Looking for tried and true bike light holder for my Convoy S2

I’ve tried 3 different “universal” holders and all three are barely usable. One was hard molded plastic that I have to forcibly bend to slip the flashlight in. The other is basically a multi-size rubber band that holds it and is able to pivot. The other one was an old holder from a previous light that I won’t even bother mentioning. Never worked at all which is why I gave #1 and #2 a try. I’m looking for something that will mount to my bicycle handlebar and hold my Convoy S2 very securely. It doesn’t need to pivot horizontally. It just needs to stay exactly where it is once I tighten everything. Everything that I’ve tried has to be constantly readjusted during the ride because even minor bumps shift the direction of the light.

help please! I don’t care if it’s the ugliest thing. It just needs to hold my flashlight securely and allow the light to be unmounted when I need to use it elsewhere.

some bought that and told me they are happy with it: Fenix ALB-10

Including me…

I have 3 of the Fenix after trying many, many others.

The Fenix is in another league altogether.

Highly Recommend!

Tried and tested Fenix holder here WITH convoy S2+. Absolutely perfect. Keeps the flashlight steady right in the middle. Quick release. Does not scratch your flashlight and handle bar. Rotatable head.

One thing: The convoy s2+ is absolutely awesome for riding….


I’m using this one for my Olight M2X-UT. There really is nowhere for the light to go, but it doesn’t pivot sideways.


I’ve tried the S2+ both on the bar and helmet. It’s good for either but if you’re riding on bumpy trails, I wouldn’t use it on the bar, it’s likely to rattle to an early demise.

You’d want the light potted for bumpy trails. I’ve rattled/damaged a few including a BLF A6 and that one didn’t last more than a few hundred yards on relatively smooth dirt trails.

Thanks for all the responses everyone! It looks like there’s a clear winner here. I’ve got an S2+ and was going to try it out on my next ride. I just had a dedomed 1040mA S2 that I’ve been using just to get it rotated into use instead of collecting dust on my desk. But yeah, the wide flood of the S2+ should be nice.

What is hilarious is that on the ebay link page, the last three suggested bike light mounts are exactly the three that I have. haha.

Any group buys for that Fenix mount?

Believe it or not…That convoy s2+ beam is nearlt as nice as my Fenix BC30 beam/tint _.

It is my commuting light for short night trips. The 500 lumens mode is awesome. It would have no problem holding the 1000 lumens (cooling) while riding.

:smiley: I guess they work for some people and not for others. Are you riding roads or trails? I ride mainly roads and have not problems with the 2nd and 3rd mounts on the pictures. Otoh I’m still looking for a mount for a 26650 sized light.

The second mount wouldn’t fit my S2. The third one required a ton of effort to get the light in and out each time. I think i was literally scraping away a little of the mount plastic each time i put the light in. It’s super hard/dense rubber. Feels like the vulcanized rubber from a hockey puck. I’m using the first mount now just for the convenience of removing the light. It’s just not very secure.

Was the 2nd mount too big? Most of my lights have a 25.4mm body.

Yeah, it was too big. It was made to fit a cheapie 3*AA zoomie light that came with my old bike. I tried some foam and rubber pads but at the end, it just looked ridiculous.

You might check with M4D M4X on getting a discounted price (link) for the Fenix ALB-10 Bike Mount.

I did. :slight_smile:

What do you guys think is the max amps one can push an S2+ to not overheat as a bike light?

I used my S2 with 2100mA driver at full until the battery die many times.
It was during winter so it surely helped to keep it cool, and had no problem with bumpy trail.

Thanks X3. I like to push my lights to the limit, so I’d like to know what might the limit be for an S2+ on a bike. I’d like to do more than that? Maybe 3amps?

I use those ones for my S2 -> https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10003391/1251801-universal-adjustable-mount-holder-clamp-for-bike-l