Looking for a simple rechargeable floody flashlight for my elderly parents

There are a some very important features it needs to have and to NOT have.

It needs to rechargeable. A magnetic charger like Silkhunt or Olight would be best. But plugging in a USB would be OK.

It needs to have a simple UI. Preferably low medium and high. No hidden modes that they may activate. No way to change to a different mode which contains 7 different levels and features or something stupid like strobe or moonlight mode. I’ll get a torturous phone call trying to explain how to get it back to the simple low, medium high mode.

Single 18650 size or maybe a little bigger like a 21700.

Floody. Neutral to warm tint.

Not too expensive. Maybe up to $40.

They have a puppy and walk her at night. I bought a decent light for them a couple years ago. But the UI confused them, so the bought a plastic Ray-o-Vac at the grocery store and started using that.

I’ve been searching. It seems anything rechargeable with decent quality has confusing UIs.


You could consider something like the Emisar D4v2 and set it to muggle mode. Reliable, bright, floody, simple, and in your price point.

+1 for D4V2, except it’s not USB or docked to charge

So close to perfect. But the rechargeable part is probably the most important. They’re old. Batteries are the enemy.

I’m grooving on my Astrolux EC01 right now. USB-C recharge, and muggle mode. Not as floody as a D4SV2, but definitely not a thrower, either. Available in 5000K.

I only paid $26 for my last order, so you might look around here for a coupon code.

Astrolux EC01

It ticks all the right boxes. On sale right now for $25 on Aliexpress.


Ah, I missed that part for some reason. That makes it a bit harder. You could give the Olight S2R ii a shot, but I can’t speak to how floody
it is. I recall my old S1A being relatively floody. It’ll blow your budget, though…

Not exactly what you asked for, but you might look up “https://www.bestpathlight.com/”
3xAAA motion sensor light that attaches to canes, illuminates while in motion.
Three 5mm blue-white LEDs, plus some status LEDs on a control panel.
Might be moddable. I’m looking at one for an elderly neighbor.

Here is one: Wowtac A6
$24, and everything but the USB wall wart.
About a 1/4” smaller than my Olight S2RII, and more flood.

Update: It just went to $30, 20 minutes after I posted this.

^I just came to say check out Wowtac, and maybe Nitecore

I would also say that the Wowtac A6 or A7 (more throw) are good muggle flashlights. However the NW versions are not out yet. It does appear that they are coming.

Sofirn SC31B

Ever get the feeling the Amazon algorithms are watching closely for any sign of interest, to quickly bump up the price?

I second this ^.

I advise against buying a budget Chinese 18650-based flashlight for elderly parents. Especially with built-in charging.

AA or AAA for ordinary folk, li-ion for enthusiasts.

Great suggestion from everyone. Thanks.

And I have thought about what you’ve said varbos about not going with a cheap Chinese light. Something like a Olight Seeker would be perfect. I’ve got one. But I’m not getting mom a $150 flashlight.

The Sofirn and Wowtac look really good for them. I’ll probably wait to for the warm or NW A6 to become available. It seems like the more simple UI.

But maybe it is best to just grab a Coast AAA or the Duracell from Costco for them.

Check dorcy.com — US seller, excellent customer support, and a wide variety of generic flashlights and lanterns, mostly using alkaline AAs

Maybe a “Nebo Slyde King” Pull the tube out and it becomes a lantern, usb rechargeable.


1) https://www.dorcy.com/shop-now/flashlights/800-lumen-usb-rechargeable-flashlight Price too high at $60.00

2) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/996720-REG/vulta_fg_e15_hurricane_262l_general_purpose.html
Price too high at $50.00 and not rechargeable.

3) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1439319-REG/coast_20770_hx5_focusing_pocket_led.html
Not recharageable. $19.00

4) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1447204-REG/coast_21855_polysteel_400r_rechargeable_led.html

5) https://www.rei.com/product/140583/hybridlight-journey-300-flashlightcharger
Battery most likely not replaceable.

6) Amazon.com
It has the evil moonlight mode but take this link for a discount:
Wowtac A7 Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews

7) https://smile.amazon.com/Tactical-Flashlight-Resistant-Handheld-Outdoor/dp/B07V3MTXRD/ref=sr_1_10?ke
Needs battery and charger but single mode.

8) Amazon.com
Has everything you want but it is big.

Very difficult to find exactly what you want.

I recommend these two flashlights. Fenix products have never let me down.

1) https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/fenix-e25-ultimate-edition-flashlight-17fnxu25ltmtdtnflcac/17fnxu25ltmtd


2) https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/fenix-uc30-usb-rechargeable-flashlight-18fnxufnxc30rchrgcac/18fnxufnxc3

Good luck with your search.