamp as a gift for an electrician, but I’m not really familiar with the options.

My requirements are:

  • single 18650, 18350 (possibly AA, depending on runtime)
  • wide, floody beam
  • neutral white tint
  • decent CRI
  • USB rechargeable
  • ~500 lumen output will be plenty (it’s for working on things up close)

My budget is 40 USD.

An Olight H1R or H2R would be ideal, but out of my price range. The Skillhunt H03 looks great, but lacks USB charging.

Can anyone recommend something?

Have a look at Nitecore NU20 CRI

Hey mate i would go for a headlamp with optics so maybe a Skilhunt H03? It will be easier on the eyes.




Thanks. The Nitecore NU20 CRI looks good, but I’m concerned the spot beam might be too intense for close work. The NU25 is pretty interesting, but probably overly complicated as he would only really need the auxiliary light.

The Nitecore NU10 CRI looks good, I’m just not sure whether 115 lumens is enough.

Thanks. The Skillhunt H03 is at the top of my list if I can’t get something with USB charging.

Thanks. The LiitoKala charger is a good idea. I have a spare Li-200 to give him if I don’t get something with built-in charging.

That Boruit looks interesting, but I’m not sure about the colour temperature, UI and overall quality. Ideally I’d like to get something simple, high quality and tough.

I do have a Boruit RJ-02 on its way for myself.

Nitecore HC60? Its a bit above budget but there should be coupon around to bring the price down? I dont own one so i cant say if its any good.

I wouldnt recommend 18350 or 18650. Capacity to weight ratio is not so good. Usually more easy to carry extra 4xAA cells neither lithium charger.
I think you need to choose between AA and new nitecores with integrated li-pol. Both preferable with plastic bodies.

Then Imalent HR 20 , have battery included and for sure better quality than boruit

Thanks. Are there any AA headlamps you can recommend?

At the moment I’m leaning towards either a Nitecore NU10 CRI (I think the NU20 hotspot will be too much) or a Skillhunt H03.

Never try a 1000lm flashlight with clear reflector for close (very close) hand work.

1000lm its maximum , can be adjustable as you need

The Imalent HR 20 looks great, but I’m not sure whether the smooth reflector cool white colour temperature will be suitable for close work.

I think a COB lamp would be ideal, but I’ve only ever seen them in cool white with horrible quality.

I think the rotary switch is a great idea for a headlamp - like a ramping UI but even more intuitive.

Something from Fenix?
Listed price can be out of budget, but you can try to contact this guy: http://budgetlightforum.com/user/11225 , maybe he have pretty deal that can fit your requirements.



actual CRI is under 60.
never try this indoors.

I’m currently trying to decide between two options:

Option 1

  • Nitecore NU10 CRI headlamp
  • Nitecore F1 charger
  • Panasonic NCR18650B protected cell

Option 2

  • Skillhunt H03 headlamp
  • LiitoKala Lii-200 charger (already have)
  • Samsung 30Q unprotected cell (already have)

you dont need cell or charger for nu10. Are you going to use it as power bank?