Lowes Black Friday ad 2D Maglite LED - $14.97

I Just got the Black Friday ad for Lowes. Once again this year they are offering a 2D Maglite LED for $14.97.Here is the page with the ad for the flashlight.

The Lowes part numbers are 125548 and 217110 and 244299

This is a great deal.

Wow…I’ll be in on this one….

Does it start on Thursday Nov 22 ? Or is it only on Friday 23?

Thanks, dchomac.

That is a good deal. Thanks for sharing this one.

sometimes. Like when ya show up at 5:30am and they had like one in stock of what you want which was supposed to be on the floor but they think they sold it already. :santa: :~ :tired: :* |( :beer: :Sp

id like to see the incans on sale again black friday. one time picked up a 2d 3d and 4d for nothing… think it was under $20

Last Year Lowes had plenty and had them for days after. Home Depot had them also, but one up on Lowes. $14.75 and they included 2 Duracell Batteries! Also The Home Depot version was a newer model that had a few more lumens.

Pulsar - The Incans make better hosts for mods, ask Old Lumens. They can be had anytime a WalMart for less that $16.00

Here is a 4D with batteries at Home Depot - everyday price $19.97

Here is the display at Lowes the day before Black Friday last year. The next day the price was $14.97

Yep, I would rather mod the incans, just because I can get them any time for $15, but for anyone wanting to get a led Mag, black friday is the time. Nice thing is that the led reflector makes for a great thrower mod.

Last year the Tyler store had about 150 of them. They sold out in One Hour. Apparently someone(s) (several people in one family, but acting like they weren't), came and bought most of them, to resell later on ebay. Both Lowe's and HD went that way. I couldn't believe it.

I didn't go, but a friend who was going to buy one said it was a massacre at the spot where the lights were.

Never been and never will go to a black friday sale. Don't have the temperment for it.

yeah i know. but i had got a blue 2d, black 3d and a silver 4d for like $20 if i remember right. for all 3 lights. it was the black friday right before they introduced the LED maglites.

Old Lumens, from what I understand the switch in the LED version is a problem for the mods

Here is a photo of one of the Maglites I bought last BF at HD, $14.75 with the batteries

It has the updated LED and says it will throw 388 Meters. It is quite a thrower, VERY impressive and I have the HD2010. Of course the lumen output is much lower.

I wish they had more spill and less of a glaring hotspot .

I tried sputtering the reflector to even out the beam profile , but it did not do enough , the only way I like the beam on these lights is to remove the reflector entirely .

I got one last year. Over 28kcd!

It's a good deal, especially for modding.

There are no problems with the switch, unless you are referring to removal. They switched to a torx vs hex bolt for retention....

around X’mas. A 3-D plus a Mini-Mag plus batts. And maybe a holster thrown in or two.

I’ve modded plenty of old incandescent (and early MagLEDs) and Rebel MagLEDs and I’ve never had any issues with modding the switch on either. The MagLED towers are shorter and fatter. After cutting off the tower you almost cannot tell which version MagLite it came from.

They switched to a Torx set screw on both the incandescent and LED versions so it doesn’t matter which version you get. Interestingly enough, the little screw that holds the roller for the cam mechanism has also been switched to a Torx screw on the last incandescent 3D Mag I bought.

Switch is no problem, same basic switch, just changed to torx head as Match & PCC stated. I can’t find any torx that will fit inside the switch. I have tried buying a few and the shafts are all too thick to go in. I use a 2mm allen t handle and press Really hard, LOL.

IIRC, I went to Lowe’s on the following Sunday and bought a couple of the Black Friday special Maglites. Glad I didn’t wake up at 4am three days before. haha

I had the same issue, and ended up using the grinder to reduce the shaft diameter: