Looking for a light to out throw my STL-V6

I wanted to get a Crelant 7g5 but it is sold out now and the 2nd version doesn't interest me.

Are there other lights out there (<$85) that will out throw a FandyFire STL-V6 while still providing a usable beam at distance?

Crelant is top-game, bud. To outscore that, you’d need to graduate to dedicated spotters, preferably HIDs. But even the Crelant and the STL-V6 shouldn’t be that much difference. Probably won’t satisfy you if you want blazingly superior performance. I know how that feels to not have any other “wow” options open to you, though. lol If you want more, gotta move up (or move down?) to HIDs.


The STL-V6 and STL-V2 are in the 50K Lux vicinity and are the throwiest XML lights in that price range. They just don’t make a reflector that throws a tighter XML beam than that price.
You have to go with a smaller die / brighter die surface XRE design to get a brighter spot. It will be a much smaller beam though, throw out a pencil type beam pattern and overall Lumen output will be significantly less.

So the answer is no… until someone makes an XML in a bigger reflector dish

Aspherics open up some possibilities, but the ones with big enough lenses are mostly DIY, difficult to assembe and can get $$$. They unfortunately also open up other deficiencies as well. Mainly zero side spill and wasted lumens that never make it OTF.

Maybe an aspheric, but it has no spill, so probably not what you are looking for. You would need to find a light with a larger head/reflector or perhaps deeper reflector to get better throw. Realistically though, you may be hard pressed to find something better at that price point.

Ahem… A budget buy for your consideration: UPDATE: 5/19!! Review: ULTRAFIRE HD2010 from Tmart (warning: lots of pics!!)

The HD2010 is a great light. It’s close to the STL-V2 but my subjective opinion is that it wouldn’t beat it in throw.


Yup, I have that one coming in the mail already. I don’t think it will out-throw my STL-V6. I just liked the design and the idea of a 1x18650 thrower.

The Olight M3X will beat the FandyFire STL-V6 by just a little bit from my samples. But is it worth the difference? Nope! But I will say the M3X is one of my favorite lights. But for the money the STL-V6 would definately be my favorite of them all.

This is tough, I’m debating between the HD2010 and the STL-V2/V6. The latter is at least $10 more expensive and if its not that much better in throw maybe the HD2010 is a better option. Do you guys think the extra money is worth it ?

Yes Olight has its charm, its very good quality, only 2 modes etc, nice looking (although nothing fancy).

I snatch it on DInodirect when they had ridiculously low price, just 1 or 2 pieces in stock, so the rice difference was not so big.

INstead of triple, quadruple, 7 etc XMLs in single flaslhight, I would rather have 1 XML in 7cm reflector :slight_smile:

FOr topic starter: you can mod your STL if you want more throw. For example with U2 emmiter and SST-50 driver…

How about this one here? It’s a modded STL-V6 and is rated at 117Kcd. I’m lusting after one J) but the shipping charges to Singapore are killing me !

Depends if you want portability or not. Those big lights become shelf-queens fast. I run my STL on 2x18500s or on 1x18650 because the size becomes an issue for me. If it doesn’t for you, then you’ll probably want to go with the STL-V2/V6.

hey rusty, how does your stl run on a single 18650? does it have the exact same output but just shorter run time?

The 7G5(V2) will out-throw the STL-V2.

Interesting data about lux - and how it’s modeded? Who knows.
But you robably can mod it yourself, 1 hour work and 20$ investment…

Look around the forum, even U3 emmiters are becoming available now…

Regarding this modded version, it doesnt even say is izt XRE like emmiter or still XML…
Probabl ynot XML, you probably cant get 117kCd with such reflector and XML (/if you dont use some very good aspheric lens.

I wouldnt mod it with smaller emmiter, too thin beam.

saabluster has said that he dedomed the XML and has made the heatsinking more efficient.

Heh, dedomed XML, thats another thing than. Maybe Ill try to do it too…
I have few fried XMLs so I can practice on them :smiley:

And dedomed U3? :smiley: )

How did SaabLuster De-dome the XML? I read here to sand the dome, then use a piece of glass to flatten it, and then an oven…? O.o :Sp

I de-domed an u2 and as soon as I turned on ... Puff and a small cloud of smoke ..... :D