Lumileds Luxeon V2 5000K 70CRI for $0.46 + Free Worldwide Shipping at

I see, that is good to hear.

Thank you Cereal_killer.

Thanks for the heads up Bilakos10.
When I found the deal on the 5000k 90CRI LH351D’s I was just browsing around and bam there they were for 0.74 each with free over night shipping.
I have no idea why they run these special prices once in awhile, I thought maybe someone just screwed up, but it does seem like they are pricing these for a reason.
I have never talked to anyone at Arrow to find out.
It would be nice if we could get a heads up from Arrow on these specials as they may have had other deals we just missed.
Placed a order for some V2’s and a XHP50 :+1: .

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, I’m getting ‘there was an error initiating PayPal portal’ every time I try,on both windows edge, chrome and safari on iPad?

Are you using any kind of Pop up blocker or Adblocker? I had problems when my Pop up blocker was active.

Nothing; tried it on Edge/Chrome on my windows laptop and safari on iPad. Will have a look at settings to see if there’s anything to see.

Edit: What a numpty, it was the built in pop up blocker on Windows Edge; 20 ordered, thanks OP - not sure what I’ll do with them but gives me something to learn with :sunglasses:

I used 4 of these to revive my old Sinner host. Measures 2240lm otf at 10.3A however the clearenced quad optic setup in this light is especially bad and eats up the lumens, probably >30% optic loss.

That is a pity, I had hopes for using this led with Carclo optics too.

I received my V2’s yesterday btw.

My package arrived a few minutes ago.
Interesting to see that the LH351D 5000K 90 CRI and the Luxeon V2 5000K 70CRI look so different under UV light.
The V2 looks much warmer.
! !

Thanks for finding this deal. Have shopped with Arrow often before and I loved the experience.

For the folks who haven’t ordered yet, the code” should give you an additional 10% off.

I know the price is already great, but why give them more money than you have to?

edit: I got 10x 5K and 4x 3K

edit2: If you are a new customer you can also use the code “NEW19”

They should work well with a non modified carlco quad optic but the one I’m using in the Sinner host has been reduced down to 20mm by grinding / filing pretty far into the optic cones so it’s extra inefficient.

Awesome find! I previously bought 3 each of 4000K and 5000K from Digi-Key and really like both of them. For this price, it’s time to stock up! I just picked up 10x 4000K and 25x 5000K.

And djozz, I can’t wait to see what your results are like. I’m expecting slightly lower output than say a LH351D or high-binned XP-L, but not by much. I’m curious where the vF sits, though.

Never tried a Luxeon… might be the time. :smiley:

I liked the tint (and the price) so much I just ordered 10 more of the 5000k’s. And to confirm the DEC10 code does still work!

Got a Sofirn SF13 today and put one of the 3500K Luxeon emitters in it and it is wonderful. Great little LED.

man u got me excited so i ordered some more :smiley:

price is so cheap

Placing order right after seeing Bilakos post last week, also search for V2 4000K but not in stock so just order the 5000K. And regret why not wait…. the 4000K is in stock now.

Nice, I ordered some 4000K ones too now :slight_smile:

What CRI is 4000k ?

70 CRI (Luxeon V and Luxeon V2 only come in 70CRI), but hopefully it has the same nice tint as the 4000K Luxeon V.

I assume 3000K and not 3500K?