Lumileds Luxeon V 4000K CRI70 LED color, CRI and output testing sent me a Lumileds Luxeon V LED for color and CRI testing.

The exact model number is:

The two sample emitters came already reflowed on Led4power’s DTP MCPCBs. One 16 and one 20mm.

During preliminary testing I found out that the spectrum, CCT and CRI were practically identical on both samples. I did the rest of the measurements on only the one on the 20mm board. The 16mm MCPCB I installed in a Convoy S2+ for further practical use experimenting.

I used the orange peel reflector from the S2+ on all the tests.

There is no real need to use diffusing optics or d-c-fix for example. The beam has little tint shift and most importantly no off tint corona. The little shift it has is quite linear and gets a bit cooler towards the spill. I’d rate this very good.

Tint shift measurement run at 1A LED current.

The tint was only slightly on the green side of the black body radiator line, but nothing serious. On higher currents the tint moves a bit closer to the BBL but from the trajectory it seems that it will not reach it. A light minus green filter fixes that, since the tint shift is not very visible. The tint vs. current movement along the BBL makes correcting it easier as well. I would rate the overall tint quite good and easily correctable even for the snobbiest of users.

CRI Data at different currents




Output and forward voltage up to 6A.

Thanks :beer:

Wow. In terms of tint and efficiency, this LED is boss.

2.88V at 1A. Perfect for extremely efficient triple LED builds.

I made a quad with this and love it. To me it makes the Nichia 219C 4K look way too rosy by comparison. You wouldn’t think it seeing the Nichia by itself but once you have them side by side it feels like that, color rendition aside.

Thanks maukka. Exciting LED. Good job Lumileds.

Thanks for great test as usual!

Honestly I'm now even more impressed with this led because tint looks great for low CRI led,with negative R9. I can't wait to see how 90CRI versions of this LED would perform.

Have the 90cri versions been available ever?

Led4power probably meant the MZ and Z ES which he sent me as well. I don’t think there’s a CRI90 Luxeon V.

Not yet.

thanks for the great info and graphics maukka
too bad there is no 90+ CRI
the present samples have negative R9, not a good thing in my snobby world

I do like minus green filters, they have helped me a lot
I use a 1/2 minus green on my Olight S1 Mini High CRI and it makes the green tint much less noticeable, but it would be nice to buy an LED that did not need a filter, especially on lights like the S1 Mini that cant be opened to put the filter under the bezel.

good thing Im so picky, it makes me accumulate lights more slowly :slight_smile:

I was getting ready to order a 4000K XP-L2 for a Sofirn SP32A when I came across this, I see this is only a test for tint/CRI but I’d like to know how would this compare to the XP-L2 as far as output?

I tried to find info in the spec sheet but couldn’t, I’m used to the Cree datasheets, guess I just need the simple answer :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit more efficient.

Simple answer: compared to the XP-L2, the Luxeon V has better output, lower voltage, better tint and no ugly yellow corona around the hotspot.

Less simple: the 4040 footprint does not really match the 3535 XP-footprint, but with a precise reflow it will work (or else get the led on a dedicated ledboard from led4power)

wow, that’s awesome! Especially the higher output part.

So swapping one of these with an XP-L2 in the same light will result in higher brightness, longer run time, better tint and less tint shift?

So we get these from Led4power?

OK saw your edit, Led4power has it on the 16mm board so it should fit SP32A

EDIT I might need to enlarge the reflector opening for this?

although it’s only .5mm difference.

You just need to ream the hole in the centering thingy a bit, I use a hand reamer for that.

I just stuck a knife into the centering ring and whirled it around, no big deal.

No, until 17mm boost driver are available.

96lm/w 5A

112lm/w 5A
But in direct drive with same config that powered xp-l2 with 5Amps you will get something like 7.5Amps with 86lm/w.
For linear drivers like LD-*4 you can just compare lm/Amp. 1653lm XP-L2 vs 1820lm Luxeon V, both @5A.

Thanks, I’ve got some hand reamers (and just about every tool under the sun :slight_smile: ) so no problem, also had thoughts of TIR optic for that light

Thanks kiriba I do recall T/A’s test.

This is an exciting emitter, even though only 70 CRI

Also now looking at L4P’s LD-B4HV for a 2S project. (not this led)

Curious now how this compares to the Samsung LH351D 4000K 90cri ?