Looking for DIY 2x18650 power bank with QC 3?

Hi guys!

As it says in the subject I am looking for a compact 2x18650 power bank that has quick charge 3.0. My perfect power bank would be something like the Tomo M2 (which is what I keep in my purse now) but with QC3 so I can get “fast charging” on my Samsung phone. I have looked on eBay and Fasttech, but maybe it doesn’t exist… :frowning:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

2x 18650 could probably power qc2 fine but qc3 is 12v so I think you’ll find it doesn’t exist.

LOL well that would explain why I could not find such a thing!

Anything that would be close to my desired spec? Or is anything that is both compact and QC 3.0 not going to take 18650’s?

Thankee! :slight_smile:

The problem is not a 18650 not being capable of the power output, there is simply not a market large enough for a manufacturer to invest money to develop a DIY QC3.0 powerbank board + Housing. And even if they did, it probably won’t work as efficiently as finished products. And if they manage to make it work flawlessly, I highly doubt the finished setup will end up being cheaper than a existing product.

BTW most QC3.0 devices are backwards compatible with QC2.0 (5/9/12V) chargers, so I would recommend looking into existing powerbanks that work great and are cheap, like the xiaomi 10,000mah 2. It has one of the best capacity-size ratio, can be found under $20.

Soshine E3S-QC 18650x4 Portable Power Source Bank + Quick Charger 30W:

Maybe you can run it with just 2x 18650?

I’d like to see a review of this Soshine E3S-QC DIY powerbank… Not sure if HKJ has it yet…

You would be the first to review it :wink:
HKJ didn’t publish a review yet.