Lost about 3 dozen tabs in firefox failure/crash, looking for a solution

I like firefox but this is ridiculous, for no apparent reason everything in it disappeared and went to all black screen and blue header on top (rest of windows is fine), i could not backup anything so i closed it and reopened and went to restore last session and one useless tab came back, the rest are gone.

Is there a way to make sure it stores open tabs/pinned tabs or (gasp) another browser that is not so useless? I despise chrome and as been stated many times friends don’t let friends use IE

I can’t fathom how Toykeeper has hundreds of tabs open, this piece of $*!# software can’t handle a few tabs or run correctly

Edit: i instinctively copied the firefox profile and the tabs appear to be in the sessionstore.js when opened in notepad (along with many lines of useless to me data but when i open firefox i am unable to restore them and parsing them one by one will take a long time

Do you have session manager installed?


In bookmarks, select Show all bookmarks, along the top is the option to import or export bookmarks.
It might not help this time but if you export them when you’ve visited them and bookmarked the tabs you want then if it happens again you’ll be fine, just reload them.
I’ve just had about 15 tabs open looking for a particular torch and Firefox is running them fine.

Is your Firefox up to date? mine is 33.1.1

I don’t have session manager if its an addon i will look into it

I have no bookmark issues, they are open tabs, i bookmark all open tabs periodically (every day or two) but i reorganized and opened more today so they are not bookmarked, and i have 33.1, perhaps they know of the black screen problem and fixed it in 33.1.1, i guess no programmer in all the years of firefox has experienced anything except a standard crash with more then one tab open… (idiots)

I have 576 tabs (most unloaded), firefox.

You are asking to lose them all, i have used firefox since it came out and i guarantee you will sooner or later so bookmark all tabs regularly (daily) and pinned tabs won’t get bookmarked so unpin them before “bookmark all tabs”

According to this the black screen problem is resolved, the losing of tabs in non standard crashes or firefox failures is unaddressed

Erm, they all have session manager.

Been on firefox since before 1.0. After session manager extensions became available I’ve lost my tabs once.

Sorry i can’t remember how i used to fix such problems, but i hope it can help someone on how i do it now.

I have 2753 tabs open in firefox 28 right now :slight_smile: countless research projects in various stages of completion.
Yes it has crashed lots of times and unfortunately the new Australis build can’t sustain that many tabs without crashing.

I use Mozbackup http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/
that i have scheduled in windows to take a backup every time i startup, it have saved me more times than i care to remember over the last couple of years, just use it and you never have to be anxious over your browser losing all your research again.

I hope you manage to find your tabs again Bort, i know how frustrating it can be to lose them like that.

Now that i think about it some more i think i had to resort to searching in the sessionstore.js like you found out, but that became quickly unmanageable when over a 100 tabs or so.

Just wondering, why do you despise Chrome so much?

That is a lot of tabs on an old version of firefox, does it tell you how many are open? Are you not upgrading so you don’t lose them?

Yeah, i don’t have the time right now so i have it backed up and may get to it tomorrow or monday

I guess despise is the wrong word, i just don’t like it very much, i find it took minimalism a bit too far, and i used it at work with the worst custom software known to man so that also coloured my impression of it, maybe they have improved it in the past couple years.

I’m calmer now, i still find it amazing they have not fixed such a fundamental firefox design flaw but if this session manager is as good as everyone is saying then i look forward to using it

This happened to me 4-5 times, I find nice things, don’t have time to read at that moment so I leave open tab, or something that I follow up regularly -> open tab, and then my firefox crashes -> depriving me all those nice and useful things I found gb junk of a browser :Sp
Or even more frequent situation, although I have installed Adblock + now and then a popup opens in the background, if I do not notice it and close my main firefox window I lose all open tabs because setting is “show tabs from previous session” (or something like that) but the session is still open, showing a bloody popup advert |(
Anyway, haven’t found solution to any of this 2 situations, if not bookmarked, pages URLs are lost…

I use Tab Counter https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-SE/firefox/addon/tab-counter/?src=api
to keep track on how many tabs i have open.
Remember that you can use the mouse wheel to flick through the tabs faster and more precisely :slight_smile:

And its not only the tabs its the back button history on each of the tabs also so i can track back were i found the information from initially, that something you lose if you use the “bookmark every tab and just reopen” way of saving your pages.

The firefox after v28 is with Australis and it takes more than double the amount of memory for the session more than a 32 bit program can manage unfortunately.

And i have found australis to be to unstable to have 1000’s+ tabs open
So i am stuck at 28 for now.

I freaking love Session Manager. I also have a addon that allows me to “store” tabs which basically bookmarks them. It’s called TooManyTabs. I used to have over 200 tabs loaded at one time, but cut it down to……around 200 tabs LOL. But the difference is before the older versions of Firefox would literally load all tabs(like how Chrome does…WHICH EATS UP SO MUCH MEMORY) but the newer versions only load the tabs you are actively viewing.

+1 for session manager, and yeah its an add on. I have around 370 tabs open, using tab groups to manage them. Yep, I get crashes from memory leakage or something similar. When FF requires around 3.5 gig of ram (not accurate but its around that figure Ive noticed checking with Task Manager when issues arise), it goes weird (slow, blank with headers cleared etc as you describe) and eventually crashes if I dont restart it. As a result not all the tabs are loaded and will require loading when I swatch to them.

FF 33.1.1 with 16gig of fast RAM.

If I was smarter I would use SM to set up groups of topics and use them instead of running 370 tabs in one instance of FF. I would think that if I opened several instances the problem would go away, and Session Manager would make that easy to do. Helps if you use the tool properly.

I am sorry to hear that Mozilla haven’t fixed the tab handling ability to match the old pre Australis ability yet.
I had thought of making another try to let it upgrade but now i know its no use yet.

2750 tabs takes only 1950-2450mb of memory in v28

How do you guys get to over 200 tabs?!

For me its lack of time and a sense of I might need to know that, and the knowledge I will forget I have that info in bookmarks when i decide to go and learn whatever it was. Virtual hoarding you might say.

I agree somewhat with Ejected Filament but for me its also that i have many many different interests and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and i like to understand and deconstruct my reality to better serve my needs, like for example now the last couple of months i have been on a quest to grasp everything i need to design my lightning as i want to experience it, with the different effect that light can have on the body and mind like for example f.lux: sleep research

And budgetlightforum have been instrumental in learning me how to understand what i need to be able to change all my lightning in my environment to leds with the cri and kelvin i want and how to do that safely and effectively. And all the nice affordable flashlights and all the friendly and intuitive people here is a great bonus :-).

I use my browser like an extension of my memory/mind if i know where some information is exactly then i don’t have to memorize it, it i just need to know where its at and how to find it again, That enables me to have many different projects going simultaneously in various stages of completion.