Lumileds Luxeon V2 5000K 70CRI for $0.46 + Free Worldwide Shipping at

my 5000k version came today.

will re-flow it tonight to check out the tint and beam profile

Mine arrived yesterday.
Reflowed 4 of the 5000K emitters om my Astrolux S43.

Their tint is excellent. Pure white with no color shift at the edges.
They are pulling 12A from an NCR18650G. On an 25R I saw 17+ Amps.

Mine should arrive tomorrow. Excited to compare the tint with LH351D 5000K CRI90 (SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6), IMHO it’s the best 5000K tint.

I’ve never reflowed an LED in my life but my 10 arrived here in SA today, it’s an insane deal with the shipping!!!
For this price I had to order and give it a go

Maybe it was the 3000. Guess I had something else on my mind.

now it’s $1.72 no more $0.46!

Correct, the sales are off currently, most/all relevant 3535 Samsung or Lumileds are back to normal prices. But I wouldn’t worry, these Arrow sales will probably come back in due time. We need some sort of watchdog for Arrow LED prices…
Looking at how many products they had on sale in recent months (Raspberry Pi sales, LEDs, other semiconductor parts) and if you account for their free overnight DHL Express shipping, I will keep a keen eye on their prices.

You can build a BOM with all items you like and then see the prices easier. Or just keep them in your cart (careful, the cart might get deleted/emptied, happened to me once).

I’m glad I grabbed my 35 LEDs when I did. This reminds me of the deal with the LH351D’s not too long ago… temporarily selling for like 1/3 of the price that they’d normally sell for

Im really happy with the tint for this led. Its really creamy white :slight_smile:

im glad i snatched 30 of them for peanuts :smiley:

Maybe there is someone here on BLF with good contacts to Arrow so we get the info about interesting special offers in time?
This would help everyone on BLF and Arrow can also sell more.
Would be cool to create somekind of mailing list to get a simple information when Arrow has a good offer led related.

My order is troubled.
I didn’t receive a shipping notification. Furthermore 2 days ago I received an invoice - Arrow wants me to pay twice as much as I authorized already. While looking closer I noticed that they didn’t actually take my money yet, there is just a pending authorization on my PP account.

No contact from them whatsoever, just an invoice. Weird.
I contacted them. Over 2 days I got 1 mail from them, they asked me for information that I already provided in their contact form.
I sent it again immediately and wait…

Their T&Cs mention this, all sales are pending authorization from their end, they may send invoice(s) according to their sales system. I don’t know what happened in your case, but did you potentially order right before the prices changed and the discounts were no longer available?
It would be a shame to miss out on this deal, but I am sure they’ll have new deals soon.

No, it wasn’t right before the price change, I was fast. Here I see a report of a purchase that came 5 days after mine.
TBH I don’t care much how it turns out. But so far the experience is not good.

I’ve got my problem resolved, finally I paid what I was supposed to and I have a package on the way. I can’t say that the overall experience was great though.

Good job, I am happy it worked out for you after all. I have been ordering with for quite some time now, several years. My other hobbies like Raspberry Pie and electronics are more tuned towards Arrow, but their LED offerings have improved a lot recently.

Their prices and service are typically great, hope your next interaction with them will be better!

Me too, I have had great service from them. The free shipping price and speed of delivery is also a big plus over any other component led supplier for me.
Not to mention those huge fedex boxes with a few tiny parts inside, crazy shipping protection.
Glad you got it worked out Argo.

My first order from them got lost so I missed out on the Luxeon sale. They sent me a refund.

Reordered the missing parts last night, turns out they have a 10% off sale and free overnight shipping.

Sale ends Friday.