Lookit this!!

Finally did it! I'm really crazy about these triples.

My ARC's were sitting around, outcast and lonely with their poor dim Luxeons and underdriven electronics. Glad I never sold 'em now!

I'm sorry I didn't take in-progress photos but I was excited about this one!

I used the original aluminum heatsink, cut the electronics off the one side and Arctic Alumina'ed (AA) a Shiningbeam driver to it after I soldered the power wiring to the driver. Picked up power at the points on the original circuit flex where it bends around to the front side of the heatsink.

Used a sanded down copper penny for the LED board... I wired LED + and - to the driver first, drilled a hole in the center of the penny to get the wiring through and AA'd it to the front side of the driver.

AA'd the triple to the penny, wired it (parallel obviously) and checked it for operation.

OK, what can I use to enclose the sandwich in?? No proper fitting sleeve at the hardware store and no machine shop. I had some aluminum strips that I had cut from a generic supermarket baking pan that I used for P60 dropin shimming, so I cut it to size, wrapped it around the sandwich and AA'd it to everything. So now you're looking at a little pill with the triple on the business end and the original ARC battery contact on the other. Not polished and pretty, but machine shops are for the rich...

Sanded down the edges of an extra AR lens I had so it'd fit in the host, added a glow ring, put heatsink compound on the pill and tightened it in-carefully-with the original ARC threaded ring.

Done! Beautiful flood, gets warm immediately so my half-arsed heatsinking works, and it looks great! On high it's for the wow factor, more practical to use it on medium. Carlco medium frosted optic, 5000K XPG's, and the belt clip is from an Energizer 1W from Target. "Tactical" O-rings added for my fat fingers.



Nice work. Tiny little light to have 3 emitters. Is it powered by CR123A?

IMR 16340.

I don't imagine your hands will get cold. What's the runtime like?

Wow, that's awesome looking! Cool

It can also double as a winter hand warmer.

That's one step below a flashlight that you activate by pulling out the pin .

Runtime is probably similar to the edi-t I modded....~10min. Then again, that's what low/med are for.

Dorpmuller, How do you like the medium frosted optics? I've only played with the clear narrow ones for the triples, and I find those pretty floody. I'd love to see a beamshot if you get a chance.

Great things you are doing with those triple.
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I don't know about runtime... of course it's a hot rod and not practical for use on max, but it is fun!

I'm a flood guy, so I like the medium frosted. I like the narrow frosted also. Between these two, either one will light up the whole back yard along with my neighbor's.

Beamshots would be a PIA... tripod and all that. I'm too lazy plus the weather around here is never any good.

Thanks all!


Wow, very fancy looking mod Rich! What other lights does the brightness compare to?

Dimensions of that baby?

Nice looking!

Can you send me the bowl full of almonds and other nuts? I must go to buy some... i get nuts for nuts!