Looking for a sub $40 thrower

In taking a brief inventory of my flashlight collection, I noticed that I don’t own any lights that would be considered “throwers”.

This hasn’t been an issue up to this point, most of what I do after dark only requires lighting within 20 ft. or so.

However, in recently spotting some deer on my property, I have found that I have been unable to distinguish buck or doe, or what point rack for bucks until I’m quite close. (for all you internet conservation officers out there- spotting deer on your own property is perfectly legal regardless of the time of year as long as you don’t have a firearm in your possession, at least it is in Michigan)

That said, I am in the market for a quality thrower. I don’t need 15,000 lumen light, something in the 1000-5000 range would suffice. Also, tint and CRI are not a major concern.

I would prefer something fairly compact, but I also like longer run times, so anything in the single 14500-21700 size range would be acceptable.

Not a big fan of the soda can style, or lights with extra long bodies, but something I can fit comfortably in a coat pocket would be fine.

Currently considering the following:

Lumintop GT Mini
Lumintop GT Micro
Sofirn C8F
Convoy S2+

Any other thoughts, recommendations, or coupon deals are appreciated!

The funny thing is, you don’t need that many lumens for a dedicated thrower
The OSRAM CSLNM1.TG 1mm is considered the best throwing LED at the moment, with just around 900~950 Lm

That’s due to the fact of the very small die.

Please check out this thread

I recently placed one in A convoy L21A with a 5A driver, it does 550 kCd :sunglasses:

Astrolux FT03 w/SST40, or if you want some extra spill, XHP50.2

Sofirn C8A (XPL HD)
Sofirn C8T (XPL HI)
Astrolux FT03 SST40/XHP50
Convoy M21A
Convoy L21A

This!!! :laughing:


Convoy L2
Sofirn C8T
BLF GTmini (the micro’s nice but runtime’s limited because of the 14500)
Nitecore P30
Jaxman Z1

Hmm, think I’m forgetting one.

I was thinking of getting the Sofirn C8G for a budget thrower. Or, are the C8T, and C8A better throwers? Admittedly I am still learning about all of the technical stuff that go into flashlights. Pretty overwhelming for me right now. LOL!

The Convoy C8+ with the SST40 is a great thrower for the money.

Thank you, I just watched a couple of review videos on the C8+ SST40, and OH MY! How do they do it for $22.

I want to recommend the BLF D80V2. It is less throwy than some of the others listed here, but still very decent, and it’s fantastically built and beautiful.

Hello swabs.

I would recommend the Sofirn C8T for a balanced thrower, and the GT Mini for a nice upgrade.

Adding to the Astrolux FT03 chorus:

The only regret I have about mine (SST-40) is that I bought the black one before I knew they were going to be available in blue and green. The new colors and optional SS bezel are very nice looking.

It’s a little big for some coat pockets (depends on the coat), but it’s a lot of throw for the money.

It's nice and compact, too.

That's why I like it.

Convoy c8+ or M21A are great if you want something on the smaller side. Astrolux ft03 is a bit bigger more mid size thrower, but you can buy a belt holster for it for $4.00 and along with the added size come a few benefits. The larger size gives it longer running times as it doesn’t heat up as fast. Larger head gives it a noticeable increase in throw, also is usb-c rechargeable and fits quite nicely in the hand. And in my opinion the ramping ui is awesome.

Thank you, I will look into it.

What is the opinion on the Astrolux EC01 3500 Lumens. I can get it for $24.99 right now.

It’s not a thrower at all, so I would not recommend it.

Thanks for the responses!

Looks like I’ll be getting the FT03

Anyone know if Freeme’s coupon codes are still available, and if they apply to the blue or green versions?

I definitely do not regret my Convoy C8+ or my FT03. I have a hard time deciding which I like more. The people in this area that see me in the evening probably think I am a crazy person. I am walking around with two lights switching back and forth. haha

Looks like a lot of good choices here. I’m also hoping to get one of those green FT03.